Rubyflame-Mistress of fire – chapter 20

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Warning: there is a bit of gore in this chapter. People who don’t like gore is warned

Aragorn rammed into the Uruk-hai leader with all the force he could muster. Lurtz flew back about 5 feet. He got and glared at Aragorn with a cold,evil, gleam in his yellow eyes.

Aragorn saw Borimir a few feet away with 3 arrows in his bloody body. Lurtz roared in anger and charged at Aragorn like a raging bull. His sword clashed with Aragorn’s knocking both back a few feet.

They blocked blow for blow, hit for hit. None of their attacks getting through. Aragorn was trying hard to find Lurtz’s weakness. Finding none and looking at Borimir’s beaten body, Aragorn found new strenghth and started to take over Lurtz. In mid attack Aragorn dodged Lurtz’s sword and stabbed him in the leg with his dagger.

Lurtz’s threw Aragorn into a tree and held him there with his shield. He pulled the dagger out of his leg. Aragorn watched in discust as Lurtz licked the blood off of his dagger. Lurtz smirked and drew out his bow and arrow.

Aragorn got out just as the arrow pierced the tree where his head would have been moments ago. He sighed in relief at that but his relief was short lived. Lurtz threw Aragorn’s dagger at him. Aragorn blocked it and Lurtz was none to happy at that. They sparred again with their swords.

Finally Aragorn had enough. Gathering all his strength, he pushed Lurtz back, cut of his arm, and stabbed him. It seemed as if Lutz wasn’t fazed. Instead of pulling the sword out, he pulled it in and gave Aragorn the most evil look an Urk-hai could give him. Pulling the sword out with lightning speed, Aragorn sliced off Lurtz’z head.

The dead corpse collasped on the ground. Blood already pooling on the ground.

Aragorn had deep cuts with caked with dry blood. His mouth was bleeding and his teeth had some blood on him. With some of his strength left he ran over the dying Borimir.

” They took the little ones,” Boimir clocked out as a bubble of blood worked its way up into his throat.

” They are beyond catch right now,” Aragorn muttered going for the blooded arrow in Borimir’s shoulder.

” Leave it,” he gasped in pain.

Aragorn looked at him in pity and regret of not even pulling out the arrows in Borimirs soul dying body.

Legolas, Gimli, and I ran up to the pair. Pain and sadness came into my eyes.

“I am so sorry I wasn’t their to save you,” I thought holding back my tears.

” Ruby,” Boimir croaked out.

It was so hard not to cry when I knelt down becide Borimir.

” What is it,” I whispered cupping his cold pale cheek.

Aragorn stood back a bit to give respect.

I could hardly hear Borimir talk,” Legolas is a good man. Protect him and love him with all your heart. You have found your place. As I have now found mine.”

” Borimir, Borimir,” I cried.

I knew he was dead. I just couldn’t hold the tears anymore. I cried silently and closed Borimirs eyes.

Legolas came up to me and pulled me to him. I just cried into his chest. Not breaking his embrace his pulled me up to my feet and walked me away a few feet.

Aragorn and Gimli picked up the body and we walked to the remaining boats. They put him in a boat with his sword and his enemies weapons also. I was too distraght to watch the body of one of my friends going down the waterfalls.

My bird landed on my shoulder and rubbed his head on my cheek. Aragorn wiped his dagger and looked at the water.

” Hurry, Frodo and Sam have reached the eastern shore,” Legolas said pushing a boat into the water.

” Frodo’s fate is no longer in our hands,” I muttered standing and walking up to Aragorn.

” You mean not to follow them,” Legolas said coming up on the right side of me.

” Then it has all been in vain, the fellowship has failed,” Gimli said coming up on the left side of me.

” Not if we hold true to eachother,” Aragorn replied putting a hand on Legolas’s and Gimli’s shoulders.

” We will not abandon Merry and Pippin to death, not while we have strength left,” Aragorn went on,” leave all that can be spared behind. Lets hunt some orc.”

Aragorn ran off. Despite my sad nature I couldn’t help but smile a little. Hope came into my eyes, little by little.

I looked at Gimli and he smirked.

” Yes,” he yelled and ran off.

I looked at Legolas and he smiled at me.

” You want to have revenge,” Legolas asked smirking.

I gave a knowing smirk and yelled,” finally!!!”

I ran off and Legolas soon followed.

I cried while writing this chapter.

Now on to TTT!!!




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