Rubyflame-Mistress of fire – chapter 2 of TTT

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Chapter 2 of TTT

We rode hard towards the smoky hilltop. I knew what we were going to find but I wasn’t happy about see the pile of orcs. Starlith was wonderful for me. She had a nice smooth gait and was always attentive. Well I wouldn’t expect anything less from the horse lords.

We reached Fangorn at about noon to one o’clock. An orc head was on a spear stuck in the ground. Blood was still evident. The smell was definitely not better either. In fact it made me want to throw up.

Starlith snorted in a disgusted sort of way and I couldn’t help but chuckle. I dismounted and patted her nose. She snorted as if saying; you humans are gross! How can you stand that smell!

“Dartho,” I said and walked towards the dark, very gross smelling, pile of orcs. Taking out one of my long daggers I shifted the orcs around. ” Gimli, do you see anything,” I asked coughing again at the smell. If this kept up much longer I would throw up. ” Nothing yet… wait, Aragorn, you might want to take a look at this,” Gimli yelled picking something that looked like a hobbit belt.

” Pippin, Merry,” I uttered brokenly. Aragorn came and took the belt. Tears formed in my ruby red eyes and Aragorn cried out in utter defeat. ” Namaarie Mellon’s,” I muttered bowing my head in grief. Then Aragorn saw something in the grass and went to pick it up.

” It’s a rope,” I muttered staring at Aragorn as he examined it. ” A hobbit lay here. They were bound by their hands and feet,” Aragorn analyzed moving towards the forest. ” They were followed,” I noticed seeing another type of foot print in the grass and sand, ” And it leads into Fangorn.”

” Let’s go then,” Gimli stated getting his axe out. ” I don’t think getting out your axe is such a good idea,” I warned. ” I am a dwarf, you are an elf. I hate forests. You hate caves. I will have my axe. And you will have your trees,” Gimli replied. ” Suit yourself,” Legolas spoke smirking at me and in turn I chuckled and shrugged. ” Have fun Gimli,” I teased following Aragorn and Legolas into the forest.

It was really dark when we drove deeper into the trees. ” This forest is old. Real old. Full of memory, and anger,” Legolas muttered looking on through the very close trees. ” If I didn’t know any better. I would be older then this forest. That’s a scary thought,” I said. ” How old would you be then?” Legolas asked. ” Let’s see… about 15,995,” I replied. ” Oldie,” Legolas teased earning him a slap on the head.

” Ha ha ha, you think your funny,” I stated, ” you are such a brat.” ” Yes, but a hot brat,” he replied earning him another slap to the head. ” Children, Children, don’t make me come back there,” Aragorn kidded earning two glares from Legolas and I.

Suddenly the trees started to groan. Gimli, being Gimli, got out his axe, which in turn got the trees angry. ” Gimli, put your axe away,” Aragorn muttered angrily. Even though Gimli was freaked he put his axe away.

Legolas walked ahead listening. I hearing something also, followed. Closing my eyes I heard many things. But the sound that caught my attention was the sound of foot beats. ” What do you see,” I muttered coming up from behind Legolas. ” Exactly what you hear,” he replied looking around with his blue eyes narrowing.

” The white wizard approaches,” Legolas muttered taking out an arrow knocking it into place. I took out a dagger from my wrist guard and held it nimbly in my grasp. ” Do not let him speak. He will put a spell on us,” Aragorn said quietly grasping his sword hilt.

We whirled around to face a blinding light. Legolas let his arrow fly only to be blocked by the wizard’s staff. Gimli threw one of his small throwable axes only to be blocked also. Aragorn dropped his sword as it glowed and heated red. As for me, I realized at the last second that I was going to hit an old friend. I quickly sheathed my small dagger and stood there.

” You are tracking two little hobbits,” the wizard said,” they passed this way. Day before yesterday. They met someone they did not expect.” ” Show yourself,” Aragorn demanded still covering his eyes a bit.

The light faded revealing his face. I bowed my head in respect. ” Gandalf,” Aragorn said looking in awe at the site before him. All of us bowed to him as he stepped down from the boulder. ” Mithrandir,” I said smiling at him. ” Ah, Megan, it is good to see you back to your old self. How is your flying going,” Gandalf replied setting a hand on my shoulder. ” Her flying is going too well, she can hit my in the head with her wings,” Legolas said earning him another wing slap from me.

Gandalf chuckled,” I see that your have not lost any of your attitude.” I smirked and answered,” yes it is a lot of fun. Especially now that I can scare them all the time.” Gandalf smiled, ” now let’s get going.”

We followed Gandalf towards the edge of the forest. ” One stage of your journey is over another begins. We have to go to Rohan. Saruman’s hold over the king is very strong. We need to free him.,” Gandalf explained. When we got to the edge of the forest Gandalf stopped. ” What is it,” I asked coming up on his left side.

” I need to bring back two of your friends,” Gandalf explained holding up his staff. I looked at him confused as he started to chant a spell. A circular shape formed in the sky. From inside I could see my world. ” Huh,” I muttered as the hole glowed bright gold.

Suddenly two figures fell from the sky. Both groaned and held their heads. ” Elisha, Ashleigh,” I said shocked. As they got up one girl said,” Alright I was just in the middle of a school test, what happened?” The other girl got up a held her head,” how come when you suddenly go somewhere you always wake up with a head ache?” When they heard their name’s they looked at me.

” Megan,” they answered happily. I ran to them and gave each of them a hug.
” We finally get to meet each other in person,” Ashleigh exclaimed happily. I smiled, “yeah but you might want to look behind you.” They both turned and screamed. ” Guys, quit it. It’s not that big of a deal,” I said sighing.

” Yeah, but we are in Lord of the Rings. This is so totally awesome,” Elisha exclaimed. ” True, but I have been here for almost two years now since we began the journey,” I replied. ” You guys can talk later. Right now we need to get to Rohan. Megan do you mind riding with Aragorn while Ashleigh and Elisha share Starlith?” Gandalf said. ” That’s fine,” I replied.

Gandalf nodded and faced down wind. He gave a sharp whistle that sounded through the forest and all of the surrounding area. A horse answered the call.
” Shadowfax,” my friends and me muttered in awe as the pure white horse halted in front of Gandalf. ” Shadowfax has been my friend for a long time,” Gandalf said getting on the majestic beast.

My two friends got onto Starlith while Legolas and Gimli got onto Arod. Aragorn helped me onto Hasufel. Gandalf galloped off with Aragorn and me behind him. Then came Starlith with her riders and Legolas and Gimli in the back as the rear guard.


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