Rubyflame-Mistress of fire – chapter 18

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Boats were brought to use by Haldir and his brothers Rumil and Orophin. The boats werer said to never sink even if they filled with water.

” You cannot make me go in that boat,” I yelled while holding onto a tree limb.

Three elves were pulling on my legs to get me off the tree and into the boat.

” Gringath, Pulroth, let go of her now,” Lord Cleborn ordered loudly.

” Is the mistress of fire telling us that she still has a fear of water,” Galadriel asked coming up to me.

I nodded while holding onto a tree branch shaking.

* You can fly if you wish * Galadriel stated in my head while putting a comforting hand on my shoulder.

* Never thought of it that way * I stated getting all my courage back.

* Good. We don’t want the eye to know that the all powerful mistress of fire is scared of a little water, * Galadriel replyed chuckling.

” Ha ha ha, very funny, ” I said sarcastically while walking towards Legolas and Gimli’s boat.

” Child, child, what in Middle Earth are we going to do with you,” Galadriel whispered to her husbend watching me talk to Legolas about Merry and Pippin.

” Let me guess, Merry and Pippin ate too many pieces of of lambas bread,” I stated to Legolas as he put our things in the boat.

” Yes, Merry and Pippin both ate four,” he replied sadly and shaking his head.

” Poor Merry and Pippin,” I replied while trying hard not to laugh at their faces.

” I would have to say poor you, cause you made a big scene about getting in the boat.,” Legolas said trying to keep a straight face.

” Hey, I resent that. You would be too if you died of water,” I retorted back slapping him with my wing. I didn’t know I hit him that hard as he fell into the water.

He came up spluttering to find that all who were present laughing at him.

” Ruby,” he growled climbing out of the water.

I was up in the sky clutching my sides laughing my head off.

” That was for making fun of me,” I laughed floating just above his face.

” Don’t you dare make me kiss you in public,” he whispered back in my face.

I yelped and flew higher. The rest of the goup laughed at the scene and got back to work. For the remainder of the time, I stayed in the sky, flying with my bird.

” Ruby, its time to go,” Aragorn yelled up to me.

” Alright,” I replied and flew down.

Gorgamin landed on my shoulder and kept a watchful eye on Legolas for me. When Legolas tried to get close to me, Gorgamin squaked and tried to bite Legolas.

” Gorgamin, tampa,” I ordered glaring at my bird of prey.

It seemed as if he rolled his eyes but stopped going after Legolas face, espically his ears.

” Sorry about my stupid bird,” I stated holding Gorgamin’s beak. I held his beak for I did not trust my bird.

It’s ok, he has a right to protect his mistress,” Legolas replied holding out his hand to help me get in the boat.

I took his hand and got in the boat even though I hated water. I sat down in the middle between Gimli and Legolas. Gorgamin hopped down from my shoulder and layed down in my lap. I stroked his feathered back as the boats left the dock. Gorgamin sighed in content as I rubbed his favorite spot on his back.

” Gorgamin, you are so spoiled,” I muttered to my bird.

He just grunted in anoyance and went back to sleep. I rolled my eyes and watched ahead of me. My eyes got droopy and I leaned back against Legolas’s knees. With my eyes closed I went into the world of dreams.


I didn’t know how long I had slept when I heard a bird squak in the distance. I shot up and listened, frightening Gorgamin. He squaked and shot up into the air.

” What is it,” Aragorn asked rowing his boat up to ours.

My eyes glowed red in anger and shouted to my bird,” find who is tracking us!”

Gorgamin flew away and my eyes returned to normal.

” Ruby, who is following us,” Frodo asked scared.

” Gollum,” I muttered angry.

” We need to move quicker, pick up speed,” Aragorn ordered rowing ahead.

Legolas and Borimir picked up the pace and we reached Agonath in the next half hour. by then my bird was back and happy to be in my arms again.

We passed the giant stone figures and docked on the west side of the river.

Sam started a small fire and started to cook some lunch for Merry and Pippin. Frodo left to think on where to go next and Borimir went off in search of fire wood. Aragorn walked up to Legolas and I. I sat on a stone, in front of Legolas worried.

” What is it,” Aragorn asked Legolas worried also.

” Something is coming. A shadow and a threat has been growing in my mind. Something draws near. I can feel it,” Legolas muttered to Aragorn.

Aragorn sensing danger looked around camp. Everyone was there except Frodo and Borimir.

” Legolas, you are in charge. If I am not back in ten minutes get ready for battle,” Aragorn ordered and ran off.


” Legolas Something is wrong,” I yelled to him and bolted up.

” Pippin, Merry, Sam, hide yourselves. Gimli and Ruby, get ready to fight,” Legolas ordered.

” But Mr. Frodo is still out there,” Sam yelled.

” Frodo, knows how to hide himself as do you Master Samwise,” Legolas replied running off with his new bow in hand.

” You guys better listen and hide,” I said and ran off with my long daggers in hand. Gimli followed.

” Hold on guys, ” I muttered and slauttered my first urk-hai.

Tampa means stop in elvish.

There you go guys.

Nice cliffy huh.




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