Rubyflame-Mistress of fire – chapter 17

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The next morning as the fellowship got up and packed their things, I went to the place that I had transformed in for the last time.

I sighed * I’m really going to miss this place. *

Galadriel stood where she always stood, in the center of the clearing.

” What troubles you child, ” Galadriel asked putting a slender hand on my shoulder.

” I’m going to miss this place so much. This is my birth place to me. Part of me wants to go but another part wants me to stay, ” I explained sorrowfully.

She took my hand and lead me to the clearing of the mirror.

” Look into the mirror, ” she said ,” then decide if you want to go or not.

I walked up to the mirror and looked in. The water rippled and a picture formed. It was my family back home. My mom and dad looked worried. My friends were sad. Everybody I knew looked so heart broken. Then it flashed again to a picture of my travels so far. I laughed at the parts where the hobbits and Legolas made me laugh. Legolas looked so happy that I was going that day of the council. His smile that night in Moria warmed my heart. Then all the pictures vanished.

I looked up and Galadriel whispered in my head, * have you decided? *

I hesitated thinking. * I love it here and my family back home. But I also love Legolas. I don’t know… * my thoughts raced trying to come up with some type of peace in my mind. Galadriel looked at me waiting for an answer.

My eyes became firm, my was mind made up.

” Well, ” Galadriel asked looking at me sternly.

” I will go with the fellowship,” I stated looking straight back at her.

” As you wish,” she responded,” we have no time for practice now. Go back to the others.”

I nodded and flew back to camp. The tents were gone and all that was left was our packs.

” The group has gone to the entrance hall,” Haldir said out of nowhere.

” Thanks Haldir, ” I replied and flew off towards the tallest talan.

When I arrived the fellowship was standing side by side. I landed and took my place beside Legolas.

” You must now harden your hearts if you wish to leave,” Lord Celeborn said looking at the group.

He snapped his fingered and 8 cloaks were brought to the group. Then Lady Galadriel gave us each a parting gift. Borimir recieved a belt of gold. Merry and Pippin recieved two daggers. Legolas a new bow. Sam got soil from the ladies garden. And Frodo got a star in a glass bottle. Well I only talked about the 8.

Now when she came to me she had two gifts for me. ” Here is jewel that came from an acient mountain. It collasped causing all the gems to scatter. This particular jewel will consentrate your powers at your enemy better and will strenghth them, ” Galadriel said, ” Now turn around.”

She slipped the gem around my neck and fastened it. It dangled down to my chest. It was like a ruby. It was dark red color. Inside the gem was a golden flower. It was held in a ring of gold.

” This is my second gift,” Galadriel said and motioned towards an elf. The elf brought over this magnificent hawk. “This is a presant that your father wanted me to give to you when you were old enough. His name is Gorgamin, which means fear. He will help you when you most need it. ”

Gorgamin hopped onto my shoulder and gave me an affectionate rub on my cheek. I touched his feathers and they were as soft as silk. He had brown feathers with a black beak. He had huge talons that were carefully put on my shoulder.

” Thank you, ” I stated smiling despite myself.

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