Rubyflame-Mistress of fire – chapter 16

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Galadriel left leaving me with the fainted hobbits, the speechless humans, the shocked dawarf, and the choking elf. I sighed and waved a hand. Leglas glowed and didn’t choke anymore.

” There, that should of worked,” I stated and walked over to the group to sit down.

The hobbits, who had finally woken up ran over to me. Frodo plopped down next to me on the right, Merry on the left, Sam next to Frodo, and Pippin in my lap. All of the fellowship were staring at my wings.

” What, my wings to big,” I said sarcastically.

Legolas touched one gently,” they feel like dragon hide.”

” Well their not,” I stated pulling my wing back and hitting him with it.

” Can I feel,” all the hobbits asked at the same time.

” See, now look what you’ve done,” I stated and hit Legolas again with my wing.

He rolled his eyes and moved closer to Gimli to avoid the wrath of my wings.

When everybody got their fill of my wings haldir came with news for all of us.

” The lord and lady of Lothlorien wish for you to dine with them this evening,” he stated, ” I will come back when the sun is just over the horizon.”

He left and I got up.

” Where are you going,” Borimir asked.

” Somewhere where I can stretch my wings and break them in,” was my only reply and went into the woods.

I came into a clearing with a lake in the middle and and a waterfall going into it. On the left was a small skinny stream leading into the lake.

Well I used muscles that I normally wouldn’t use. I had a lot of trouble moving my whole wing not just the joint that let me hit Legolas with. I was really really sore by the time I got back. I had practiced so long that the sun was already starting to set.

” Sore,” Legolas asked when I sat down and massaged my wing where the joint was.

I nodded,” I think I used muscles thatI wouldn’t normally use.”

He chuckled and sat down next to me,” turn around.”

I did as I was told. He then massaged muscles where my wings were and my shoulders. I sighed as my muscles finally relaxed and I could move again. When he stopped I was not happy about it.

” You are such a spoiled brat,” he said jokingly and shaking his head.

I stuck out my tounge at him and walked out hitting him with my wing as I went.

” I hate it when she does that,” he muttered and walked to catch up with me.

Haldir came right as the sun hit the horizon. We followed him up a different set of spiral stairs just as tall. This time I was in the front next to Haldir.

We reached the top and there were double doors leading into the dining hall. Haldir opened them and we walked in.

There was a long table in the middle with chairs lining the sides. At the head of the table there were two chairs. One for the lady and one for the lord. Behind those chairs stood Lord Cleborn and Lady Galadriel.

” Rubyflame, you shall sit next to me,” Galadriel said.

When everybody was seated dinner was brought to us.

* Why don’t you eat, * Galadriel asked in my head.

* I’m just not feeling right, * I replied back.

* Eat a little bit and then I’ll see what is wrong, * Galadriel stated.

I nodded and took a few bits of different foods.

* Come with me, * Galadriel stated and stood up.

I got up to and followed her outside.

We walked into a clearing with flowers scattered about. Galadriel put a hand on my head and did a small chant.

” This is normal. You feel the difference in your body and it makes you feel sick doesn’t it,” Galadriel said staring into my eyes.

I nodded,” I don’t feel well, that’s all,” I replied putting my hand on my forhead.

” Come here,” she stated.

I walked up to her embrace and layed my head on her shoulder.

” You’ll be fine. You will feel better tomorrow. It just takes time to get used to your new body. If you don’t feel well tomorrow then we won’t practice your flying,” Galadriel said,” Come, the others might be back at the camp.”

When we reached the staires leading into the camp she kissed me on the forhead and left. I walked into camp and layed down on my cot. I had not the strength to change nor to pull my blankets over my body.

Nobody was back yet. I sighed and closed my eyes. I thought about my family back home.

* man the look on their faces if they saw me now, * I thought.

The next morning I woke up to find blankets over me and my head resting on a shoulder.

* Legolas * I thought shaking my head but smiling at the same time.

I got up, brushed my hair and teeth, and walked towards the same place that I was transformed yesterday.

” Feeling better,” Galadriel asked with a knowing smile.

I nodded smiling back” much better.”

” Good, up for a flying lesson,” she asked.

” Sure,” I replied.

” Alright, first you want to stretch you wings out at the joint,” she said.

I did that part with ease.

” Then you flap your wings at the base as hard as you can and as fast as you can.” she instructed.

I had a bit of trouble with that but got it going.

” Now do you feel a bit lighter on the ground,” she asked.

” Yes,” was my response.

” Good now if you can jump off the ground while flapping your wings,” she stated and moved back.

Well I stayed up in the air for two seconds before falling flat on my butt.

” Ow,” stated rubbing my tail bone.

We tried more and more for all of the day. Most of the time I fell on my butt.

By the end of the day though, I was flying around the place with so much ease.

When I came back down Galadriel was smiling.

” Wonderfull,” she stated,” are you sore?”

” No I’m not,” stated smiling back.

” Great job. Tomorrow before you and the fellowship leave meet me here one more time to practice,” she said.

” Alright, may I go and scare the fellowship now,” I asked with a smirk.

All she did was nod. I flew up with no problem and scared the fellowship silly.

I laughed and laughed when I landed,” geez you guys, it’s just me.”

” Don’t that again,” Aragorn stated trying to hide his smile.

I rolled my eyes and replyed,” what, you scared that I’ll fly away.”

He chuckled and layed a hand on my shoulder,” you are one stubborn elf.”

” Learned from the best,” I stated refering to Legolas.

He shook his head and chuckled,” get some rest.”

I walked into my tent and fell on my cot. I wasn’t tired but I knew I needed sleep for we were leaving the next day.

Legolas arrived later that night and saw that I was still awake.

” Get some sleep,” he stated laying on his cot.

” Can’t,” was my only reply.

” Well then try,” he said pretending to be mad.

I rolled my eyes,” you can’t make me.”

His laugh was quiet,” I won’t even try.”

I laughed and closed my eyes trying to get some sleep. I didn’t come easy but I finally got some.
Dream sequence:

I need you to go to Mordor…

Dark move faster……

You can’t do this to me!!!!

Amin mela lle


I can’t tell you what the elvish means yet. You’ll here it later in the story.

Keep those last few sentences in your head for the future.
You’ll see why later.

So how’s the cliffahanger?




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