Rubyflame-Mistress of fire – chapter 1 of TTT

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I ran through the forest keeping up with blondy boy on my right. Gimli was getting further behind and I was afraid he wouldn’t last much longer. So I slowed down to Gimli’s pace.

” You alright Gimli,” I asked with concern in my Ruby gaze.

” Oh, I fine. Tons of energy. I am so full of energy that a turtle could beat me in a race,” Gimli replied sarcastically.

” Alright. I was going to offer you a ride. But oh well,” I replied and flew off.

” Aw, man I just missed a nice rest,” Gimli muttered sadly.

I flew up to Legolas’s side giving my feet a break.

” I’ll take that ride,” Legolas said and smirked.

” What will you give me for it,” I replied and smirked inwardly.

” Oh that’s nice of you. You offer Gimli a free ride but you make your love pay,” Legolas said in moak anger.

I giggled slightly and Legolas hit me playfully on the head.

” That’s not funny,” he replied now in moak saddness.

” Aw don’t be sad,” I replied kissing him on the cheek.

He chuckled and stated,” that’s enough apology for me.”

I rolled my eyes and flew higher into the air. I looked down and noticed that Aragorn stopped and was kneeled down on the ground. I landed lightly and walked up to him

” What’s wrong,” I asked looking out into the endless terrain that was Rohan.

” Their pace has quickened,” Aragorn replied,” Hurry!”

Poor Gimli. Having to run a lot with all that armor I thought and ran again.

” Come on Gimli,” Legolas yelled behind him

Gimli was not fairing to well. He was further behind then he was about 15 minutes ago.

” Three days of this running. No food, no rest. But I cannot have two elves get the better of me,” Gimli muttered and ran on.

Soon we heard hoof beats ecoing through the plains.

Finally I get to meet Eomer I thought excitedly.

We hid behind some rocks as the riders and their horses rode past.

Aragorn walked onto the path and yelled at the riders,” riders of Rohan!! What news from the mark!”

Legolas, Gimli, and I walked up behind Aragorn watching the horses.

Suddenly the horses turned and came towards us.

Here we go again I thought and grimsed as they got closer.

The riders surrounded us with their spears pointed straight at us. I glared at them as two were pointed at my chest and two were pointed at my head. One rider rode up to us.

” What does a man, two elves, and dawarf have in the mark. Speak quickly,” the man ordered.

” Tell me your name horse rider and I shall tell you mine,” Gimli boldly said stepping closer to him.

The man got off his horse and walked up to Gimli.

” I would cut off your head. If it stood higher above the ground,” the man sneered.

” You would die before your stroke fell,” Legolas said angerly while pulling an arrow and pointing it at the man.

I pulled Legolas arm down and muttered to him in elvish,” its not worth it.”

Legolas put his arrow away and glared at the man.

” I am Aragorn son of Arathorn. This is Gimli son of Gloin, Legolas son of Tharnduil, and Rubyflame the Mistress of fire,” Aragorn said pointing to each of us.

” Fire mistress. Don’t make me laugh,” the rider sneered.

I strode forward in anger, grabbed him by the shirt, and pulled him so close that our noses were touching.

” Does this change your mind,” I said through clentched teeth as my eyes glowed blood red and flames formed at my feet.

He swollowed nervously when I let him go. Legolas pulled me back and kept my arms in his grasp, just in case I went for the guy again.

” We are friends of Theoden your king,” Aragorn said.

” The king doesn’t know friend from foe. Not even his own kin,” the man said and took off his helmet.

” I am sorry for doubting you Rubyflame on your origins,” Eomer apologized and whistled.

Three horses came up to us.

” Let these horses help you in your quest,” Eomer said.

” Do you know where a group of Urk-hai went. They took two of our friends,” I asked as I black horse came up to me.

” Over there. We killed them last night,” he nodded towards the smoke just over a hill.

” Did you see two hobbits with them,” Gimli asked hurridly.

” We left none alive,” Eomer replied saddly.

Oh how I wish I could tell them it’s not true I thought saddly as the others mourned.

” You may use these horses to help you,” Eomer said putting on his helmet and getting on his horse,” but do not wish to hope.”

We watched as the riders followed Eomer down the plains. I turned to my horse and rubbed her forhead.

Now what’s your name I thought mostly to myself.

My name is Starlith I heard in my mind.

Shocked I thought did my horse just talk?

No you can just read my thoughts and I can understand you. my horse replied.

” Ok this is wierd but ok Starlith,” I replied and hopped lightly into the saddle.

We rode towards the smoke. They not knowing what they would find. For me well I was happy that I would get to meet with an old friend again.

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