Rowen’s Story :2 – On the way to Lothlorien

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“Lady Rowen, please let us stop for some rest. We have been walking around for days without food or drink.”
“Fine, we will rest for you mortals are to weak to carry on.”
“HEY! Iam not mortal!” Shouted Legolas.
“I notice.”
“That elf what does she know,” he muttered to himself.
As he said that a orc like shield came flying and pinned Legolas between the neck to a tree. The Fellowship just stood watching as Rowen walked toward him.
“Never mutter something like that to an elf who is better than you.”
“You hurt him witch and you’ll be hurt to!” yelled Gimli.
Her eyes glowed blue as if she was ready to hurt the dwarf very badly.
“Stop you to. Stop! yelled Aragorn.
He went between them and saw Rowens eyes go back to their brownish color.
“Just get your rest and then we take off again,” she declared then jump up into the nearby tree.
“GET THIS THING OFF OF ME!!!!!” yelled Legolas.
Aragorn walked over and pulled the shield from around Legolas’s neck. He held it and looked toward where Rowen has gone.
“Like she said get your rest.”
“And you?” asked Frodo.
“I’ll go talk to Rowen.”
He climbed up as best as he could in the trees adn looked at Rowen. She sat there knees up to her chest. Sitting there as if she was waiting for someone or something. He went and sat down beside her.
“So I see your hard on your own kind as with mortals.”
“Always have been,” she replied.
“To protect my heart.”
“Is this because of your father?”
“No, it was my destiny.”
He looked confused. Elves, expecally young ones didn’t choose their destiny it was up to their parents.
“Huntresses choose their own fate. As my past time I had without Huntresship. I learned to portect me from love.”
“Why? What happened?”
“I was hurt so many times in Rivendell over love. Others elves joked about me in love. So I gave up on it all together.”
“I understand.”
“You better get your rest ill be here just waiting for dawn.”
He got and started to go down to the encampment. He took one last glimpsed at her and grin fro he knew he destiny would change. The next mornning they setted out again. Aware of how Rowen traveled. After 2 days of walking none stop, they came to the woods of Lothlorien. As they walked deeper into the woods Rowen seemed to liten up a bit as if this her true home where she was free. They walked being unnotice by the gaurds till the front gate.
“Wow their folk and little folk. Why do you come to this land?” asked the gaurd.
“Iam Rowen Evenstar kined to the Lady Galadriel.”
“Oh my fair lady. You came back to dwell again?”
“No but to seek aid for the Ring of Power is beared with us.”
“You can go up to see her Rowen. The rest of you can rest here to night if you wish.”
The Fellowship rested in Lothlorien, while Rowen talked to Galadriel. She was gone for along time as the Fellowship noticed. Aragorn went for a walked among the great trees of the woods and there he saw Rowen. Not dressed in her Huntress way but in a Elf-maiden way. He walked to her and grabbed her hand. She looked down at her hand then turned to face him. Her eyes where still the dark shade of brown, but now seemed to have a light starting to relight itself in her eyes.
“Rowen Evenstar, I have fellen in love with you since the first day I layed eyes on you,” he confessed.
“So have I. Ive just never had the heart to tell you.”
With these exchanged words they kissed under the great trees of Lorien. Rowen broke the kiss with a horror look on her face.
“No, I can’t,” she muttered. “I can’t”
She took off running crying. And instead of following her Aragorn watched her leave to woods.


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