Rowen Story:3 – Lothlorien

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Aragorn walked back to the camp where the Fellowship was given that night. He walked back to find everyone awake and looking at him with suprise. A elf gaurd walked up to him.
“Are you Aragorn Arathorn’s son?” It asked.
“Yes,” Aragorn replied.
“This is for you sent by the Lady Galadriel.”
‘What could she want from me he though?’ The elf handed him the letter and quickly took off. Aragorn read the letter and knew why Galadriel wanted him to have it.
“What does it say?” asked Pippin.
“Just that she wishes to see me.”
“Umm, now.”
“Ohh why?”
“About ways to take the Fellowship to Mordor I believe. To keep away much danger as possible.”
Aragorn left then and headed for the Royal Household Tree. He walked up the steps and found Galadriel sitting on her throne waiting for him.
“What is this about Galadriel?” he asked when he stood before her.
“You know who it is about dont you,” she repiled.
She got up seeming to flow with her white dress towards him.
“You know she came up here crying.”
“Well no. Well I know she was crying.”
“Why Aragorn, why was she crying. She wont tell me nor any elf-maidens why.”
“I dont know.” he replied telling part the truth.
“I know you did something to her so just tell me.”
“Well we where walking then I,” he stopped dead sentence afaird what might happen if he said what he did next.
“What did what?” she asked.
He sighed he was now hopeless he had to tell Galadriel or he would be punished.
“Kissed her. Then she took off running crying.”
“Now I know the problem.”
“What is it! Please I must know.”
She grinned at his sentence.
“See Aragorn Huntresses, especially the Queen of them cant fall in love. And Rowen is. With you. And she knows the law. So she cant love you my dear boy or she is dethroned from her Queenship.”
It made since to Aragorn now. But if its her law he though she can change it.
“No, she can not change it Aragorn,”
“If she cant then can I atleast see her?”
“If you wish, but be warned dont try any thing or she will hurt you.”
Galadriel made a motion for him to follow her. He walked behind her being amazed by the beauty of the royal part of Lothlorien. They finally came to a stop. They stopped at a door with no marking on as the others had like a leaf or something to represent that person who lived there.
“Here it is. Becareful.”
She walked away leaving Aragorn there. He open her door. He found Rowen laying on her bed still crying. He creeped up on her and sat next to her. She turned around and sat up burying her face in his chest.
“Iam sorry if I can not love you as I wish I could,” she said in a sobbing voice.
“Its fine. I understand,” he told her no holding her.
She looked up at him and her tears seemed to fade away.
“Yes, ill always love you and nothing can change that.
Rowen kissed him after he said that. He took her and put down on the bed. Then he stopped remember her law.
“Whats wrong?” she asked.
“We cant Rowen.”
She acted as if she forgotten her law that she had to live by.
“Your LAW!” He said “You must live by your law.
“Right the law. But could you stay with me tonight Just to make me feel confortable.”
“Yes I will do that if you wish it.”
He layed down beside and held her for now the time being.
“I think you should stay here Rowen To stay away from danger. I dont want you to get hurt.” He said to her alas.
“I though about staying here myself. So yes. Frodo wil understand right.”
“Yes he should Rowen he should.”
With that they both fell into sleep.


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