Rowan’s Story – The Breaking of the Fellowship

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The jouney down the Auduin was long and hard, but as hte sun setted to it’s orangish colour, the Fellowship banked on the side of the river. Night was falling suddenly, and the treacherous Gollum lurked behind. Aragorn diecided to take the watch and Legolas would continue in the middle of the night. The Fellowship rested in peace, while Aragorn bent all his thought upon the one he truly loved more than ever, Rowan. He loss all sense of what was happening in the woods. A strange figure cutted through the trees, possibly a threat. Aragorn finally looked up and noticed the figure and planed to go attack it.
The figure from what he could see, was cloaked and tried not to be notice. Aragorn creeped behin it and then with his elvish dagger, capture the figure and brought the blade to it’s throat. The figured struggled, and it took all his strengh to try to hold the figure still.
“Who are you?” he asked intentivly.
“Do you not know Estel?” the figured replied
He then relized this was not a man but a woman! But what maiden would come this path? One name came to his mind who it was.
“Rowan?” he asked.
“Yes, it tis I.”
Aragorn removed his blade from her neck, and Rowan turne in his arms to face him.
“I thought you were to stay in Lothlorien in Galadriel’s hordement.”
“No, she ocasionly let me go after we found what had happen.”
“What do you mean Rowan, my love?”
“Aragorn, can you promise me not to get mad?”
“I suppose, why?”
“Aragorn remeber what we did in Lothlorien?”
Aragorn knew well what they did but he wondered what did that have to do with this conversation.
“Aragorn, im going to have a baby”
Shock came over Aragorn. Was it his or was it another mans?
“It’s yours Aragorn,” Rowan finally declared.
“I did this? I thought you said you wouldn’t will for childern.”
“I sliped,” she replied. “How much more of the night do you hae left?”
He looked over to the sleeping elf in the Fellowship.
“I can always wake him, but we have no bedding for you with us. Inless you tend to sleep in the trees.”
“I planned to sleep with you.”
This was too much in one night. Rowan was pregaunt from him, and ow she wished to be with him forever. He went over and woke Legolas telling him what happened.
“So thats what you two did that night” he snickered.
“Would you?” Aragorn asked again.
“Fine, ill keep watch, but dont let her get in the way.”
That night Aragorned dreemed of the night in Lothlorien. It seemed great and perfect. The mourning soon arose and Rowan was the first to awake. Aragorn woke and thought he was just dreeming that Rowan came to him. He got up and prepared to leave off again. At the river, there Rowan was. Ready to go and prepared. Aragorn came up to stand next t her and tok her in his arms and they both watched the sunrise.
“I want you to be careful,” he told her.
“Do you doubt me?”
“No! It’s just you carry my child and I dont want you to get hurt.”
“I’ll be find my love,” she tol dhim beofre everyone got intop the boats and set out on another day on the Auduin.
After hours they came to the waterfall and docked for th last time. Frodo has stranded off somewhere and Boromir followed. Bormir tried to seize the ring, and finding orcs a battle was beginning. Everyone faught and then the hobbits were taken from Boromir and he was slain. Rowan didnt make it in time to saved Boromir, but to battle the Uruk-hai. Finally she slain him and rushed to Boromir.
She saw his wounded condition.
“Let me die,” he told her.
She ripped out the arrows from him staining herself with blood. With that he suddenly died. Aragorn, Legolas, and Gimli came and looked upon Rowan and Boromir’s dead body.
‘You killed him,” shouted Gimli.
“I did not,” she replied.
“Your stain with his blood and hold arrows.”
“Does it look like i have a bow to you, and the dead Orc has one and you point at me?”
“Fine so now what do we do?”
Frodo had left and continued to Mordor. The rest of the surviving Fellowship gave Boromir a proper burial.
“We must find Merrry and Pippin,” Aragorn decided.
“So we run?” asked Rowan.
“Yes, let us go”.
With that Rowan, Aragorn, Legolas, and Gimli tracked Merry and Pippin threw the dangers of the road ahead……………………………………………………………….


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