Rowan’s Story – On the trail of the Uruk-hai

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They crossed mountains and plains, tracking Merry and Pippin every step that the Uruk-hai could have took them. Suprisingly Rowan was always the one ahead of everyone. With her Huntress ability to track very well, it was almost too easy to find them. They finally rested after a day of running. Rowan decided to take watch, for she never needed rest nor to regain her energy. Aragorn thought she should at least rest for sometime.
“Shouldn’t you sleep?” he asked her.
“I dont need it,” she replied back to him.
“What about for the child?”
She laugh as if he was asking a stuiped question. Aragorn did not know anything about childern, and since he didn’t have any clear memories of his father it was hard to understand anything.
“The child will be fine. Do you know nothing of my kind?”
“I would hope you knew about Elves, for you were rasied by them. Not Huntresses.”
“I never knew about them till you came along.”
“Then it would take hours to explain, but don’t worry I would be fine.”
He left her at the tree where she sat. She was beautiful and if her father knew….. HER FATHER! If Lord Elrond knew he would probably have his head for doing what he did. He quickly went back to her.
“What now meleith?” she asked.
“Your father does he know about this child?”
“No, Aragorn, he doesn’t, and I don’t plan to tell him yet.”
“Good I agree with you.”
He then kissed her and left and went to the camp fire.
“So I was told you and the Lady are having a affair,” declared Gimli.
“I wouldn’t use that word, Gimli,” Aragorn replied.
“Is that why she’s pregnant?” asked Legolas.
“She’s beautiful but it was temptation when shes here for me.”
“Better than Arwen?” summoned Legolas.
Aragorn had forgot about Arwen. What if she found out? What would she say to him?
“Well, Arwen is beautiful too… but I have to make a commitment to Rowan.”
“Well you wouldn’t have gotten Arwen anyway,” said Legolas.
“Why not?”
“She was betroathed to me a long time ago.”
Rowan came over to them after hearing her sister’s name be said around the fire.
“I dont mean to interupt, but I can not deny the smell of food,” she told them.
She sat next to Aragorn and there he slowly brought her closer to his with arm. He hand a bowl of food and put his arm around her.
“So, Rowan, when are you going to tell Elrond about you and Aragorn?” asked Legolas.
“When I feel it’s the right time, probably after the war is over. If it ever ends.”
“Missy, whats that around your neck? You always been waring it since we meet you,” asked Gimli.
“An amulet of an Huntress,” she replied. “It is suppose to capture those who cross me.”
“Capture what?”
“Their magic or their soul, depends on what they have.”
This made everyone, except Aragorn, uneasy.
“Your daggers? They also contain the same?” asked Legolas
“Ohh these?”
She pulled out one. The dagger had a fine blade and a golden hilt, but it had a glass ball of the handle wrapped in a golden twain.
“Now these are called Soul-Binding Daggers. They capture the soul only when penetrated into a living object.”
“Well if we want to start early tomorrow we better get to bed,” pronounced Legolas.
Everyone agreed and Rowan stood and was prepared to walk to her spot under the tree.
“Take rest Rowan,” said Aragorn.
“I’ll be fine hunny.”
“Just this once, please.”
“We don’t need watch.”
“What do you mean?”
“Anything tries to enter here, I will hear them.”
She laid down on Aragorn’s sleeping gear. Aragorn took his place beside her and cuddled her lighty toward him. With this they both feel into a deep sleep.
The next mourning they continued to travel. They traveled intill they came to a field were they heared horses. They all hid. Aragorn finally reconized the riders. They were the Riders of Rohan. He called them to him and their they were captured by spears and horses.
“What business does two Elves, a Man, and a Dwarf, have in the Riddermark?” asked a rider.
“Im Aragorn, son of Arathorn, this is Gimli, son of Gloin, Legolas, of the woodland realm, and Rowan, of Rivendell.”
“A Rowan is with you?”
“That would be me,” she said.
He got off his horse and bowed to her.
“I am sorry I did not reconize you. I am Eomer, Marshal of Rohan.”
“You are forgiven,” she told him
Aragorn, Legolas, and Gimli looked at her. Why would he bow to her?
“Why have you come My Lady?”
She explained to him why they where there. And he told them that they attacked the Orc camp.
“I can give you all horses, but that is all. All I have is two horses for the four of you.”
“That will suit us,” said Rowan.
“Good luck in these lands, for they are foresaken.”
Eomer rode off and left them there with two horses and road to cover………………………………………………….


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