Rowan’s Story – Helm’s Deep

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The next day after a very long rest, the town of Edoras decided to head toward Helm’s Deep. Aragorn, who was sorrowful, did not intend to leave that morning. Legolas came and got before Eowyn tried to.
“Aragorn you must go, people here need you,” he pleaded.
“I worry for her, Legolas,” he replied.
“I am also. Trust me, Rowan and I have had our own set of memories together. She is a Valier, Aragorn, she will be safe.”
“I know that, just, she carries a child with her along the way to where ever she goes. The constant fear of is she alive or dead and the child life to.”
“She has seen the future, Aragorn. I think she knows wether or not she would die on this journey away.”
Legolas left the room to let Aragorn pack his things and prepare to leave on a long journey.
That night, when they left, was a nightmare for him, as was the night before. He decided to keep watch over the people with the gaurds, in hopes she would return now when in need. Helm’s Deep was still many days away. Maybe then she would come or maybe she never would for the rest of his days on this earth. He sat in thought for most of the night, aware of everything around him. Dawn struck and the time to move on had come. Was she scouting them? Was she waiting for some happening to come along before she reveled herself to them? Have she gone back to her encampment or maybe to Lothlorien to her eneth? Aragorn thought of these questions during the trip over and over again so he knew wat to ask her when he saw her again, if he ever did.
They arrived at Helm’s Deep in the brisk of the afternoon. Aragorn arrvied a day later than the rest, due to attack by Orcs. He knew death was sure to come of this battle, for none can stop 10,000 Uruk-hai with the soliders they had. Night had come and the battle perpared to be fought. Aragorn readied himself and after that wrote a letter before joining the lines. He caught Legolas before the battle began.
“Legolas, I want you to have this,” he said.
“A letter?” Legolas inquired.
“I wrote for Rowanna and Eldarion, if I shall not make it through the night.”
“You will, but I will keep it incase something goes wrong tonight.”
The Uruk-hai came to the gates, but before that a group of Elves from Lothlorien had come, lead by Haldir.
“The lady Galadriel sends us to the aid of those in great need,” Haldir told them. “Also from the Lady Rowanna to her friends.”
“Shes alive?” Aragorn asked.
“Yes, very much alive. She traveled to Lothlorien with a newborn. Do you know whose child this is Aragorn? The lady Galadriel thought you would know.”
“She does not know? I have known the lady Galadriel mopst of my life. I know her powers. Can she not tell form her own daughter’s eyes?”
“She can not read Rowanna’s, for her power is far more than Lady Galadriel. Possibly she wants you to admit it yourself.”
“The child is mine and Rowan’s. It was an accident, but I do not consider him one.”
“His name?”
“Eldarion, is what we both named him.”
“Good, we will set up upon these walls before the filth of Saruman arrives!”
After the Elves were position, the war began. Aragorn camanded most of the Elves and Men, till atlast defeat was in the air.
They sat in the room, what was left of the armies. Haldir was lost outside on the walls, slaughter from the Uruk-hai. They tried to hold the door shut, for the Uruk-hai were trying to break in.
“It tis hopeless,” King Theoden said out of desperaion.
“No it tis not, we can hold the door to keep the women and childern safe in the caves,” Aragorn shouted back.
Sunlight, meaning dawn had come, came through the window in the room. Gandalf should be here inless death came upon him or the Rohirrim. They waited holding the door so the Uruk-hai would not enter. Horns in the distance rung high above the morning.
Gandalf looked to his left seeing Eomer and his right to see Rowanna.
“Are you both ready, expecially you Rowanna?” he asked.
She looked over the fortress and the Uruk-hai there.
“If you take the ground, I will get the bridge to the door,” she said.
“You can not handle that woman. You do not understand how many orcs their are there,” Eomer stated.
“If I needed your opition on how many Uruk-hai stand their or war i’ll ask you, but now I understand fully of how many their are and of war. I fought more than you ever will in a lifetime.”
“I doubt that,” Eomer said harshly.
“Do not doubt her, Eomer, for she is stronger than what meets the eye,” Gandalf told him.
“Shall we Gandalf?” she asked.
“We shall.”
The horns blasted again and down the hill the Rohirrim came along with Rowanna and Gandalf. Gandalf and the Rohirrim took care of the ground layers of Uruk-hai. Rowan handled the caseway without any problems. She defeated the Uruk-hai breaking away the gate. The warriors inside the building got a rest for the banging to the door had stopped. Then it started up again. They had nothing else to support it and son the doors flew open. They prepared to face anything that came through that door.
“Now now, do men always raise their weapons to a woman, even ones that save their lives?” a voice stated.
“Rowanna?” Aragorn asked the voice.
Out of the sunshine came the hooded figure, part of the Fellowship for they carried a green cloak and a leaf brooch.
“Yes Aragorn, my love?” she said.
Aragorn dropped his sword and ran to her. He cuddled her in his arms and kissed her every now and then. Gandalf and Eomer came in next. King Theoden was shocked that this woman survived the wilderness and saved his life. He went up to her and bowed.
“Odd that a king shall bow to a commoner,” she said.
“I owe you my deepest gradatuted for if you did not come, we would be dead,” he told her.
“So am I allowed back in your city?”
“Yes, Lady Rowanna.”
“We should rest tonight and head toward Isengard tomorrow”
“Yes that is what we should do in the now.”

TO BE CONTINUED…………………………….


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