Rowan Story – Edoras

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They rode toward the smoke. Their they found orc bodies buring. Gimli dug through them.
“I found a wee-belt,” he said atlas.
Aragorn gave out a yell of anger.
“Fangorn,” said Rowan.
“What about it?” asked Legolas.
“They could have went into Fangorn.”
“We don’t even know if their alive.”
“I have feeling they are.”
“A feelings only a feeling not a fact.”
“I have suspecions.”
“They are what?”
“The print in the ground, they lead there.”
“I think we should go see,” said Aragorn.
“Since we are talking lass, why did those Men bow to you?”
“I don’t really know,” she replied.
And with that they traveled into Fangorn.
“Their trail ends here,” Rowan said.
“Aragorn, nad no ennas!” said Legolas.
Every gripped their weapon except Rowan. They truned and found themselves faced with a firmilar sight.
“Gandalf?” asked Aragorn.
“Yes, it tis I.”
“How did you survive?”
“Through fire and wa-“
“Ok, Gandalf we would all love to hear how you survived Moria, but we have other priortys like saving Middle Earth. So you can tell us later,” said Rowan.
Everyone looked at her.
“She is right. We must ride to Edoras with haste,” Gandalf said.
He summoned Shadowfax, his horse, to him after they got out of Fangorn. They rode all day and camp later that night. Aragorn had woke from a dream that horrified him. It was about his child, that was growing inside the woman beside him. Maybe fatherhood was coming to quick for him. He went out to get some air when he found Gandalf.
“So you love that women?” he asked him.”
“I do,” Aragorn replied.
“And you got her pregnant too?”
“Yes, I did do that.”
“You realized what you did?”
“I do. I plan to take care of my child till the end of my days.”
“Get sleep Aragorn. You will need for tomorrow.”
“Yes Gandalf.”
Aragorn was almost over back to the tent when Gandlaf spoke to him again.
“You know what she is,” he said.
Aragorn turn and looked at him
“A Huntress, yes?”
“No. She is a Valier.”
“A gift from the Valar themselves. She also is part Hobbit.”
Aragorn started to notice Rowan’s hair curling, but thought it was because it was wet. He went back into the tent. He relayed by his lover.
“You may be a Valier, but I still love you” he whispered to her before he fell asleep.”
The next day they rode to Edoras and got there before midday had hit. They ride through the city. It was slient and dead. They reached the house of Meduseld. Guards came out and ordered there weapons to be taken. Rowan froze them with her magic.
“Guards agervate the hell out of me,” she said.
They walked pass them. Gandalf broke the spell of King Theoden when it happened. Rowan broke down in pain.
“Whats wrong?” Aragorn asked.
“The baby,” she replied.
“What do you think?”
He took her to a room and their a medic came, and in minutes their baby was born.
“What do what to name him?” Aragorn asked her.
“Eldarion,” she replied.”
That night, after the furnarl of Threderd, Gandalf consulted the King.
“You must fight,” Gandalf told him.
“I will not risk open war,” Theoden said.
“Open war is upon you wether you risk it or not,” Aragorn said.
“When last I looked Theoden, not Aragorn, was King of Rohan,” replied Theoden.
Rowan handed Eldarion to Aragorn.
“Don’t talk to him like that!” Rowan shouted.
“What did you say?” Theoden asked.
“Do not talk to him llike that. You already failed your people. This means your going to fail them more.”
“Fine, I dont like it here anyway.”
She took Eldarion from Aragorn’s arms.
“I shall go with her,” said Aragorn.
“Aragorn, do not let love interfer with duty,” said Gandalf.
“I’ll be fine Aragorn,” she siad before she kissed him and left………………………………………..


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