Rosie’s Adventure – Part Two by the one who always has her head in the clouds

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Rosie wandered the palace gardens. Slender white statues posed in graceful forms. Exotic flowers filled the garden and the surrounding area with sweet fragerence. Hedges were trimmed to perfection. “He must be a wealthy king to have such a fine garden,” she thought. Rosie thought of Sam and their little garden. The little daises growing, the potatoes, the quash, the tomatoes. And of course, the roses that Sam paid particular attention to. “They are lovely,” he would say. “but you are lovelier.”

“Good evening, Rosie Gamgee,” a voice said. Rosie whirled around to see an old man with a long white beard. He was dressed in flowing blue robes and in one hand was a finely carved white staff and in the other was a rose.

“Allow me to introduce myself,” he said. “I am called Tollen Mellon. I am the court scholar, and, some would say, magicmaker.”

“Are you a wizard?”

“Aye of the brotherhood of the Istari. The Valar sent me here, long before your grandfather’s father was born. I have given my advice to the kings of Zebadin for the past two ages. They have made wise decisions in the past. But the King Saddenious has made a most foolish one. I told him that taking another man’s wife as his queen would bring a curse down upon Zebadin. But he did not listen. He heard tales of a beautiful women that dwelt in the land of the halflings. This women was not only beautiful, but gracious in tongue and kind in actions. They called her Rose Cotton. He told me to look a see if the rumors were true. And I saw. ‘Yes,’ I told him. ‘The rumors are true. She is a great beauty among her people. But she is another’s wife, and the mother of his child. If you take her as you’re queen, great ruin will befall this land.’ I told him a tale of a prince who took the queen of a powerful country to be his wife. This queen was the most beautiful women in the world. But her husband, the king, sent a monsterous army out to bring her back. The war lasted ten years, and many were killed. Finally by secretive methods, the king’s army sneaked into the city and slew the men and took the women captive. And yet he did not listen.”

“Did these things really happen? The events in the story, I mean.”

“They did, in a land far away before the first elf stepped on Arda.” Rosie pondered this for a while.

“I know you are frightened, my dear. You are far away from your home and face an uncertain fate.” Tollen Mellon handed her the rose. “This is to bring a smile to your face. I will be your friend, your mellon if you want me to. Yes that is where I got my second name, being a friend to those frightened or in need. Now run along, my daughter, and get your rest.”

“Goodnight and thank you for the rose,” Rosie said.

“Goodnight, child of the Shire.”

Rosie picked up the hem of her long dress and scuried away to her chambers.


Sam, Frodo, Merry, and Pippin were packing their ponies when a hobbit lass came over to them.

“Mr. Gamgee, I heard about town that your wife has been kidnapped by two of the Big-Folk.”

“We believe she has,” Sam said.

“Well my name is Melilot Bulge. My mother and I work as seamtresses. We received a letter some months ago from a place called Zebadin asked for your wife’s dress sizes. We thought it a bit odd, a country far away wanting to know Mrs. Rosie’s dress size. But we wrote down her measurement and mailed it.”

Sam thougth about this for a while. “We’re going to Rivendel,” he said. “To study those old maps of Elrond’s. Elladan and Elrohir must know something of this country.” They road away.


Rosie awoke to the sound of happy yeppng. Something was happily jumping about her bed. Rosie opened her eyes to see a cute little puppy looking at her with big blue eyes. It was white and fluffy. Rosie took it in her arms and gave it a loving sqeeze.

“Ah I’m glad to see that you two get along,” Myria said. “That is Phoebe and she’s a shih tzu. The King thought you might like her.”

“She’s wonderful,” Rosie said as Phoebe licked her face.

“And now it is time for your bath.”

Rosie was bathed in water scented from the most exotic flowers found in the kingdom. Then she was dressed in a pink satin dress. Pearls set in silver adorned her.

“You look lovely, Lady Rosa.” Rosa. So different from her real name. Rosie looked at herself in the mirror. She looked different. Would Sam even recognize her? Rosie looked down at her feet. Smooth and hairless. It felt strange. In this new life she had servants to wait on her hand and foot. She had her choice of the finest jewelry in Middle-earth. And the youthful and powerful king had asked for her hand in marriage. If she excepted, it would mean a life of luxury unlike that she had ever dreamed of. If she refused, it could mean anything. Rosie wondered if Sadden could bring himself to condemn her to death. Rosie thought of her Samwise and Elanor. She remembered how much she loved her life in the Shire. It was starting to get hard to push away the thougts off accepting Saddenious’s offer. She closed her eyes as she was lifted into the litter. “Tollen Mellon will help me. He will be me my mellon,” she thought as the litter carried her to the throne room.

*Author’s Notes*
This is a pointless little story I got the idea for while watching the scene where Rosie is dancing in FOTR.

Anybody recognize the little Trojan War thing? I haven’t seen Troy, but I’m a big fan of Michael Wood’s (no relation to our Lij) In Search of the Trojan War.

I also wonder how many will recognize J.R.R.’s nickname being used for the name of the wizard, Tollen Mellon.

And finally the characters (most of them anyway) are not mine and I do not intend to profit from my perverted little story. All I want are comments, Comments, COMMENTS!


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