Rosie of hobbiton – Part two – A sea of stars

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Rosie starred up at her older sister who was staring wide eyed up at Aaranel. How does Polly know this elf? She thought to herself. Rosie was confused. ”What is going on?” She questioned. ”I think we all better go inside and sit down.” Replied Polly.
Aaranel bent down to step through the circular doorway. Polly rushed into the kitchen jostling around preparing some tea. Aaranel glanced around the house and then sat down. Rosie stood still pondering on what was going on. She had absolutely no idea.

Polly came hurrying into the sitting room with a tray of tea and some carrot cake. She caught her breath and sat down abruptly. Rosie looked at her sister, she looked very flustered. Aaranel suddenly spoke. ”I am truly sorry that I had to come rushing in on you like this. I must have given you a start little one.” She said to Rosie.

”Not meaning to be rude, but why are you here?” Replied Rosie.

Polly interrupted and asked, ”Is everything ok in Rivendel?”

”Will someone please tell me what is gong on?” shouted Rosie. Polly looked at her sister and decided to tell Rosie of her past. ”Rosie, when I was very young, before you were even born, Mother and Father sent me away to live in Rivendel with the elves. The War of the Ring was happening and they feared for my safety. They thought if I was with the elves I would be safer than in the Shire. The Elves are extremely wise and powerful you know. I did not return to the Shire until just before you where born.”

Rosie gaped at her sister. ”Are you going to go back there, and leave me on my own?” Rosie asked worriedly. Polly just laughed. ”Don’t be silly, Rosie! I would never leave you on your own anywhere!”
”Then why has Aaranel come? She has come to take you away, has she not?”
Aaranel replied, ”I have not come to take your sister away.” She turned to Polly and said, ”Mellonmin, I fear Rávion has been captured by Uruk’s. He did not return to Rivendel when he last left. I fear for what has happened to him. No-one will help me find him, you will though won’t you? We must find Rávion, I cannot bear living without him.” She said as a solitary tear trickled down her cheek.

”I do not remember much of Rávion, but I will help you find him, of course.” She turned towards her sister. ”Aaranel is my greatest friend. When none of the elves in Rivendel talked to me, Aaranel was there for me. We have been friends for a long time, so you see I must help her. Rávion is a fine elf and, even though I can not remember much about him, I feel I must help Aaranel find him. I will never leave you though. Do you wish to come also?”

Rosie didn’t know what to say. All of this seemed so much. She was so confused. She starred into her sisters eyes and saw the love she felt for her sister. Rosie could never be separated from her caring sister, they depended on each other.
”I will travel with you, as long as I get to have a proper elven dress!” She giggled. Aaranel promised that Rosie would be given the most exquisite dress that Rivendel could provide!

The sisters packed lightly and wrapped up warm. It was twilight and the three companions set off through the woods. The stars were gleaming brightly in the sky. It was a sea of stars. Rosie shivered as a slight breeze sent a chill up her spine. Suddenly Rosie heard a screech that pierced the night. She jumped and grabbed hold of Polly’s hand.

Aaranel just laughed at Rosie and told her it was only an owl. Rosie still felt a little frightened though. Her feet began to ache and she felt exhausted. Aaranel noticed that the Hobbits were beginning to tire out. She mentioned that they would be staying the night at ‘The Prancing Pony’ Inn. Rosie’s face lit up. ”Where Mr Frodo stayed with the Fellowship of the Ring!”
”Yes Rosie. But be careful, strange folk dwell in Bree.”


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