Rosie of Hobbiton – Part three

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They stumbled through the dark alleyways of Bree until the companions reached the prancing Pony. Rosie glanced up at the large wooden door and felt very small. Aaranel pulled up her hood and opened the stiff door which creaked as if it were in pain. They entered the inn and slowly approached the counter.

”Are there any free rooms sir?” Polly asked timidly starring up at the huge man that stood before her. ”Why yes little one, we have some nice, cosy, hobbit sized rooms available.”
”Thank you kind sir.” Replied Aaranel taking the key.

Rosie collapsed down on the bed and her eyes closed. She could not stay awake any longer. Polly tucked the blanket around her sleeping sister. Rosie stirred but seeing it was only Poly smiled and let her self be captured once again by her dreams.

Polly stood up and noticed Aaranel was staring out of the window into the night. Tears wear pouring down her cheeks. Polly went to her friend’s side and hugged her tight.”Don’t worry, we will find Rávion. I see you care for him.”

”I love him Polly. My life would be nothing without him, I cannot live without him. You must help me.”

”Our friendship will never die Aaranel, and as long as this everlasting friendship lasts I will never leave your side. We will find Rávion, we will not fail.”

Aaranel smiled at her friend and wiped away her tears. ”I am so lucky to have a friend like you.”


The sun pored through the window like a gleaming waterfall. Aaranel nudged Polly and Rosie to get up. She was already dressed and ready to set off. Rosie groaned and turned over not wishing to get out of bed. Polly tickled her stubborn sister. Rosie immediately jumped out o bed and began pulling on her clothes. Aaranel laughed at the pair. ”We must hurry if we wish to reach Rivendel before nightfall.”

”Reach Rivendel? I won’t be able to walk that fast. I’ll die with exhaustion,” complained Rosie.

”I wouldn’t make you walk all the way to Rivendel Rosie,” giggled Aaranel. ”We will be riding.”

”We are riding on real live horses?!” enquired Rosie excitedly.
”Yes, real live horses!!”

They staggered out into the sunlight and Aaranel whistled. Suddenly Rosie heard hoofs galloping towards them. She swept around and saw two beautiful horses galloping at full speed towards them. The first was a light chestnut colour the other was pure white. Rosie had never ridden on a horse before and felt a little nervous. Aaranel mounted the white one. ”This is Elen; her name means ‘star’ in elvish. Your horse is Nathramdil.

Polly climbed up on to Nathramdil and pulled Rosie up behind her. It was very high up and Rosie wobbled fearfully. ”Cling on tight to me Rosie, you will not fall.” Said Polly. Rosie wrapped her hands around her sister’s waist and buried her face into her long, tangled hair. Nathramdil set off at a gallop and Rosie felt the freezing wind lash out at her. It was a long, rough journey. Rosie fell asleep still hanging on to her sister’s waist.

They reached Rivendell by evening. Rosie gasped at the beauty of her surroundings. She saw a glittering waterfall pouring out into the night. Rosie stepped down from Nathramdil and felt the soft, lush grass below her feet. She gazed up at the beautiful buildings of Rivendel and felt a rush of bliss enter her heart. It was like paradise. Rosie looked up at the sky and felt as if she had been swallowed up by a sea of stars.

”Rivendell is beautiful,” she whispered her eyes twinkling and a smile upon her face.

”You have not seen the best of it yet Rosie” chuckled Polly, seeing the look of amazement on her younger sisters face.


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