Rosie of Hobbiton- kicking butt! – part five

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They spent the rest of the lovely day sitting outside beneath the blossoming trees planning what they were going to do. Polly suggested heading back to the place where Aaranel had last seen Rávion. If he had been captured by Uruk’s then there must have been a fight, surely Rávion would have put up a struggle.

”Aaranel, Why did the Uruk’s want Rávion?” asked Rosie frowning.
”Well, I think the Uruk’s were sent by somebody to find him but I do not know who. You see this crystal around my neck?” Aaranel enquired showing Rosie and Polly her necklace. ”My late father gave it to me before he died. It is extremely powerful. When you obtain the crystal, it allows you to see into someone’s mind. I have never used it, and I do not intend to. I fear they thought I may have given the crystal to Rávion.”


”Aaranel, will you teach me some elvish?” asked Rosie hopefully.
”Of course,” laughed Aaranel, ”what do you wish to say?”
”Well, ‘Elen sila lumenn omentimo.’ means ‘A star shall shine on the hour of our meeting.’ You can say that to an elf when you meet them.
‘Vanimle sila tiri.’ is ‘your beauty shines bright.’
Here is a very useful saying for you, ‘Malia ten vasa?’ means ‘Care for some food?”’ giggled Aaranel.
”Now we must go and find your sister so we can prepare for our journey tomorrow.”


Rosie found Polly sitting silently on her bed. She had washed and changed for dinner. ”What are you doing up her all alone?” asked Rosie concerned. ”I’m just a little scared. I don’t know what is going to happen to us. I’m putting you in danger.”

”No your not. Well you are, but that’s not the point!! I want to come with you. I’m not going to just sit at home in the Shire twiddling my thumbs while you kick ass to some Uruk’s.” laughed Rosie. Polly looked at her younger sister and smiled. ”Thanks hon, that’s really made me feel better!!” She hugged Rosie then started off a tickling fight.


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