Roses Heal – Can Jesicka face her life,now that her mother’s gone?

by Jun 8, 2003Stories

Fourteen year-old Jesicka sighed and wheeled over to her window that over looked the garden in the back of the house.Paralysed..Can’t walk….Will spend the rest of her life in a wheelchair..The words ran through her head,terrifying her as much as they did the day she heard them.She sighed and shook her head,her long arburn hair bouncing as she did,”Well,I’ll show them.”She muttered.There was a knock on her door and she sighed.She didn’t like her dream world,the world in which she could walk and ride,to be interrupted.
“Come in!”She shouted,her back to the door.
“M’lady,master wants you down stairs to meet the new gardener.”Jesicka’s fourteen year-old servant and best friend said.
“What’s the use,Jerry,it’s probably some old man who will give me sympathy becuase I’m in a wheelchair at such a young age.”Jesicka sighed.
“No,I got to see him before I come to get you,he’s a kid around our age,and very cute.”Jerica said,giggling.
Jesicka giggled then wheeled over to her closet.
“Well don’t just stand there.I can’t go down there and meet someone in my pjs now can I?Come help me find something to wear.”
Five minutes later Jesicka was heading down the hallway looking like a queen.Jerica pushed her through the doors,bowed to Jesicka’s father, and left.
“Jessi,I’d like to meet Johnathan.”
“How do you do?”Johnathan asked.
“Good and you?”



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