Rose of Gondor:Before the Storm – Part 8

by Jul 30, 2004Stories

Taking in a shuddering deep breath, Kelyi looked quickly over to Faramir, who in turn smilied encouragingly at Kelyi’s worried brow. Steeling her nerves, Kelyi quickly told herself,
‘It’s alright, we are going home now…Don’t look back.’
Kelyi felt her heart tug and her stomach drop as she and Faramir quickly moved to urge the animals through the gates of Gondor and into the wilderness that surrounded much of the land. As they quickly moved from the light of the city and into the silver shadows of the Plennor fields, Kelyi felt her heart slowly becoming lighter, and moving back into it’s proper place. Pulling her hood from her thick dark hair, and tossing the dark tresses, allowing the moonlight to caress her dark mane, and her pale face. Turning slightly, Kelyi looked over at Faramir,
“To whence are we headed? Where are the men?”
Faramir looked over at the young leader, the moonlight played within her thick dark hair, sprinkling on her cheek and highlighting the curve of her face.
“Osgiliath, the men are stationed there defending against a band of orcs that are starting to overrun us. We need reenforcements. I came to ask my father for these, and he refused. I fear we will loose the city Kelyi, I fear we can not hold out much longer. I pray my brother will change the heart of my father, but I cannot dare to hope.”
Kelyi felt the pain from Faramir, he loved the land as much as his brother, and yet, Denathor would not see the young man for anything but a failure. Nodding softly at Faramir, Kelyi watched as Osgiliath rose ahead of them, the ancient crumbling ruins of the city where painted a strange grey in the moonlight, shadows playing hide and seek within the city, almost hinting of a once more elegent time. Faramir quickened his horses pace, and Kelyi did the same as the gates came into view. Riding into the city, Faramir quickly climbed down as a ranger scrambled for his horse. Moving to take Kelyi’s reins, Faramir held the horse as the young woman jumped down and landed softly on the ground. Handing the animal over, Faramir quickly lead Kelyi through the aging city, and into a crumbling building. Stooping through the stone door towards the light of a candle, Kelyi was face to face with some of her most trusted rangers, and Faramir’s soldiers from Gondor. Nodding her head softly at the soldiers, Kelyi moved to join the rangers on the other side of the table, arching an eyebrow at there newly outfitted armour, bearing the crest of Gondor, the white tree. Faramir moved to the head of the table and unrolled a beaten scrap of a map, the streets of Osgiliath lay out across the table. Running his finger gently along the outside, Faramir nodded at one of the Gondorian soldiers who was standing respectively waiting to speak, his thick black hair moved in the light, like many snakes as he moved foward so Kelyi could see his face.
“M’Lord, I do no trust these rangers from the North. Rangers have been known to be quite a…a…cutthroat group.”
Kelyi felt her ire flare, her group had protected these peoples when the soldiers of Gondor were busy eating, and making merry. She moved away from the shadows and moved next to Faramir, who subbley stuck out his hand and grabbed her wrist to stop her. Nodding at the Gondorian soldier, who quickly fell back into line with the others, Faramir spoke,
“I have traveled with this band, and their leader, is a fair and compassionate one. Kelyi, who has lead this band, will continue with us if she chooses, and I will trust her judgement with my life. We shall end this meeting for the night. Hamith, your group shall take guard duty for the first shift tonight, mine shall take the second.”
The men bowed and quickly scuttled out, the gondorian soldiers passing looks at Kelyi as they passed her on their way out the door. As soon as the men all where out, Faramir moved to the opposite side of the table and quickly poured a tanker of ale. Offering it to Kelyi, he was surprised when she took it, Kelyi normally would not drink. Kelyi took a gulp of ale and watched as Faramir poured himself a tanker and proceeded to stare at her with a biwildered look upon his face. Did he really expect her to join him? She had left Gondor to get away from this maddening sort of order, this rank and file exsistance. Faramir cleared his throat and watched as Kelyi’s ocean eyes slowly looked over at him, she took another sip of the ale.
“Kelyi…are you alright?”
Kelyi looked over the top of her tanker, raising an eyebrow. What was bothering Faramir? Was he really that bewildered that she wouldn’t submit to this sort of thing quietly?
“I’m fine Faramir, something troubling you?”
Faramir swallowed the lump in his throat, took another gulp of ale and continued,
“I’ve never seen you drink before tis all, I did not know you knew…”
Kelyi laughed softly, and used her free hand to push away a fallen piece of her thick dark hair. Taking another large drink, Kelyi wiped the back of her sleve across her mouth, not in the mood for manners right now, all she really cared about was getting drunk enough to forget her problems, she’d deal with her sickness from it in the morning.
“Of course, I have an elder brother who…taught me some things he shouldn’t have. I know my mother had quite a fit when she discovered us.”
Kelyi smiled softly as she thought back upon the happy memory, her and her elder brother Aragorn, sitting on one of the many floors, with a stolen horde of bottles that Aragorn and she had been slowly slipping from the kitches, hiding them in the folds of Kelyi’s skirts. Kelyi brushed her free hang against the outside of her panted hip self contionussly. Looking over into Faramir’s eyes once more, Kelyi was startled by wishing that she would see cobalt onces staring back at her, shining with an emotion she did not want to understand. Shaking her dark head quickly, Kelyi silently barated herself, she wouldn’t dwell on these things, not now. Returning her gaze to Faramir’s, Kelyi saw pain in the young man’s eyes, an intense…something. Setting down her tankard, Kelyi moved to Faramir’s side of the table and stood beside him, her thin hands and back pressed into the wood of the table as she watched the young man become very interested in the many scuff marks that dotted it’s surface.
Kelyi watched as Faramir brought his eyes to to met her, his gloved hand moved to touch her thick dark hair. He ran his thumb gently along Kelyi’s rose red bottom lip, pressing harder to fell the pulse of blood that rested below the surface, his other fingers moving to gently grasp her chin in his hand. Faramir then moved his rough hand down to her porcilen neck, feeling her soft cool skin moved slightly as she swallowed the nervous lump that had grown in her throat these past few seconds as Faramir’s hand came in contact with her skin, and was now gently running his fingers around her neck and into her dark hair, where they caught the strands and pulled her within a few inches of his fair face.
“Please Kelyi… all I ask of you is once. I promise, I will never again if you ask me…”
Kelyi swallowed again, this would have to mean nothing to Faramir after this, if he went through, he would have to understand that she could never be his, for like his brother, he may someday be the steward and her anate refusal to live that sort of life appeared again in her mind. As well as another figure that came foward unbidden from the back of her mind…
“Faramir… this cannot mean anything. I cannot, and will not agree to anything more… or ever again.”
Kelyi watched as Faramir took in these words, and then closing his eyes briefly, nodded softly and released her, turning to leave out of the stone archway, pulling his cloak around him to turn him into one of night’s many shadows that clung to Osgilith like a veil. Turning back to Kelyi, Faramir peered out from benieth the darkness of his hood.
“Accompany me on my watch?”
Kelyi nodded, and pulled her own cloak tightly around her, blending in with the darker purple hues of the many shadows, making sure that her sword was within her grasp if she need it, taking one last drink from her tankard, and wishing that she could return to her tent with the whole barrel, she moved to crouch back through the small opening and followed Faramir into the moonlight. Shadows played with the old ruins, moving and twisting, jumping as the clouds the had appeared in the night sky, played hide and seek with the white full moon, created a crazied twisted look, as if water’s ripples where casting across the surface. A shadow moved quickly, and Kelyi pulled her sword with a sharp word to Faramir, and used the handle, she managed to knock the assailant soundly across the side of face, rendering it uncountious on the cold stone ground with a hard thump. Faramir quickly raced back to Kelyi’s side, as she pulled off the hood to her violet cloak and kneel next to the figure that she had effectively rendered down and out cold. Kelyi gasped a curse as the moonlight moved out from behind a cloud and revealed the figure that now lay on the ground, bleeding gently from a small cut that was appearing near his hairline. Running her thin fingers carefully over her cape, to grasp at a clean piece to place to Boromir’s head, Kelyi silently barated herself and the bothersome man for following her. Faramir had approached from the shadows, his eyes widening in the moonlight as he relized who Kelyi had managed to disarm, and quickly bellowed to some of his standing men to take Boromir to his quarters and to make haste. Kelyi watched as two of the Gondorian soliders approached, including the one who had earlier questioned Kelyi and her rangers, and now looked at the woman with a bit more respect as they lifted Boromir from the ground and moved to take him back to the tent, Kelyi rising with them to remove her dark cloak from the wound. As she peeled her hand back, she was greeted by dark blood that now ran down Boromir’s face and onto the cold hard stone of the ground, causing the young woman to quickly place her hand containing the cloak back over the wound. Turning to look back towards Faramir, who nodded his fair head at the young woman, Kelyi quickly followed the men as they carried Boromir through the twisting streets, towards the heart of the city, where the stone buildings still stood cut into the silent stone. Moving towards one indistinguishable from the others, the men quickly pryed open the wooden door that blocked the room, and carried Boromir inside, laying him on the bed and the first quickly lighting a single candle, while the other fetched a chair for Kelyi. Sitting down, and nodding at the men, Kelyi watched as they both nodded slowly in respect before turning and regressing through the wooden door, closing it softly behind them leaving Kelyi to tend to Boromir in the simple light. Moving her hand to brush the hair from Boromir’s face and move it away from the cut, Kelyi peeled back her cloak again to check the blood flow, satisfied to see that it had stopped, moving her thin fingers along the edges of the cut, she heard a soft, horse, deep chuckle,
“That tickles m’lady.”
Kelyi didn’t move her fingers as she continued to check the cut for deepness and for any items that might have lodged in the open wound, her ocean eyes refusing to move any lower, even though she felt Boromir’s cobalt gaze eching itself into her features that where partly hidden in shadow.
“Not until I am satisfied that I did not harm your permanantly m’lord, I believe I’ve warned you before to make you presence known.”
Kelyi scrutinized the wound for a final time, before nodded with satisfaction and climbing to her feet, keeping her ocean eyes on the stone wall behind Boromir the entire time, refusing to meet the man’s inquisitive gaze the followed her, searching for her eyes. Turning from the chair, Kelyi felt a strong hand reach out and take her wrist with a firm gentleness that stopped her from moving too far from the man. Turning to look back over her shoulder, her thick dark hair falling over the opposite shoulder, Kelyi cast her eyes down, finally meeting the ocean and the sky again, feeling her breathing quicken as she allowed Boromir to pull her back towards him. Snapping back to reality, Kelyi shook her head and pulled her hand free as she moved back to the chair, her ocean eyes unreadable as she crossed her arms and legs, the shadows playing hide and seek with her form as she bounced in and out of the light of the flickering candle. Staring in silence, Kelyi felt uneasy as Boromir simply rivated his cobalt gaze into her form, her graceful body was still painfully thin from her month in Gondor, and her eyes now held an emotion that Boromir had never seen radiated from the beautiful young vision, and it rocked him down to the very core of his being.


*Authors Note: The Next Entry will most likely be the last, and the story will stand completed.


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