Rose of Gondor:Before the Storm – Part 6

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Then fell once more back into the darkness of her dreams. Swimming towards the edge of the darkness, Kelyi once more reached for the surface, towards the light. Feeling her fingers touch the darkness, brush and break it, her ocean eyes slowly opening towards the light. Feeling the warmth of the sun from an open window, Kelyi lay and enjoyed the sun’s lavious rays that sprinkled in across her face and body. Warming her gently, as the rose hinted tips touched the horizion and the sun began to give up the day. Kelyi sighed, the blessed warmth would soon be gone, and besides, she loved the day. Night held more dangers in the dark, not only the physical, but in the mental as well. Kelyi pushed back the covers and set up carefully, holding her balance in check and pushed herself onto her feet, giving her body a minute to reorient itself. Pulling her thick dark hair off her neck and twisting it into a messy heap at the back of her head, Kelyi moved towards the closet carefully, giving herself time to adjust to the movement that she was making. Once she has padded her way across the rapidly cooling floor, she flung open the door to her closet and started to rummage around for something to wear besides the exposing shift she had clinging to her body. Upon finding nothing once more to her liking, Kelyi reached for a black velvet robe that hung on a hook near her door, and wrapped it securely around her, tying it tightly. Carefully moving to the heavy door, Kelyi cracked the aged wood open and peered out. Upon seeing no one moving down the hall, Kelyi quickly slipped from her room and searched for another empty room. Pressing her hands into the wood of an open door, Kelyi carefully moved silently across the floor to the closet and flung the painted wood doors wide. Revealing the contents within, Kelyi was pleased to find more the more formable clothing of pants, and soft flowing tunics. Quickly picking out a set in her trademark colour of night’s ebony, she padded back to her room and quick bolted the door. Flinging the shift over her head, and onto an unsuspecting chair, Kelyi quickly moved to pull on the garments that she had forth width aquired. Securing the tunic around her thin middle, a flash of light caught Kelyi’s quick eyes. A mirror. Kelyi struggled to remember the last time she had really looked in a mirror, it must have been…in Rivendal, the day that she had left.
She had stormed down the hall, her thick dark hair flying as winter’s pale chill began to set in around the surrounding landscape, escaping from the mountians and into the valley below, bellowing as if challenging the mountian to come and chase it, capture it again. She had finally shead the soft dresses of her youth for bits of her brother’s outgrown clothing, unbinding her thick dark hair, and allowed the breeze to simply toy with it. The breeze continued to play with her hair, struggling to pull the dark strands away with it, to dance forevermore under the mountians while the sun set. Kelyi reached for her long strands, as her hand ventured into the air a soft flash caught her attention. Following the flitting light, Kelyi carefully ventured down a hallway until she came face to face with a young woman. Her long dark hair was dancing in the breeze, as the dark strands kissed her black clad shoulders before moving on. Her form was concealed benieth a colorless ensamble of tunic, pants, shirt and cape of the darkest ebony. The ensemble pulled all to look at her far more pale face, creating a yet striking image that was framed by eyes of the purest ocean blue…
The dream evaporated from Kelyi’s mind, as she approached the reflective panel and pulled her eyes to look. A ghostly white woman, skin bearly drawn over her bones, hair that was disarranged and hung limply in front of her drawn face, eyes that had once been innocent, and held a sparkle, no long shined back out at her. Kelyi turned from the mirror, and moved to the window, watching the city move about in an organized pattern around her. Kelyi felt the walls once more begin to close around her…



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