Rose of Gondor:Before the Storm – Part 4

by Jun 3, 2003Stories

His eyes widening at the scene, his brother struggling to scramble back into a chair, Faramir’s face hardened, he backed out and slamed the door. Kelyi winced and struggled to get up and follow Faramir when Boromir gently grabbed her shoulders. Her anger flared,as a storm took over the ocean and she pressed against Boromir to get him to release her.
“Let me GO.”
Boromir shook his head, “Your not well enough to go trapisering about, I’ll find Faramir and speak with him.”
Kelyi looked hard at Boromir, deciding if she should go after Faramir herself or allow something potentionally bad to happen to the young man. With much dilberation Kelyi finally shoved hard enough against Boromir to get him to release her, 10 small red points where sprinkled across her shoulders radiating pain, he had gripped her hard. Straitening her gown she carefully pulled herself to her feet, which promptly turned to water and fell from beneith her. She would have made contact with the stone floor, but Boromir’s strong arms managed to find her and capture her before she could go very far. Pulling her carefully back to her feet, Boromir watched as Kelyi frustated, struggled to stand on her own, everytime nearly falling but caught with care by him. Finally giving up and leaning onto Boromir’s chest she sighed heavily, the effort to stand had tired her. Boromir held Kelyi, while she managed,
“Go and speak with him, but if you start a fist fight I will cut you both into tiny ribbons.”
Boromir chuckled lightly at Kelyi’s comment before helping her back down, She simply shook her head and reached for the chair instead. “I will wait.” Kelyi flopped into the chair as Boromir squeezed her hand and padded bearfooted across the orinate rugs, opening the door he looked behind at Kelyi before heading out. Winding through the corriders Boromir left the houses of healing and quickly crossed a small courtyard, before comming to an ajar door. Pushing the old wood all the way open, Boromir quickly climbed up the stone stepps, comming out onto a small pitched balcony that lead to the roof. Making sure that Faramir was not on the balcony, Boromir started his climb towards the roof via a ladder, after making his way to the top, Boromir quickly climbed around the side and towards the horizon. He wasn’t surprised to find Faramir sitting waiting the plains of Gondor, as the two of them had when they had been children, ghosts of the past filled Boromir’s mind; The time they had dropped eggs upon the passing guard, running up here to evad their father, waiting the sun rise over the Pelanor Fields, where had all these times gone? Now replacing the silent moon was a thick darkness that spoke of doom. Settling down next to Faramir, Boromir simply watched the beauty of the fields, he wished that he bring Kelyi up to see for she would enjoy the view. Finally Boromir spoke,
“Faramir, little brother…”
Faramir looked angerly at his brother, glaring him with a thousand daggers,
“Do not speak of ‘little brother’! It seems that I am to be second in everyone’s heart! Father’s, yours and now Kelyi’s!”
“You will never be second in my heart Faramir….”
Both men jumped when a distinctly feminine voice managed it’s way across the roof tops, scrambling around the corner both men where shocked to find Kelyi clinging to the ladder, struggling to remain on her feet. Her dark hair painted a stark contrast against the paleness of her face, viewing under the light of the hiding moon, she struggled to move up the ladder to the two when Boromir climbed part of the way down and took her hand, carefully helping her traverse the wooden planks. Pulling her carefully up the final rung, Boromir watched as Kelyi struggled to sit up strait and not lean on him, her breathing was heavy and she was obviously exhausted by the exersion of the climbing. Faramir kept a distance from the two, feeling that both had betrayed him in the worse way, Kelyi finally lifted her dark head while her blue eyes gazed peircingly into Faramir’s, her emotions shown only there. Faramir pulled his gaze away and began to worry at a bit of loose roofing, watching her only out of the corner of his eye. A creaking wood caught his attention, he watched his brother disapear back down the ladder, leaving Kelyi and he alone on the roof gazing out across the Pelanor Fields. Faramir took a steadying breath as Kelyi sat with her head balanced on her pulled up knees, she was watching him with a gentle gaze, praying that some words would come from his lips, she could deal with a tantrum, but silence was different. Finally with a deep and ragged breath a soft voice floated across the roof,
Kelyi simply smiled softly, allowed a moment of the silence once more, savoring it as if it was the last. Finally with a hand placed to Faramir’s shoulder Kelyi answered gently,
“Simply, something just seems….right.”
Faramir flexed his clenched hands, releasing the blood to return to his fingers, saying this was going to reack havoc upon his heart. “Do you love him?”
Kelyi tossed the thought around in her brain, did she love Boromir? They were very early on in there relationship, but there was a feeling there and it was love, but in a strange sense it seemed of the thought and idea. Knowing that Faramir was waiting for her to answer, even though the pain in his eyes showed that he already knew the answer. Kelyi sighed, she didn’t want to hurt the young man that she loved like a little brother, “Yes, I do love your brother.”
Kelyi watched as Faramir slumped for a second, then straiten his shoulders again, standing carefully he started to traverse the roof towards the ladder, turning to face Kelyi he spoke in a firm tone,
“I am returning to the company, hence you are injured still and cannot. The men are wondering about your condition, and since I am no longer riding to Rivendale. I believe that you will know where to find us when the time comes. Goodbye Kelyi, I pray thee well soon.”
Faramir turned curtly on his heel, traversed the rest of the tiny space and disspeared down the old wooden ladder, it’s creaking echoing across the rooftop like the pounding of the ocean, or was it the pounding of the blood in Kelyi’s ears? She pulled her knees closer to her chest as a thin wind started to drift across the plains, along with rising male voices, Boromir and Faramir arguing by the sounds of it and with the rising and falling of the wind, so went the sounds. Finally they ceased all together as the creaking of the ladder sounded, and heavy boots pulled themselves across the rooftop with an angry crash to them as the drew nearer. Boromir moved to punch at an old shutter that hung from a loose window, plummling his fist through the old wood, effectively sending straches across the top of his hand as he did so. Swearing he placed his hand to his mouth as he struggled to release his anger, Kelyi reached for his arm as he stomped around to come and sit near to her. Boromir pulled it away gently as he pull had caused his torn skin to knock against his teeth, settling down carefully net to Kelyi he continued to mutter curses as he pulled his knuckles from his mouth, Kelyi took his hand and carefully placed the hem of her gown against it,
“What hath you and Faramir raged about this time?”
Boromir sighed heavly,
“The usual I am afraid, morals and ethics and my usual reminder that war has no rules or ethics.”
Kelyi pulled the cloth away, checking the wounds for any wood that might have retained itself inside the open cuts. Satisfied that nothing remained, Kelyi replaced the cloth onto Boromir’s hand to slow what was left of the bleeding while Boromir fummed silently. After a few more seconds the stain stopped spreading on her gown, peeling it away gently Kelyi ran her fingers lightly over the wounds. Boromir placed his hand on the top of hers, a soft smile was hinted at his face as he cast his gaze towards the Pelinor Fields. Kelyi couldn’t help but laugh,
“Well I see that I will have a jelousy that will take my heart from yours at times.”
Boromir’s smile widened as he pulled his gaze from the fields, and back to the young woman that had his heart stolen. He knew that Kelyi felt the love for the land as well, maybe not for a certian home land, but for the land of Middle Earth none the less and that henced her protection of it, and it’s peoples. Pulling himself to his feet, Boromir reached down to help Kelyi to her feet and wasn’t surprised when she ignored his hand and pulled herself shakingly to her feet before colasping into his waiting arms. Running his hands across her back, he carefully helped Kelyi towards the ladder and then back down the ladder into the balcony. Creaking as Boromir finally reached the bottom rung of the ladder, he pulled Kelyi from where she was trying to climb her way down and arranged her gently in his arms so as not to hurt her still pained back and middle. He moved to carry her inside when he noitced something moving across the fields, small balls of what seemed to be fire, comming up from the ground like ghoasts, Torches. Kelyi struggled to be put down, as Boromir’s grip tightened around her with the site comming closer, boulbous heads started to show themselfs, along with dirty cloths and stained bodies and hairs as the orcs marched closer. Kelyi tensed up, she was unable to fight, lacking strength and any form of a weapon that could inflict even the slightest form of harm.
“Orcs, On the march towards Mordor,” Boromir gritted his teeth, Mordor was starting to draw all evil to the Eye. Kelyi struggled to be put down, she wasn’t going to sit around like this! Who knows what those Orcs might do to anyone that would get into their way, innocents that knew nothing of the hostile intent of these creatures. Boromir finally gave into Kelyi’s struggling when she managed a well placed kick into his thigh, even though her bear feet didn’t hurt much, a bruise would probably arise. Boromir carefully set Kelyi down onto her feet, allowing her to get her balance before he let go, she wobbled and nearly fell once more. She wanted to scream, her body was working against her and she could do nothing about it. Fumbling, and trying to run, Kelyi gripped her way along the smooth stone walls of the palace, struggling to find a handhold to return to her room. Boromir was behind her, staying with her, Kelyi wanted to yell at the man. ‘Get ready to defend your people! Do not sit here and follow me like a child needing protection!!’ Finally after it seemed endless convulsions of hallway, Kelyi fumbled to the door to her room. Flinging the wooden block open, Kelyi quickly stumbled in, looking for her weapons and clothing. Turning behind her, she saw that Boromir had gone, most possibly to gather his own weapons and amour. Returning to the task at hand, Kelyi searched for her weapons across the small room, flinging open the small closet, Kelyi was apalled to see nothing but dresses. Searching through the bottom of the closet for her normal clothing, she heard footsteps echoing down the hall, Boromir quickly skidded through her door, carrying her sword and other weapons. Kelyi climbed to her feet, hands on her hips,
“Where are my clothes? I can’t be expected to go anywhere in those!”
Kelyi flung her hand with exasperation at the offending garments behind her, as Boromir shook his head,
“Your not going out there Kelyi, your not strong enough and you’ll end up getting yourself killed.”
Kelyi felt the anger rising in her chest, she wasn’t going to sit by and watch these orcs simply parade across the land unchecked. Placing her hands on her hips, Kelyi resisted the urge to yell at Boromir,
“I will go, I won’t watch anymore innocents massacared!”
Kelyi pushed her way past Boromir to get her weapons that he had set on her bed, when he grabbed her by the shoulders,
“Kelyi! You can not go! You are barely strong enough to stand, much less fight, have you no sense? Are you planning on walking into your own death?!”
Kelyi angerly pulled herself from his grasp,she returned to her bed and plucked her sword from it’s decorated sheth. Storming back around Boromir, Kelyi quickly moved to dig through the dresses, looking for the least extravgent thing she could find. Finally she pulled a simple black dress from the closet, it contained no bangles or frills, and it seemed to be made of a fabric that could take the wear and tear of a sword fight if need be. Turning back around, Kelyi faced Boromir,
“Out, NOW.”
The storm in Boromir’s stone eyes grew more dangerous, he wasn’t about to let Kelyi get herself killed! Grabbing Kelyi once again by the shoulders, Boromir used his strength to push the woman down onto the bed, pinning her by the tops of her arms, Boromir leaned over her,
“I am not allowing you to kill yourself out there Kelyi, the soldiers of Gondor shall take care of this!”
Kelyi struggled to remove Boromir from on top of her, but his weight was too much for her to move after the trek down the hall and the scurrying around her room. Kelyi was also struggling to block the mental images that where appearing in her mind, the times that the rangers had been too late. Women and children that had been massacred lay in heaps around her, many of their bodies still containing the weapons that had murdered them, sharp tipped arrows, ragged daggers and swords, blood that stained the ground and the garments of the people. The carrying of the people and placing them in common graves, covering them with stones that no passing animal might disacrate the graves of these slain. Kelyi remembered carrying the small children, many still clutching toys and other small child’s items, and placing them along the adults.


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