Rose of Gondor – Before the Storm

by Feb 3, 2003Stories

Rose Of Gondor: Before to the Storm


Kelyi resurfaced out of the cold river quickly, tossing her thick dark hair away from her face. Plucking at a few loose strands, she quickly splashed out of the river and pulled the cloth that she used as a towel around her, seacuring it just above her torso. She had been told she was beautiful, and she had even had some of the new Ranger recrutes try to chase after her. A few brusies and an occasional cut taught them better then to mess with the young fierce leader. Faramir scrambled around the rocks, his boots slipping on the moss. Finally, breathing ragged, hair plastered to his face, he managed to get to the bottom. Upon looking up his face flushed and he focused on his booted feet once more.

“My father and brother have arrived.”

His tone didn’t idicate any excitment as Kelyi would normally hear when families would appear, or the group would run into such when they would help run orcs away from a town. She moved closer to Faramir and placed a finger under his chin, his soft beard tickled the pad of her forefinger, she carefully forced him to look at her. His eyes seemed tormented, he didn’t want this visit.

“Why does this torment you so?”

Faramir opened his mouth as if to answer her, but he shifted his gaze away from her ocean eyes, that gaze made him uncomfortable. When Kelyi wanted to know something she would find it out with that gaze, she would know if anyone lied to her or for that matter if they where evading answering her properly.

“Tell me, does your older brother cause you this torment?”

Faramir forced his eyes to meet hers again, there was something there he rarely saw, Understanding and empathy. Faramir had heard the rumors that Kelyi had some family that still walked upon the lands of Middle Earth, one story that seemed to stick the most was the tale that she too had an older brother. Most of what he had heard detailed him as another Ranger of the North, Strider they called him. Kelyi had never spoken that the stories where truth or lies, all she would say is that the company was her family. Faramir spoke softly, his sadness creeping through.

“No, Boromir is not the cause. He’s a wonderful brother, really, it’s just….”

Faramir stopped as tears threatened to fall, he closed his eyes praying he could keep his emtions in check for a little while longer, he didn’t wish to sob like a child in such a seeming powerful presence known as Kelyi. He felt her soft hand resting on his check, softly she tried again.

“Just what Faramir?”

When Faramir just shook his head, Keli softly caressed his cheek. His fair hair was soft against her fingers, and when a salt drop of pain hit her hand Kelyi finally wrapped her arms around him and allowed him to sob into her thick dark hair. Rocking him gently Kelyi whispered to him.

“Nae saian luume’, Uuma dela. Mellonamin.”

The sounds where comforting to Faramir, he couldn’t understand ths soft musical speech, but it was comforting none the less. His sobs finally died down to the occasional sniffle, finally he pulled his face away from her soft hair, embarsment was evident on his face. He opened his mouth to apolygize to her when a loud voice startled both of them.


Faramir turned a darker shade of red, his brother was comming in thier general direction. He relized that Kelyi had released him, but he was still clinging to her. Quickly he let her go, she smilied at him, and dissapeared quickly around a bed of rocks.

‘What a day for Boromir and Father to show up.’

Faramir shoved his bitter thoughts from his mind and raised his voice, “Down here brother!”

Boromir’s face appeared over the edge of the rocks, a smile lit up his whole face, it had been many months since he had seen his little brother. Not since Faramir had ridden off to do more in this war then sit around and try to nagotiate, once located by Denathor, He and Boromir had ridden out to find out to what Faramir was getting himself into. Carefully sizing up the rocks and how to scale them, Boromir started down to the small river valley below. After careful manuvering and a few near spills, Boromir reached the last rock and jumped to the bottom. Smiling Boromir approched Faramir and wrapped his younger brother in a warm embrace, Faramir returned it as the relization hit him that he had really missed his family all these times.

“Well little brother it seems the past few months out here have done you good, stories of goings ons have already been relayed to us.”

Faramir finally smilied as his brother’s proud gaze at him shifted to behind him and he noted another figure, Faramir was not surprised when his brother stood staring unmoving at the vision behind him. Kelyi was dressed in her usual clothing, black, long sleve top, with a black leather tunic over it, black pants with her black boots, and her deep violet cape completed her usual look. The plainess of her dress only seemed to enhance the beauty of her face, with her dark hair and ocean eyes that seemed to paint color against the colorless ensamble she wore. Faramir held out a hand beconing Keyli closer, once she stood by the two Faramir spoke,

“Brother, this is Keyli. Leader of our Company.”

Kelyi bowed slightly as Boromir smiled even wider. “Pleasure to meet you M’Lady.”

“The Pleasure is my Lord Boromir, I extend our warmest Welcomes. Now if you will follow me, We shall greet you properly.”

Kelyi started back up the rocks, she easily made it to the top, Faramir followed right behind her and Boromir right after him. Once everyone was dusted off, Kelyi started back in the general direction of camp. Slipping inbetween the many towering trees, they soon approached the camp where the men where doing the best to stall the Steward until Kelyi returned. Upon seeing his father Faramir’s jaw tightened noticably, Boromir placed a hand on his younger brother’s shoulder hoping that the seperation time would make things better between the two. Kelyi walked just slightly ahead, she also noticed Faramir’s change in behavoir. Having half guessed the problem was Denathor, the man drove her mad, Keyli placed on her best smile and shooed away the rangers around the Steward. She bowed,

“Pleasure to have you visit us Lord Denathor, we welcome you. As well as you Lord Boromir, please make yourselves comfortable.”

Kelyi straitened back up and fixed her cloak, Denathor spoke.

“We have come to speak with you about certain matters m’lady, we need to speak with you alone at once.”

Kelyi hide her anger at the always frank Denathor, the two clashed constantly. Perhaps because the two had more in common then either would admit, or maybe it was because the last time Kelyi and her company had come to Gondor they had caused mass mayhem and had gotten kicked out by Denathor himself. Keyli simply sighed and nodded, she followed Denathor and Boromir back to a tent. Once there Faramir tried to enter with her, when Denathor blocked the way. Seeing the flame in his eyes spring Kelyi placed her hand on his shoulder,

“Can you please pull something fitting together for dinner Faramir?”

Faramir worked his tight jaw before nodding curtly and, spinning on his heal, headed off for a small band of the company. Kelyi took a deep breath and pushed aside the heavly embroidered fabric of the tent, she slipped inside allowing the flap to close behind her. Boromir and Denathor where shrouded in the darkness that only the many candles penatrated, the two where arguing about some unknown care and problem. Clearing her thoat softly the two men jumped, fair and white hair floating into the air. Denathor was the first to recover,

“Well M’lady I am glad you managed to toss off that diffacult son of mine.”

Kelyi’s face hardened at that and she watched as the smile that Boromir had pasted on his face dissapeared, a mad warrior woman could be a dangerous thing and he knew it. Brushing past the two she carefully moved to see what the men had been so intently studying, a small map of middle earth lay thrown onto the table with many area’s painted in a red. Before she could phrase the question Boromir spoke,

“The land where the Orcs and bands of evil are most prominent,” Boromir tapped a spot away from the red, “And about here is where I believe we are.”

Kelyi shook her head, her thick hair floating around her face, she pushed a piece that hung in face back behind her ear, “No, we are more here if we have ridden the close to the miles I believe we did.”

Boromir was surprised, but he hid the shock well, he had under estimated this woman worrior. He moved his hand to another spot, the White City’s location lay under his palm. And then to the villages behind it,

“The evil one has been getting braver and braver, I fear he will soon attack these villages and town that surround.”

Kelyi nodded, this was the nature of the visit, Denathor needed help but probably wouldn’t ask for it strait out.

“We’ll help you protect the lands closest to here first, once we have drawn the evil away from here we will move closer to the the White City. Now my lords if we are done meeting I am sure Faramir has dinner together.”

Pushing that flap open and escaping once again into the fresh air and setting sun, Kelyi moved towards the common meeting place around the larger fire. Faramir had drug out the pots and whatever he could find to make into some kind of stew, Kelyi approched the post and lifted the lid. Faramir came up behind her and waited,

“Smells wonderful Faramir, and I think it’s ready.”

After passing out the eating utensils and serving the guests and men first, Kelyi dug into the post and scraped out what was left of the Ham and potato soup. Listening to men chat whiel Kelyi ate in silence, deep in thought, she jumped when Boromir sat down next to her and gently tapped her on the arm. Her actions where of great amussement to the gathering, Kelyi was rarely caught off gaurd and to see her jump and spill what was left of her dinner into the ground encouraged laughter. Kelyi gave Boromir a death look and laughed herself as she gathered up the dropped utensils, the company moving into the usual evening activities and Kelyi silently slipped away from the fire and back to the small river valley. Sitting on the grass she silently looked up at the stars, as she did so many nights, wondering about privite things she had never told another soul. She heard a brach crack behind her and she quickly moved to a denfensive posture, on her feet sword ready, as the figure appeared from the darkness of the forest and started down the rocks. Kelyi moved close to the figure, and just as she was about to swing she recognized whom it was,

“Boromir! Make your presence known in words! You where about to be cut into a few ribbons!”

Kelyi dropped her sword to her side at a more relaxed posture, while Boromir dropped to the ground and pulled his own sword from it’s sheth,

“That, m’lady I doubt. I am a fine skilled swordsman and would probably have ribbons out of you then you making such out of me.”

Kelyi wished she could roll her eyes at this bothersome man, she wished he would stop calling her m’lady for such a title out in the wilderness did nothing but cause discomfort amoung her and the others that would take days to sort out. Kelyi pulled her sword back up and placed it infront of her,

“Do you wish to test such claims lord Boromir? Even though I hardly doubt your a formable opponent.”

Boromir smilied softly, “Most Certainly m’lady, fair fighting now?”

Kelyi shook head, tightening her grip on the intracialy carved handle of her sword, she almost sliped back into a memory. Swords clanging, metal on metal strikes, but the atmosphere was not that of danger, more that of a friendly duel between to figures…


Kelyi was brought falling back to reality, she sighed softly as she always did whenever she would think of simplier times. Nodding at Boromir she simply stated,

“Alright, fair fighting then.”

She brought her sword up and watched as Boromir did the same, with a glint in his eye Boromir lunged forward and tried to strike at Kelyi’s unprotected shoulder. But Kelyi was an experienced fighter and instead parried his blow with one of her own, while the sounds of heated metal clashing filled the silent grove and floated over the top and towards the glade. Faramir’s ears picked up the sounds and immeditly became warry, noting that Kelyi nor his brother where in sight Faramir slipped off from the group which many by now where drunk. As soon as he was out of sight from the roaring fire Faramir took off at a dead run, the men would be in trouble when Kelyi returned and found them all in druken stupior and would, as she did the last time, give them all a tounge lashing when they where sober again and then she would think of some punishment for them. Faramir quickly reached the rocks and started down unbeknownst to the combantients, whom where still in a heated battle. Kelyi finally managed to get the upper hand when Boromir stumbled over a rock and one last parrying blow from Kelyi sent him spiraling to the ground. Kelyi placed her sword st his throat and her foot on his arm that was reaching for his sword, a smile flitted across her face,

“I believe you underestimated me lord Boromir, Give up?”

Boromir carefully brought up his other hand, and then stopped reaching for his sword,

“You win…”

Boromir managed to grab Kelyi’s other leg and sent her flying into the air. She landed hard on the soft sand, her sword flying away towards the rocks. Kelyi struggled to get untangled from her violet cloak and in the process elbowed Boromir in the face, he tackled the still tangled up Kelyi and the two rolled across the sand laughing and wrestling. Faramir watched from behind a large boulder, a strange feeling was growing in the pit of his stomach, a twinge of jealousy? He was surprised at his own reasoning of his mind, what reason did he have to be jealous? First off Kelyi didn’t really seem to enjoy Boromir’s company from when he had seen the two together, secondly Kelyi would never try a relationship with a man that was going to possibly rule for Kelyi could never live that type of life. Sadly Faramir knew in his heart neither of these things where true. He watched as Boromir finally managed to pin Kelyi to where she couldn’t toss him off again, Boromir was now tangled up as well in the violet fabric still laughing,

“I think I win m’lady.”

Keyli laughed again, trying to remember the last time she had laughed. She looked at Boromir as if she was actually thinking it over,

“Well I think it’s a tie lord Boromir.”

The two shared a much needed laugh again, Boromir smiled and didn’t move right away like Kelyi thought he would, he remained and locked his sky eyes with her ocean ones, instead she had to give him a gentle shove to move him. His cheeks colored and he climbed up and offered her his hand. Kelyi looked up at him, his broad shoulders where framed by the light of the full moon, the white light that floated near his fair hair and seemed to shower him in radience. Keyli reached for his hand and when she had a firm grasp Boromir helped her to her feet, his hands where rough from too many battles but there was a strength there too. She looked away from his eyes and straited her clothing while Boromir went to fetch the swords from the places they had fallen. He returned and handed Kelyi her sword marveling at it’s beauty and form the whole time, Kelyi couldn’t help but smile at him as he watched her slide it into it’s decorated shelth.

“It’s a beautiful sword Kelyi, it’s very well made.”

Kelyi was surprised that he had called her by her first name, he must have finally picked up the habit subconcioussly from the men and from his brother. Kelyi pulled it out again and held it in her hands allowing him to get a good look at it.

“It’s elven,” Boromir ran his hand over the inscriptions on the sword’s cool sliver surface, his hand brushing hers lightly as he did so. “Might I inquire to where you got such a beautiful sword?”

Kelyi pressed her lips together, memories came to her mind once more unbidden.

“Here Kelyi, if you are going to fight you need a proper weapon.”

Kelyi took the sword in it’s sheath from the hands that offered it to her, golden leaves fell around the two and a few landed in her dark hair. She pulled the sword from it’s sheath and held it out before her, she smilied and took a few practice swings with it careful to hit anything. She placed it back in it’s sheath and smilied at the figure, closing the gap she threw her arms around the darkly dressed figure,

“Diola lle Estel, Amin mela lle….”

Kelyi jerked herself back to reality, and saw Boromir staring at her, waiting for an answer, she struggled to put together a response,

“I recieved it years ago, from a special friend.”

Boromir slowly moved his hands from the sword and Kelyi replaced it in the sheath, she subconcioussly noticed that he had moved closer to her, he now stood just a few short inches from her. Her mind was screaming at her to back up, get away, everything that she condtioned her mind to warn her of when she had first started out in the wilderness. But for some reason she wasn’t moving, she didn’t feel the danger her mind was alerting her to. Boromir placed his hands on her shoulders and leaned towards her, she raised on her toes to span the last inch or two between them when a loud “CRACK!” Echoed across the quiet valley. Kelyi quickly snapped out of her daze, as did Boromir. He looked quickly into her eyes once more and turned away grabbing his sword, she quickly followed him her sword out trying to follow the sound. Kelyi noticed a bit of fabric of what could have been a cape floating behind a rock, it was quickly pulled back in out of sight. Kelyi placed out her arm stopping Boromir from moving foward anymore, he gave ger a quizical look but stopped as she lightly crept foward. Once she was at the rock she quickly moved around it and placed her sword at the throat of whoever would be spying on her, she was surprised to see Faramir’s scared expression looking back at her through the darkness. She pulled her sword back placing it back in it’s sheth, she waved Boromir over and he appeared around the rocks, sword still in his hand. Upon seeing it was only his little brother he put away his sword, and folded his arms. Kelyi stared down Faramir as he climbed to his feet, and brushed off the dust.

“Faramir, what are you doing here?”

Faramir looked around Kelyi at his brother, he had seen the two together and was making his getaway when he had stepped on a dry twig half buried in the sand.

“I heard the clang of swords and thought maybe you might need help.”

Faramir’s mouth was dry, he hated to admit that he was spying on Kelyi and his older brother was giving a look that would turn even steel into a puddle of useless slag. Kelyi noted that the two where looking at one another with glares, she gave Faramir a hard look and then she swept off across the sand and back up the rocks without a word, her usual treatment. Faramir watched his brother’s eyes follow Kelyi’s lythe form scramble up the rocks and out of site over the ridge, he then returned his attention to Faramir with that still hard glint in his eye. Faramir stared his brother down for a few minutes until Boromir spoke with a soft gruff tone to his voice,

“Why did you follow us?”

Faramir finally grew angry and almost yelled until he relized that Kelyi was probably waiting just over the ridge, listening to their conversation.

“Because Kelyi is not your common camp winch! She’s not yours to bed and then leave! She is our leader and, as I see you found out, a tough fighter as well! I won’t see you hurt her!”

Boromir was seething with rage, he step foward and backhanded his younger brother as hard as he could. Faramir landed hard up against the rocks and with a whoosh the air flew from his lungs, his brother came and stood over him, his form blocking out the light from the crystal moon. Boromir was breathing hard and his face showed the rage he was feeling, he heard someone hit the sand behind him but it made no difference. He went after his brother again, when someone grabbed him by the arm. In his rage he tossed whomever it was off into the sand and rock beside him, it was a loud “Boromir!” that finally cut through his rage. Boromir looked for Kelyi after her cry had reached his ears, that was when the shame of what he had done caught up to him, it was Kelyi that he had tossed off him. She was settled in the sand, the hem of her cloak pressed to her lip which he could see a dark red stain appearing, he walked over to her and dropped to his knees in the sand. Boromir tried to take the cape him from Kelyi to see how badly he her lip was hurt, but she jerked away from him, salt tears running down her face. Faramir also tired to come over to comfort her, but she simply curled more into the rock, trying to conform to it’s shape. She rasped out,

“The both of you go away.”

Boromir reached for her again and this time managed a hold onto her other hand, she tried to pull away but he tightened his grip almost to the point of causing pain. She looked at him with an angry gleam to her ocean eyes, she looked around him to Faramir, her gaze softened only a little. Once more Kelyi tried to yank her arm away from Boromir and when he refused to let go, she finally moved the cape hem from her lip. Boromir released her hand and carefully moved his fingers to her face, he took her chin in one hand and brushed his finger across her lip with the other. She jerked, half from the pain, half from the surprise of how gentle his touch was now, a change from earlier when he had thrown her with such blunt force into the rock. He carefully torn a tiny piece off the edge of his cloak and handed it to Faramir, Boromir pointed to the river and Faramir briskly walked over and dipped the small piece of fabric into the cold stream. While he was there Boromir whispered to Kelyi,

“I am sorry Kelyi, I was upset.”

Kelyi looked up and at him and caught his gaze as his eyes locked with hers, there was still anger harboured in the ocean depths but forgivness was slowly taking over. Boromir released her chin and used his thumb to wipe the tears from her face, Kelyi felt her face flushing and she looked around Boromir to see Faramir. Faramir returned up the bank with the cool cloth and handed it to Boromir who took it and placed it to Kelyi’s lip, she winced when the cool water made contact with the open wound. Boromir carefully ran his thumb across her chin in a comforting way and Kelyi relaxed just a little, Faramir was slowly edging away back to the rocks. He pointed up and then scrambled up the rocks after he was sure that Kelyi had seen him. Boromir noted that his brother was gone and his shoulder relaxed visbly, he finished wiping the wet cloth against her lip and he tossed it into the river and watched as it headed down stream. He then returned his attention to her, the gouge that he had caused in her lip. It was deeper then he would have liked and would be very noticable to anyone who looked at her. He ran his thumb across her lip careful to be gentle around the cut, which, by now was very sore. Kelyi grabbed his arm with her hand, and Boromir pulled his thumb away from her lip which was swelling up. He rocked back on his heels and then stood up, offering her his hand once more. Kelyi just shook her head,

“I am going to stay here awhile. I’ll be back up later.”

Boromir nodded but didn’t leave like she had hoped he would, instead he sat down a little ways from her and watched the rocks waiting for Faramir to reappear. Kelyi was getting more and more aggitated by this, and cleared her throat to get his attention, his sky eyes meet her ocean ones quickly.

“He won’t come back while your here Boromir, there is no point in either of you beating each other to a bloody pulp regardless of what was said.”

Boromir felt the downed rage start to ebe it’s way up into his chest again, his cheeks colored and spat out,

“I won’t let him be impertinate, I know manners out here can run thin, but I won’t let him get away with this!”

Kelyi started to get angry again as well, a fire burned in her ocean eyes, she would normally not let her anger get the best of her like this. Espically not when it came to men, there was not point in getting angry because it wouldn’t get her point through there thick skulls any way. But she would not allow him to tear into Faramir, she felt for him as she would a brother.

“What is there to get away with?! I heard what he said to you! And don’t you think I should be upset as well?!”

Kelyi barely registered her words as they flew past her angry lips, Her ocean eyes had errupted into pure flames of anger and they showed no signs of smouldering. At first the words didn’t even touch Boromir’s rage until she managed to get out the last part, the part of her being upset bit right through his rage and back into his conciousness. Boromir allowed some of his rage to fade, but still the words came out harsher then he had ment them to,

“Why should you be upset? He was poking at me, not you Kelyi!”

This time Boromir caught his use of her first name, his cheeks already flushed from anger turned a darker shade. He watched as Kelyi’s expression changed and she broke the contact between ocean and sky, she looked to the ground on her right. Her lip trembled softly, She struggled to down her rage and return to her normal coolheaded state. What was it about this man that made her loose the carefully erected defenses that she had plotted and planned so as to preven this? Could it be feelings? Kelyi brushed away the thought, she had buried feelings long ago there was not place in her for them. She spun around in the sand and turned her back to Boromir,

“Please go away.”

Kelyi pulled her knees up to her chest and she buried her head, Boromir was not the person whom she wanted to see her cry. Cry, how long had it been since she had cried? About as long since she had laughed, as far as she could remember. Kelyi heard Boromir stand up and his footsteps echoing, what she wasn’t expected was him to sit next to her. She almost moved away again, but something made her stay put. Maybe because her shoulders where already heaving as she sobbed away pain that she had bottled up for months. Boromir opened his mouth to say something, watching her cry had causing more of his rage to ebe away. He wanted to reach for her and almost did, until he relized that would do more damage then good. Faramir appeared out of the darkness behind him and knelt on the other side of Kelyi, Boromir wanted to yell at his younger brother until he saw Kelyi look up at him through her tear damped lashes. Faramir reached out for her and stroked her arm gently, surprising Kelyi did not yank away from him as she normally do. Faramir placed an arm around her shoulder and allowed Kelyi to cry,

“What did you do to her?” Faramir hissed softly at his older brother, he had never seen Kelyi like this. She was always strong and level headed, even when she was off with just a few of the men wandering different parts of the untamed north. Faramir tightened his grip on the woman as his brother moved closer and placed his hand on Kelyi’s back, she jerked up and looked at the two of them. Tossing Faramir’s arm off her and shaking loose Boromir, she climbed to her feet and dissapeared off into the forest surrounding the valley. Boromir was quick to jump to his feet and start to chase after her, Faramir ran ahead until Boromir ran up next to him and knocked his little brother into the sand. Faramir, stared at Boromir, rage blossoming in his face and spreading quickly. Boromir’s hard gaze pinned Faramir to the ground, he was breathing heavly once more as he threatened to pull his sword.

“Return to the camp Faramir, tell father that I remaining here after he returns tomorrow.”

Faramir’s eyes went from smouldering to burning, the discourse his brother would cause here would not be worth another fighting hand in the war against Suron. Boromir stood over Faramir, using his stance to try to itimidate his brother. Faramir wasn’t frightened of the seathing figure and he climbed to his feet with ever intention of going after Kelyi until voices yelling came over the rocks. The men where shouting and cursing, a fight had probably broken out in all the druken stupior. Faramir cast his ‘we’ll finish this later’ look to Boromir and ran back to the side of the rocks, scrambling quickly over he headed back towards the roaring fires of the camp. As soon as he was sure that Faramir was gone, Boromir ran off into the forest in the general direction that Kelyi had taken off in. He looked around trying in vain to see through the dark the way the young woman might have headed, deciding that any direction was as good as any he started off down a barely cleared path that was fairly overgrown. His boots thundered in the silence of the forest, even the night creatures seemed to grow silent when they heard the loud noise approaching. Boromir searched for some sign that Kelyi had come in this general direction when a movement in the trees caught his eye, next thing he knew the air was out of him and he was on the ground with a hand to his face where he had been struck. A figure in dark dress appeared out of the darkness, the man was of a taller build with piercing eyes that gazed out through an equally dark hood. The man stepped back and pulled out his sword and placed it qucikly at Faramir’s throat, he held it there until another figure in black appeared and placed a gentle hand on his arm.

“Estel, Naa rashwe?”

Keyli moved out of the darkness to see whom was pinned to the ground under the thin blade of steel that Estel carried, her features hardened and softened when she noticed that it was Boromir.

“N’ndengina ho, ho mellonamin.”

Boromir watched as Kelyi conversed with a figure in black that she had called “Estel”, he nodded at her and removed his sword from Boromir’s throat. Boromir watched as Estel lead Kelyi away from him and near to a horse, he hugged her fiercely and kissed her lightly on her forehead. The pale light from the wintery moon peneatrated the forest and Boromir was able to see the figure better as he mounted his horse and took Kelyi’s hand.

“Cormamin niuve tenna’ ta elea lle au. Quel kaima, Amin mela lle.”

Kelyi smiled at the figure, squeezed his hand and whisphered back,

“Amin Mela lle Estel.”

Her hand released and horse mounted, the other ranger took off back into the wilds of the forest and the untammed north border of Mordor. Boromir watched in silence as Kelyi, with her back to him, watched the man until he dissapeared. She then turned and faced Boromir, the tear tracks on her face glittered in the moonlight giving her an almost angelic look. Boromir watched as she reapproached him, who was this man that she had spoken to? He had not seen any form of a ring on Kelyi’s hand, or about her thin beautiful throat. Was this then her lover? He had kissed her, but it didn’t seem in a romantic way. The more he thought about the events, the more confused he became until Kelyi was standing right in front of him. Boromir’s mouth was dry, what could he say to her? She was looking at him with those ocean eyes, almost as if she could look into his very heart and soul. Boromir fumbled around for the words to say,

“I..I am sorry, I did not mean to intrude upon anything.”

Boromir was struggled to force his elusive eyes to meet her gaze, once he did he forced himself not to look away, she was looking at him with a mix of anger and something he couldn’t quite recognize. She looked as if she where thinking before she finally spoke quietly,

“Why did you follow me?”

Boromir opened his mouth to speak and hen closed it again, he couldn’t really say why he had followed her, he hadn’t a reason. He had never doubted that Kelyi could protect herself and yet he felt this strange need to protect her and to be with her. But if this strange man in the dark clothing was her lover Boromir relized that he could be treading on dangerous ground, he scrambled about in his thoughts until he finally came up with something that might sound reasonable,

“Faramir said that he heard a fright that had broken out back at the camp, I..”

Kelyi cut him off by running around him and back towards the small river valley, Boromir took off after her but had trouble keeping up with her lithe strides. She reached the rocks, qucikly climbed back over and reached back down for Boromir’s hand as he started towards the top. He grasped her hand and pulled himself over the rocks, Kelyi released his hand as soon as Boromir was steady on his feet and took off towards the fires. The clanging of swords became louder as the couple drew nearer, Kelyi increased her pace as the reached the last few scraggly trees before the clearing. Bursting through the trees, sword in hand Kelyi had to bring her sword up to stop one flying at her. She counter thrust at the creature that had attacked her with such force, it growled at her and swung again before Kelyi quickly decapitated the creature. Another one flew at her, and before it could even get near enough for her to attack an arrow flew out of nowhere and landed through it’s throat, another one down. Kelyi looked across the field as more arrows flew out of the darkness and found thier perch in goblins, a figure dressed in dark clothing appeared and managed to fire another before he was attacked. The figure fought as if he were many men and with the returning help of Kelyi and Boromir the creatures where down or on the run. Faramir was chasing after one through the trees when an arrow found it’s way into his shoulder, he fell to the ground with a startled cry as Kelyi raced to his side. She noticed the goblin that had struck Faramir behind some shrubbery, and with one carefully placed throw, her belt knife found it’s was into the creature. Once she was sure the creature was down, Kelyi ran to Faramir’s side. He was curled over his chest, his arm holding his wounded shoulder trying to stop the blood that was appearing between his fingers. Kelyi carefully moved his hand, and lightly placed her fingers on his shoulder causing Faramir to wench. Boromir had run over by now and was also kneeling beside his younger brother, worry was etched into his face as he tried to talk gently to Faramir to keep him calm while Kelyi worked at removing the arrow. The darkly dressed man was menastruing to others that had been hurt and was quickly helping them and moving on, he quickly joined Kelyi’s side as his hood fell from his shoulders. His dark unkept hair fell about his face as he watched Kelyi work, she finished wipping around the wound and took a firm grip on the arrow and with one quick pull the arrow was free from Faramir’s back. Faramir struggled not to yell but a tiny yelp escaped his mouth when she first yanked on it, Kelyi tore off a piece off the bottom of her cloak and wrapped it around Faramir’s shoulder and tied it just above the wound in his shoulder blade. Making sure that the knot was tight enough not to fall off, Kelyi climbed to her feet and helped Boromir pull Faramir unsteadly to his feet. Once she was sure that Faramir was steady Kelyi released her hold on him and went to check on the others, once she had visited the men, all of whom had minor injuries, she headed over to the man to check out his arm where he had been cut. Boromir looked and recognized the man as Estel, the one that he had seen in the forest earlier, the sounds of battle must have brought the northern ranger back to the camp. Kelyi helped him bind a piece of fabric around his arm to help stop the bleeding from the cut after making sure that there was nothing left near or in the wound, once she had checked him over and he had laughed and said something to her to make her laugh harder she climbed atop a log and whistled for quiet among the men. Denathor was standing around wiping of his sword when he noticed that his eldest son had returned and was helping his youngest son back towards the tent that he and Boromir where going to stay the night in. He was glad that Boromir had appeared after dissapearing after the young leader, sortly after she had left and the ale had gone around they had been attacked by a band of goblins that must have been draw to the fire and the smell of the cooking flesh on the spit. Denathor had been caught surprised when his youngest son had appeared over the creast of the hill before Kelyi appeared, and when she finally had he could have almost sworn that tear tracks marred her smooth skin. Even though now he could not tell with the dirt that was splattered on her from the fight, as she stood there commanding respect from the men before she starting speaking.

“For it seems that the evil has moved from whence we saw it last, We should follow the goblin band to make sure any towns or villages around are safe. We will rest here tonight and move out at first light, everyone get some rest.”

Kelyi lept down from her perch on the log and landed with the grace of a cat, she then walked over to Denathor and bowed slighty,

“I believe it would be best if you left Lord Denathor, I do not believe it will be safe here any longer.”

Denathor nodded simply and started off in the direction of the tent that he and Boromir where inhabiting during there stay, Denathor turned back around and waved for Boromir to follow him. Kelyi slid her arm under Faramir, taking him gently from Boromir and then waited until Boromir has dissapeared after Denathor into the darkness before she lead Faramir to her own small tent. She pushed the flap open with her free hand and gently lead Faramir inside, after lighting a candle she lead Faramir to her small pallet and carefully helped him lie down. After making sure he was covered well, Kelyi smilied at him and carefully climbed to her feet.

“I’ll be right back Faramir.”

Kelyi slipped back out again and off into the trees around where she had last seen Estel, she carefully climbed over some shrubbery until she saw him untying his horse from a tree. Running over Kelyi stopped about a foot from the man, he turned around and smilied at her. Carefully running his hand across her cheek he gave her a final goodbye hug and then mounted his horse and was off into the dense forest and beyond. Kelyi watched him dissapear off into the deeps of the forest, she then turned around and climbed her way back out of the dense vegitation. She returned to the camp to see most of the men had dissapeared from the outside and into the tents, sighing lightly she headed over to the low buring fire. After dumping water on it from the near by bucket she was left alone with the light of the full moon, a twig cracking lightly behind her caught her attention. Expecting Boromir she turned and was surprised to see Denathor standing behind her, she turned to face him and stood waiting for him to speak.

“Kelyi, Boromir wishes to remain here with the company for reasons unbeknownest to me, I wished to ask you if you would know why?”

Kelyi looked at the aging steward, his face was covered in something akin to worry and yet there was also peace there. Kelyi lightly shook her head, she pushed a piece of her hair behind her ear while she spoke.

“I cannot say, his love for Gondor and desire to protect it would be what I would think of his actions of staying.”

Denathor nodded slowly and moved to retreat, “Goodnight m’lady.”

Kelyi nodded respectfully and turned to leave when she ran head long into a well muscled cheast, a pair of strong arms flew around her to keep her from falling flat on her face. Kelyi struggled to get steady on her feet before she looked up to verbally lash whomever had come up behind her, once steady she looked up the words on her tounge until they froze when she saw who was holding her. The strong arms belonged to Boromir, he must have come up behind her after hearing Denathor speaking to her. Kelyi sallowed, she then carefully tried to pry herself from Boromir’s iron grip on her and to move away. Boromir loosened his grip on her only slightly after seeing the look in her fathomless ocean eyes.


Kelyi struggled until she managed to get out of his grip, she then backed up a few good paces before turning and headed back towards her tent. Boromir chased after her, gripping her arm slightly before Kelyi turned and yanked herself free. She struggled to keep her emtions in check, Boromir’s grip on her had frightened her for some strange reason. The grip, the way he held her, his looking at her all factored into some strange fear that seemed to have no basis in reality. Kelyi moved back once more before speaking.


Kelyi then hurried back to her tent, leaving Boromir outside questioningly watching her retreating form. Her sudden change in behavior must have had something to do with Estel appearing, Boromir mused that this man must be her love and his sudden reoccurance reminded Kelyi of this conclusion. Turning angerly from the direction of Kelyi’s tent Boromir starting storming off in another direction when a strict voice stopped him, “Come inside Boromir.” Boromir turned to see Denathor standing in the door of the tent that the two where staying in, looking one last time as Kelyi slipped into her tent Boromir headed inside. But not before seeing Kelyi watching him as he moved. Kelyi carefully climbed back into her tent as Boromir dissapeared into the darkness of his, moving around to close the flap Kelyi moved to check on Faramir. Surprised to see that the young man was not asleep Kelyi knelt next to him and rearranaged the coverlet atop him.

“You should sleep you know.”

Kelyi carefully tucked the cloth around Faramir while he looked up at her,

“What about you? Kelyi, you haven’t slept in two days.”

Kelyi carefully finished tucking and moving the cloth and then she ran her hands back over her hair, and across her eyes. She was very tired, but something had always come up, and to her sleep was a luxery, not a must like she made it for the men and besides, someone had to run night watches when there were goblins on the prowl. Yawning unmeaningly Kelyi moved about five feet away and flopped down onto the soft grass and underleaves of the forest, a quick nap wouldn’t hurt much. As soon as she streched out completely she nodded off and was soon sound asleep, all the while Faramir watched her sleeping. Only in her sleep did Kelyi look like she wasn’t tortured with the pain and harshness of the world that all had come to know so well, the end of this age was comming to a close and many things where being placed into motion. Carefully sitting up Faramir crawled quietly across the soft unfoot to where Kelyi lay slumbering deeply, after watching her silently for a few minutes Faramir leaned over and placed alight kiss on Kelyi’s lips before stealing back to his bed and after looking at Kelyi once more, Faramir closed and eyes and difted off to a sound sleep. As the hours started to pass, the moon started to sink, soon the sun would rise in the east and Kelyi woke up with a start. Cursing herself for falling asleep for so long, she climbed to her feet and pushed her way out of the tent not surprised to see the sun starting to hint it’s comming over the tree tops. Yawning and streaching from a night of sleeping on the ground without her soft palate benith her, Kelyi headed over to the river to wash her face and check on her wounded lip from the night before. Once down the rocks Kelyi walked over to the water and carefully looked at her reflection in the cool water, her lip looked no worse for the wear but now she looked tired and moreso then she had the day before. Scooping her hands into the water, Kelyi placed her hands to her face and allowed the water to rolls down her warm neck. The feeling was very soothing to her and she finished cleaning up her face, hands and then running some of the water through her thick hair she climbed to her feet and started to scale the rocks back to the top. Once there a muscled hand reached for her, after looking up into Boromir’s morning sky eyes, Kelyi allowed him to pull her up and help her to her feet. Once steady on the rock Boromir blocked her way back to the camp, Kelyi tried to dive around him but he carefully caught her shoulders and stopped her in her tracks.

“Kelyi, can we speak please?”

Kelyi stopped trying to move and finally met his eyes again, fear was the prevailing emtion in her ocean eyes and when she finally nodded Boromir lead her quietly away from the main path and slightly off into the dense shrubbery. Once there he paced a little before he finally spoke quietly,

“What last night did I do that bothered you so?”

Kelyi swallowed and struggled to find an answer for Boromir, she didn’t want to lie to him like she had so many others, he was different. Kelyi finally looked up at him and answered.

“I saw something in your eyes that frightened me.”

Boromir frowned and gave her a questioning look, what did she see? And why would it frighten her? He carefully picked over her words, trying to find any hidden message within and finally pulled together a question for her.

“Frightened of what your love might think of me?”

Kelyi made a strange face as she looked at Boromir, love? Where had he gotten that redicules notion? She didn’t have a love, not at the present time anyway. She could understand why it would matter to this man, but that was a thought she wanted to shove to the very back of her head. That was the thought that seemed to frighten her. Boromir had his back to her now, he was staring off else where.

“You didn’t tell me about him! You could have told me!”

Boromir voice rose with every word he spoke, soon the man would be yelling and that would draw the attention of the rest of the company. And no one talked to Kelyi this way, Kelyi stormed over in front of him to make sure she had his full attention.

“I don’t have a love! Estel is not my love! He’s my elder brother!”

Kelyi watched as a look of total shock appeared on Boromir’s face, Brother? Kelyi was not in love romatically with this man? He struggled to pull fragmented thoughts together, if this was her brother of course she would love him, and that would explain her affection towards him.


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