Rose of Gondor: Before the Storm – Part 3

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Leaping from his steed with Kelyi in his arms, he rushed to the houses of healing praying that there was still time to save the young woman. The sun tracked up once more and then down again, many times did this passage happen before the sun sprinkled itself across Kelyi’s eyes. She pulled up her hand to cover her face as she slowly opened her eyes, the light seemed almost blinding and Kelyi moved her other hand as well. She felt so weak and struggled to remember what had happened, she managed to a shaky sitting position before she fell back onto the pillows in the bed. Eyes finally ajusted to the brightness shining in, Kelyi opened the ocean once more to the world and passed a careful gaze around the richly furnished room. Her gaze caught window across from her bed, she could see it but she wasn’t up high enough to see out. Gathering her strength she carefully pulled her self into a sitting position, then carefully placed her bare feet onto the warm, rich rug that covered the cool stone floor. Pushing herself off the bed she stumbled weakly across the room and colapsed on the window’s ledge, gazing out into the unknown as she did so. The bright white of the buildings and the richly decorated banners wipping around their moorings in the stong breeze served as her landmarkers, Gondor’s finest jewel, Minas Tirith. Kelyi slumped from the window to the floor, strength spent for the moment as she leaned against the cool wall, she began to wonder whom had brought her from the field. Hearing a soft click the heavy wooden door to her room slowly opened, a figure stepped quickly inside and then closed the door quickly again. He turned, fair hair floating, form strong and fair as a summer’s day. Boromir’s eyes wided at seeing Kelyi slumped by the window, but in her usual nature defiently stuggling to stand on her own as Boromir approached her and easily slipped his arms around and under her, lifting her as if she wieghed no more then a feather. Kelyi struggled to push against him as he carried her back over to the bed, but she quickly lost what strength she had managed to recover sitting by the window and her arms stopped pressing against him as he gently placed her back into her prision. Boromir pulled the cover back up around her, all the while Kelyi was struggling to do it herself, she tried to swing at his arm but only managed to have her self placed more under the covers. Boromir smilied at her, almost teasing.

“You need to rest Kelyi, don’t undo all these weeks of healing we have tried to condone on you.”

Kelyi struggled to sit up again, she had to return to the wandering company and set things back into motion. Boromir gently gripped her shoulders and eased her back down, Kelyi finally felt the pull in her back as pain exploded across her shoulders. Wincing she allowed Boromir to help her back down, she finally found her voice, filled with weakness and pain she managed.

“How long have I been asleep?”

“A few weeks, knowing hence you would stuggle to awaken and injure yourself far more then you already are.”

Kelyi nodded gently, she slowly felt herself drifting back off into the darkness once more, a gentle brush to her face, a soft strong hand, as Boromir pulled his hand back from her face. He moved to the window and gazed outside, the white shirt he wore over his black tursors blew in the stiff breeze that filtered in threw the open window. Turning back to Kelyi he noticed that the woman had gone back to sleep, he moved back to her bedside and moved her hair away from her face where it had fallen. Her face was still swallow and very pale, but she must have been regaining some of her former strength and will power. Boromir slipped away, taking a chair from beside the empty fireplace and placing it by the window, while feeling his own eyes dropping closed from his lack of sleep. A soft knock at the door awoke him from his daze, gazing out of the window Boromir noticed that night was falling upon the great white city causing the walls to take a an orangish hue. Stretching out his sore back from sleeping in the chair Boromir’s bare feet hit the floor, now cool from the onsetting evening, he padded over to the door so not to awaken Kelyi. Opening it softly he found Denathor on the other side, his severe face was greeted with a frown from his eldest son and with a glance around Boromir Denathor spoke softly,

“Faramir will be here in the morning, a message arrived today from Rivendale, a councial is being called to determine a certian fate and Faramir will go.”

Boromir’s eyes scanned his father’s face, the age of the failing rule of Gondor was taking a toll on the man.

“I will go father, If it means the fate of our beloved Gondor.”

Denathor’s jaw tightened as the words left Boromir’s mouth, struggling to keep his voice down Denathor spat, “I would have known you would wish to do such, but pray let your brother go!”

Boromir felt his face heat up, he would go! “I will go Father! Faramir has other responsibilities!”

“And what about yours Boromir?”

Denathor pointed to the young woman asleep behind Boromir and a pang flew through Boromir’s chest, his feelings for the young woman where strong and Denathor could see it in the way Boromir’s face changed when Denathor had spoken of her. Boromir’s gaze returned to Denathor,

“When will the leave have to be taken?”

Denathor’s face became hard as stone, “Once the moon’s waning ceases, acorrding the the missive from Lord Elrond.”

Boromir nodded and counted the days quickly in his head, about 23 had he before he would have to ride out from Minas Tirith to Rivendale. Glancing back over his shoulder to where Kelyi was slumbering, he noticed her quickly close her eyes, the voices must have awoken her. Boromir struggled not to smile and returned his attentions to his father, a determined look in his eyes. Denathor quietly sighed, “So be it Boromir.” And with a sweep of his mighty robes the Steward was back off down the hall returning to his chambers, Boromir watched until his father was out of site and then quietly he closed the door. Returning to Kelyi’s bedside, only stopping to stoke the fire to a blazing roar, Boromir sat back in his chair and watched Kelyi for a few minutes. The young woman then rolled over and look him strait in the eye, a faint smile was hinted at the edge of her lips, her face now illumanted by the onsetting evening and fire now hotly blazing in the hearth. Boromir smilied and leaned forward towards her so as not to have to force her to speak loudly just yet, placing him very close to her face and too close for Kelyi’s comfort. She carefully tired to back away, but instead got tangled in the sheets and was now stuck close to the man who obviously had feelings for her.

“I heard rightly that Lord Elrond is holding councial in Rivendale?”

Boromir nodded slowly, his hair flitting around his face as he did so and resettling on his shoulders as he moved his face closer to Kelyis’, causing her to try and pull away from him. Boromir gentlely moved his hand to stroke her face when she caught his hand and moved it away, but she didn’t release his hand as she had planned, instead she clung to him strangely out of usual habbit. Boromir moved to span the last few inches between them and gently placed his lips on hers, praying she wouldn’t pull away, she didn’t. Boromir deepened the kiss, surprised when Kelyi kissed him back as he cradled her gently close to him, burying his fingers into her thick dark hair and tangling the tresses around his fingers, his other hand releasing hers so he could hold her even closer. Kelyi clung to his neck, her own fingers toying in his hair, her nails gently nicking his skin leaving little trails of heat in their wake, as Boromir’s hands move to touch her she finally returned to her senses and quickly pulled away from him. Drawing herself out his arms and away from his warmth, she whipsered a soft “No” falling from her lips, confussion dawned on Boromir’s face as Kelyi pulled away from him and cowled up into a ball with her back facing to him. Another soft “No” followed as Boromir rocked back into his chair, his eyes blazing

“What about this frightens you so? If you do not feel as I do then pray, tell me!!”

Kelyi took in a deep breath and rolled over once more, her ocean eyes where filled with pain and something else that Boromir couldn’t identify. Her voice cracked ever so slightly,

“It…it is not that I do not…not wish your affections…I..I fear…not you…just…The world’s heart does not coenside with mine.”

Boromir felt the heat rising in his chest, “The world matters why? Kelyi…”

Boromir reached for the young woman, taking her into his arms once more, waiting for her to try and pull away. Running his hands lightly across her thick dark hair, feeling her arms once more encircle his neck, rocking her gently waiting for her to speak once again. Kelyi buried her face into Boromir’s white tunic, teasing the neckline with her fingers, running them across the edge of the soft cotton. Boromir placed his hand beneith her chin, forcing her to look up into his eyes,

“Kelyi…. Entreat me please, Do you feel as I?”

A soft smile lit up Kelyi’s features, her eyes sparkling in the light of the fire, removing her hands from his neck, she instead moved them to his face exploring the plains gently.


Her thin fingers gently brushed against Boromir’s brow, cheeks, beard and finally his lips before he took her mouth in his again, her hands clenched in his fair hair. Boromir gently ran his hands along Kelyi’s back across her white nightdress, careful when he made contact with the bandaged wounds. Pulling away from her gently he placed a finger against her lips,

“Rest, when you are well we shall continue this…conversation.”

Kelyi gave him a hard look before allowing him to gently placed her back beneith the covers and tuck them around her, with a final bushed kiss to her forehead Boromir started out the door. Kelyi turned on her side slightly,

“Stay, please?”

Boromir turned from his position by the door, the firelight bounced her her dark hair as she held out her hand to him. Boromir knew he should go, Kelyi was not well and he would not wish anymore to happen then had, before she was well enough, but her hand held out to him and the sparkle in her ocean eyes called him back to her. Boromir closed the door, not bothering to turn the key in the lock and returned to the side of the bed as Kelyi scooted over, clearly allowing him a place beside her. Lifting the top coverlet, but leaving the sheet between them Boromir lay down and carefully pulled the young woman into his arms. Kelyi snuggled in, getting comfortable and nodded off quickly, her breathing becoming slightly lighter and even. Borormir didn’t know how long he watched her sleep gently before he nodded off, but he felt as if he could stay like this for an eternity, dreaded now his ride out to Rivendale. Solutions would have to be made, and as he tumbled over them in his mind he finally came across what he could best think of as a solution. Sighed half contented half worried, Boromir difted off into a deep sleep. Meanwhile Faramir rode quickly through the gates of Minas Tirith, leaving his steed in the care of one of the many stable servents, Faramir quickly made his way through the convulsions of coridoors and into the houses of healing. Widing up the stairs he quickly looked down the hall, noticing only one door closed, moving quickly towards it and knocking softly, praying to here Kelyi’s voice from within. Without recieving an answer and with much debate Faramir carefully cracked the door, but before he could gaze in footsteps started to echo down the hall. Quickly closing the door again, Faramir started walked back the way he came.


Wincing lightly Faramir turned to face Denathor, his cloak floating gently,

“As I will not have it, Boromir wishes to go to Rivendale.”

Faramir nodded, he had half thought his elder brother would wish to go, it concerned their beloved Gondor and he doubted he could talk Boromir out of the decision.

“Boromir feels a great love for Gondor..”

Denathor gave Faramir a critcal look, as he oft would his youngest son and turned to return down the hall, with a final warning he rounded the corner

“Do not search for her Faramir.”

With the last criptic comment Denathor dissapeared around one of the many turns in the hallway, leaving Faramir to silently muse upon it’s meaning. Deciding to forget the subject, Faramir returned to the closed door. Steeling himself, he knocked once more. Kelyi awoke at this knock with a jump that also pulled Boromir from his sleep, looking carefully at him with gesture for silence Kelyi softly called,

“Who’s there?”

Boromir quickly released Kelyi and started to climb back into his chair when the door opened and Faramir’s face appeared around the orinate wood.



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