Rose of Gondor – Before the Storm: Part 2

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Kelyi struggled to slow her anger, all the while watching Boromir gape at her like a fish caught on a hook. After making sure he had gotten the point of the matter, she slipped around him and back to main path. She lightly treaded across the leaves making her way back to the main camp, packing was already taking place. Kelyi looked around to make sure no one was standing idle, noticing that Denathor had recuited about a third of the men to help him pack his load of things for the return journey to Minas Tirith. Shaking her head at the sight Kelyi moved to pack her own things, as she pushed aside the flap to her tent she wasn’t surprised to find Faramir still inside. He jumped up from his perch on her bed linen, worry filling his eyes as he had heard his brother slightly yelling earlier. A smile from Kelyi didn’t do much to put his mind at ease, but as Kelyi moved around placing things quickly into bags Faramir opened his mouth to speak.

“Worry not Faramir, I believe lord Boromir is probably still standing in that brush senseless from the lashing I gave him.”

Faramir felt his face flush slightly, he was glad that Kelyi had her back to him as she was loading some of the rare volumes into the bag she would carry them in. After placing a few more things into the bag she turned back to face Faramir, he had the linen in his hands folded as carefully as he could. He held it out and Kelyi took it from his hands, nodding her thanks Kelyi went to a small wrapped bundle and shoved it into another bag, but with great care. Faramir watched, Kelyi had never opened the buddle to show anyone it’s contents and when anyone would ask she would reply it wasn’t important. But she was very careful to always pack the bundle gently, Faramir watched as Kelyi shoved the bags over her shoulders and headed outside to place them on her horse. Faramir followed toting his own small bags, they rounded a tree and came to another small clearing. Horses of all colors where held in a small corral, Kelyi sat down her bags and hopped the fence with one fluid movement. Hitting the ground softly she headed over to a black horse with a white star upon it’s forhead, it neighed softly as it’s mistress uttered soothing words while picking up it’s bridle and slipping it lightly over the horse’s head. She then proceeded to take the bridle to Faramir’s horse and place it on the animal, after both where secure she lead them to the gate and waited as Faramir slid open the small logs used as a gate. After leading the horse’s out and Faramir resecuring the gate, Kelyi handed him the reins to both the animals as she went around the corral and grabbed her bags. She returned and placed them gently on her steed, Faramir watched as Kelyi petted the beast with care and placed her forhead to it’s nose.

“Well I see someone is all ready to go.”

Kelyi felt her shoulders tense as Denathor entered the clearing, he probably had some last minute torture to inflict upon the two of them. Turning from her steed Kelyi placed her fists on her hips, Denathor simply waved Kelyi away from Faramir. Once he had her off har enough he spoke to her, “Boromir, I have no doubt can take care of himself, but keep an eye on him m’lady. I wouldn’t want anything to happen to the next steward.”

Kelyi nodded absently and bowed, “Well if you are quite done having my men pack your things I think it would be best if you returned to Minas Tirith my lord. I’ll have a small group escort you.”

Kelyi dove around Denathor to where the men congragated in small groups, after speaking with a few that would be agreeable to the matter Kelyi returned to where Denathor was standing beratting Faramir. After waiting until Faramir looked up at her, hence catching Denathor’s attention.

“Your escort is ready m’lord, along with your supplies.”

Nodding his goodbye to Kelyi, Denthor swept past, climbed onto his snow white steed and galoped off. Kelyi felt a presence behind her and turned to see that Boromir had finally snapped out of his daze in the bushes, he looked down into her eyes, a silent apolygee. Kelyi simply swirled around and returned back to her horse, Boromir followed her quickly and stood near her. Kelyi felt her breathing quicken, what did he want? Why did he have to stand so near to her? She looked across the way and noticed Faramir starting to move towards her, angry words on his lips when one of the rangers appeared in the clearing, Boromir backed away from Kelyi as she spoke to the man. After delivering his message, the ranger turned and dissapeared back the way he came. Kelyi slung herself up onto her horse and urged it into a quick trot, comming into the circle of what used to be the camp. She nodded to all the men as they climbed onto the steeds that would carry them into whatever would arise, Faramir rode up behind her on his own steed with Boromir not far behind. With a rallying cry the group galloped off through the trees, breaking the line of thick vegitation and hitting the plains at a quickening pace. Shortly they rode onto the outskirts of one of the many tiny villages that dotted the plains, riding past the small houses on the edge of the village gates drawing many stares of curiosity and fear as they rode towards the gates. A man stepped in front of the company, difent from the rest. Kelyi pulled her horse to a stop and waited for the man to speak.

“What do you want here strangers?”

Kelyi pulled back her hood from her cape, allowing her face and hair to show knowing that many would drop the guard upon seeing a woman. The man still did not move and Kelyi spoke, vocalizing the authority she was used to.

“We have come to warn against a ban of Orcs that seem to be spreading across the country side, help defend this village if needed.”

The man eyed her suspicously,

“How should we know to believe you stranger?”

“Because of the authority bestowed upon this group by Lord Denathor.”

Boromir rode up from his postition behind Kelyi and Faramir, his stare forced the man to the ground while he mumbled.

“Begging your pardon m’lord. We have had many a trouble with renagad bands lately, But you are most welcome here m’lord and this band as well.”

Scurrying quickly away the man bellowed to whomever was on the other side of the wall to open the gates, the lord of Gondor had arrived. The gates swung open with a loud creak, and Boromir entered, followed by Kelyi who was stewwing quietly. Once inside Boromir lept from his horse and moved to help Kelyi down, she simply jumped away from him and moved to make sure the rest of the men where inline. She thanked the gatekeeper for allowing them in.

“No problem, m’lady. One can never be to careful.”

Nodding her agreement Kelyi moved to have the men set up camp in a small abonded place near the gates, once she was certian that everyone was doing as ordered she moved to remove her own things and secure her steed. After tying the animal to a small post Kelyi moved to pitch her own tent, Faramir watched from a distance as his brother approached Kelyi. Boromir came up beside her and moved to help her set up her tent, She simply pulled the cloth away from him.

“I do not need your asistance, I would have asked if I did. Thank you though.”

Boromir moved back while some of the men snickered at him, anger started to appear at the edge of Boromir’s features. Faramir shook his head and motioned his brother over, He handed Boromir his tent and moved to set up his own. After a few minutes Boromir finally spoke,

“Is she always like this?”

Faramir nodded his head, and finished shoving his things inside his tent, he would clean up that mess later. He left Boromir to silently think and moved over to talk to Kelyi, who had just dissapeared into her own tent. Pushing the flap aside Faramir entered, Kelyi was busy unpacking her final bag and gave a wave to Faramir to let him know she had acknowledged he was there. When she pulled out the last book she turned to Faramir, and tossed to him a small pouch. Faramir caught the small bag and opened it to find golden coins,

“Take some of the men, and decide on something for us to eat. Something that might last a few days.”

Faramir nodded and tucked the pouch into his cloak. He looked back up again to see Kelyi intently studying something, he moved over to see what had her interest. Faramir looked the map she held in her hands,

“How far behind us are they?”

Kelyi looked up at Faramir, his question had caught her off guard and she shrugged.

“At my best guess, a day or two at least. Maybe less, maybe more, I do hope for the latter.”

Faramir nodded and left Kelyi to her mussings over the map, shoving the flap aside again he moved back out into the fresh air. Faramir wandered over to a group of his comrades and spoke to them about going into the village, after a small arguement about who was going a group lead by Faramir started off through the gates. Kelyi shook her head as the men left, and returned to the inside of her tent, a soft shuffling of feet outside caught her attention. With a rustle the flap was pushed aside and stooping under the fabric, Boromir entered. Kelyi turned to face him, map in hand when he crossed the gap between them quickly with a few long strides. Kelyi was now looking up at him, she resisted the urge to step back, to let him see she was nervous. Boromir was surprised that Kelyi didn’t step back when he entered and stood right in front of her, he stared at her and wasn’t surprised when she stared at him right back. Boromir reached and took the map from her hands, dropped it to the floor, and took her hands in his carefully. Kelyi tried to pull her hands out of Boromir’s, but before she could move he kissed her gently. Kelyi was shocked and wanted to move away but she couldn’t get her feet to move. Boromir finally moved away from Kelyi, who shoved him away from her. Boromir reeled back, he wasn’t ready for her quick action and even though Kelyi was smaller then him she managed to shove him into tripping and hitting the ground.

“Get out!” Kelyi struggled to keep her voice even, she knew that the men would probably hear her yelling. Footsteps echoed outside as Boromir managed to pull himself to his feet. Faramir pushed the tent flap aside,


Faramir noticed that his brother had dirt streaked down his back, something had happened and Kelyi was angry, a rare thing outside of battle. Faramir moved towards Kelyi, she managed to keep her voice quieter this time.

“Both of you get out!”

Kelyi looked around for something to throw in the general direction of the two but Boromir had already scrambled back outside with Faramir not far behind. Kelyi bent and picked up the map from the floor, tossing it back in the general direction of the bag, she moved to punch at her thin bed linen. As her fists plummelted into the fabric tears started down her face, finally her arms slowed and she sat back on her heels and hugged herself trying to sort through the thoughts spinning in her mind. Her anger was not the fault of Boromir, it was the fault of her heart and the shame of enjoying his simple kiss. She wiped the back of her hand angerly across her eyes and stalked over to pick up the map, reminding herself she had work to do. Kelyi reached into the bag, pulling out more books and maps, she pored over then as the sun slowly moved into the west and started it’s descent beyong the rolling hills. A soft rap outside her tent and the movement of boots on dirt finally snapped her out of her studies, she moved over and lifted the flap slightly. Faramir’s face appeared on the other side, he looked very uneasy as Kelyi waved him in with her hand. Kelyi moved back so that Faramir could come in, once he was standing strait again he spoke softly to her,

“The orc band has been spotted, they are about half a day away.”

Kelyi nodded, and moved to head outside when Faramir caught her arm gently. She turned back to him with a questioning look as he spoke sofly to her,

“I apolygize for my brother’s actions that upset you Kelyi.”

Kelyi smiled lightly at him, even after being out here so long Faramir was still very much a stewards’ son and carried all those qualities well. Faramir released his hold on her arm and followed her out of the tent into the flaming light of the evening, then sun was painting it’s final descent against the night sky as Kelyi stood in the center of the camp. The men turned to face her, news had been rippling that the orc band was not far behind them and with such tidings as these getting ready would be the key of all the operations hence. Kelyi waited until the eyes where paying their gazes only to her before she started into her plan. A loud cry interupted her mid-way and she turned to see what had prompted such a sound, as she turned an arrow flew past her and embeded itself into the heavy wood of the gate. Leaping down and crouching on the ground, Keli pulled her sword from it’s shelth as the orcs appeared over the horizen. The rest of the men followed her example, trying to follow the fearless woman as she slowly climbed to her feet, and with a battle cry, charged into the fray. She moved quickly to despatch of whatever came at her, as yells and cries of pain, both man and orc, made themselves heard over the hills. Another orc rushed at Kelyi and she managed a quick swip to it’s abdomen, before turning and stabbing another comming up behind her. She looked across the field and saw Boromir and Faramir not far off, fighting as a team to protect each other. Kelyi quickly moved to decapate another orc, the tide of the battle was seemingly with the company and Kelyi moved to raise her sword as the last orcs where being finish off. A sharp pain exploded in her back, and she felt her breath catch. Turning slowly around she noticed an orc just over the hill with a bow, and extremely good aim. He had hit her square in the center of the back, another one of his comrands came up and sliced at her, Kelyi cut him across the chest ending the threat. But before she could turn and counter attack behind her, another sharp pain slid across her thin middle. Kelyi finally managed to turn and slice at the orc, but her fading strength only caused the creature little damage and she crumpled to the ground, her sword falling from her stained hand. The orc stood over her, with what she could barely see as a triumphant smirk as he raised his sword, growling it seemed at her. Kelyi could find the strength to reach for her sword and she watched as the orc’s blade seemed to fall at her in slow motion, to make contact with her chest and neck. She closed her eyes, anticpating a blow and the pain when a clang of metal on metal and an orc cry reached her ears. Forcing her eyes to open again she saw Boromir, bloodied and dirty, drop onto the carnage covered ground beside her. He carefully slid his hand under her to pick her up, upon doing so he hit the arrow in her back causing her to whimper slightly. Kelyi felt him moved her from the ground, her ocean eyes where slowly closing on their own without her accord. Boromir was carrying her quickly, and the rocking of him toting her was not helping matters any.

She looked up at Boromir, pain and fear where prominent in his eyes and her ocean eyes finally fell closed. His voice was a soothing afterthought.

“Hang on Kelyi….”

Boromir held tightly to Kelyi as he rushed across the battle field, back towards the village where his horse was tethered. Faramir ran up to Boromir when he saw his brother’s cloths stained with Kelyi’s blood, Faramir moved to take Kelyi from his brother’s arms, but the man just kept moving quickly.

“She needs more help then we can give her, more then battle field medicane.”

Faramir nodded and fell in step behind his brother as Boromir reached the side of the gate near his horse, handing Kelyi gently to Faramir, Boromir quickly untied the creature and climbed upon it’s back. Reaching back down for Kelyi as Faramir placed a light kiss on her forhead and handed her back up to Boromir, as soon as Boromir had her tight in his free arm he rammed his heels into the animals’ flank and rode away at a breakneck speed. Boromir rode for while the sun tracked across the sky, racking up it’s minutes against Kelyi and as night fell Boromir flew throught the white gates of his home.



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