Rohans Plea – Wolf in Sheeps clothing

by Apr 15, 2004Stories

It was nightfall by the time the grumbling orcs had stopped dropping Tanais roughly to the wet grass. Tanais waited a few moments before turning over to Pippin and Merry on her other side.
“Pippin, Merry?” she whispered cautiuosly.
“Pippin scrambled up to his feet before Merry jerked him back down.
“Yes, Merry said.
“I’m going to escape, tonight I think.”
Even Pippin was silent.
“Dont try, hissed Merry, “they might seperate us and then…”
“I have to try,”Tanais shot back, “Dont you see once they find out I am not a hobbit they will kill me anyway!”
“Yes but, Merry said,” forgetting to whisper, they will certainly kill you if you try to escape but pretending to be a hobbit will keep you alive for longer.”
Tanais shook her head.
“wherever we are going this person or or thing…should be able to tell better than this halfwits.”
Merry tried again to persuade her but Tanais was determined and decided.
“How stubborn big folk are,” he thought to himself.
“Its tonight, she added forcefully breaking the silence, “are you coming?”
There was a long silence.
Pippin and Merry rolled away from Tanais and held a whispered conversation in the light of the fire.
Tanais watched their small statures arguing silouetted as they strained to keep their voices down.
A short while later the scrambled back and tumbled down beside her.
“Well,”Taniais asked roughly though she tried to keep the hope out of her voice.
“Yes, came Merrys voice, “I suppose I will.”
“And me,”said Pippin.

Tanais couldnt express her outmost joy. So instead she lean’t over and gave them both a warm hug.
“Right,”she said happily, eyes glinting in the firelight,” I have a plan……..”
Merry and Pippin leaned closer to listen.


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