Rohans Plea – a matter of hobbits

by Mar 17, 2004Stories

It was nightfall when Tanais was slung down onto the grass from the back of her captor. Although the drug had worn off a little now Tanais still could not move her limbs easily.
All around her dark shapes were roaming about muttering in their foul native language. Tanais shuddered at their cold words she was glad she couldnt understand.
A nearby orc roughly dropped something small nearby her, and settled a little way off near the fire, now blazing.
There was a silence beside her before some frantic scrambling. Tanais tried to turn her head but it was useless.
Then a small voice sounded beside her.
“Merry! Where are you?
The voice was high pitched and whispered as if the speaker was afraid of being heard.Then came the answering whisper.
“I’m here Pippin,” came a hoarse voice from Tanais’s left.
Tanais made out a dark shape before her who examined her face lit by the firelight and beckoned his companion forth.
“What d’you make of this Pip?” he asked.
Tanais wet her cracked lips to speak but all she managed was a disorted grunt.
The second figure crawled towards Tanais and gazed at her in awe. “Is she knocked out?” he asked after a while.
“Nah,” answered the one called Merry,”drugged I reckon.”
“Keeps its down haflings,” came a bloodcurdling voice from behind Tanais,”or is tickles yous with mys knife.”
Tanais shuddered and the two figures ducked down on each side.
Resounding footsteps told her the orc had gone away.
On her right a small voice whispered into her ear.
“Dont worry the drug will wear off soon, my names Pippin and thats Merry over there, we were caught by the orcs too. Do you know where they are taking us? Merry thinks its…..
“Do shut up Pippin,” came the voice of Merry though it sounded amused.
“O.k Merry,” said Pippin but he whispered quietly into her ear.
“Well night night and see you in the morning.”
Even though she was cold and hungry and captured, Tanais couldnt help but smile.


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