Rogue Stranger – The Mist – Chapter 9

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Chapter 9

“The what?”

“The Singor. At least, that is what they used to be called. Now they are the Seerganash, the Dragonistic Shadow Elves. I guess it’s finally time to give you that explanation.” Jack signed and looked weary and somewhat older. No trace of his playful grin could be seen. He walked Rowen to a safer place in the forest, near a cliff. He sat her down on the cool rock, took her hands, and closed his eyes. Rowen did likewise.

“It all began many years ago when a drift grew between the elves of the northern border of Lothlorien.” He voice seemed almost to echo, and Rowen felt like his words were playing out a movie in her head.

“A great company guarded the northern border, and were separated geographically from sufficient contact with the guard of the other borders. In those days, numerous attacks beat unrelentlessly on that northern border, and the elves grew weary and began to die off quickly in battle. But so much training made them very powerful. A small grouping of the elves proposed the idea that dragons could be brought in to help fight, and would surely yield to a gesture from the elves. Weary, wounded, heartsick from loss, almost half the elves agreed with this idea. But the rest knew that a dragon, even one, would trample and burn the beautiful forests of Lorien. The two sides battled each other openly, secretly, through blackmail, traitorously, and in every small way you can think of. Finally the Singor were exiled, after a great deal of treachery that ended in the death of the Singor’s leader and two innocent elves. The Singor were full of hatred by now, and swore revenge upon the elves that remained loyal to Lorien. The rest of the elves then named them the Seerganash as their minds turned from green to red. They bore a banner of black with a red outlined dragon breathing fire. The morning after the announcement of their exile, every single one had disappeared without a trace. They must have slipped out in the night. Every black horse was stolen, as well as many weapons. Yet they left no tracks. The tree where their leader had fallen had a smoking black burn upon it in the shape of their banner. The rest of the elves were appalled that elves could ever do such a thing to a living tree. Under the tree was later found in a small carving these words:

‘To the North, the North we go,
Following the black winged crow
Seeking death and dark and fire
Our vengeance we shall take with desire.
Elves of middle earth – Beware the fire from the north!
For fire beyond compare we shall bring forth'”

Jack stopped a moment with a pained look in his eyes. The image of the smoking tree and harsh words remained in Rowen’s mind as fresh as if it had been her own memory. It began to fade as Jack stayed in silence, but then he proceeded to speak, and crueler images came forth.

“The elves marched to the north, destroying thing in their way, learning fell skills from unspeakable sources. They were power hungry, and bent on revenge. They hungered for the power to persuade dragons to their will. No one knows what happened to them; they have not been seen for centuries.

But something is happening now. Evil tidings have been stirring. I became suspicious, but my fears were confirmed when It entered the woods that I have been half living in. I joined the Lorien elves… please do not inquire about how I got in there without being suspected of anything. I wanted answers, and thought that was the best place to find them. Then I found you. You see, the markings on your arm look almost like some of the dragon markings found on the Seerganash, plus your entire savage appearance gives the affect of what they think the Seerganash look like now. I suspected you as well, and would have taken you and questioned you, but the Lorien elves saw me holding you and unfortunately rushed “aid” me. I knew after a minute you were not one of them, for they would not be lurking in Lorien like that. They are more cunning and move in the dark. But the Lorien elves thought you were, and were going to bring you to be questioned. That is the only reason they did not shoot you right away. But I knew that you, not being a Seerganash, would have no answers, and they would torture you. The elves of Lorien are fair, but the captain of the northern border has become harsh and unkind. So I stole you.”

The last images Rowen knew from her own memory, but she saw them from Jack’s view. Jack stood up, and the images stopped. Rowen spoke up.

“What is the “It” that came into your land?”

Jack looked up, sighed, and took Rowen’s hand.

“Let me show you.” He led her to the edge of the cliff. The wind blew her hair back and Rowen saw the strangest sight she had ever seen.

Thick clouds of gray mist from the north were crawling over the land. It crept and overtook the things in its path slowly, part of it darker than others. It was incredibly thick, and gave the impression that one would expect to see to have eyes and creep forward on searching hands. The mist slowly engulfed the forest, flowing steadily from the north.

“Soon it shall cover all of Middle Earth I fear.” Jack said sadly, his hand still in Rowen’s.

“What is it?” Rowen asked.

“I don’t know.”

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