Rogue Stranger – The Mist – Chapter 15

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Dragon whinnied fiercely, rearing up at the elves. They tied her down. The elves that closed in on Jack looked uneasy at the mention of Cathrandar. Every single one had glinting green eyes and dark hair, and though all of them elves, not one of them was by any means fair. Their cruel faces looked over Jack, who was taller than any of them. They roved his pockets and took all of his weapons. One of them came across Rowen’s gold band. “Woah… pure gold, made by what looks like…” The elf’s eyes went wide, but Sabor snatched it out of his hand.

“Yes, it is.” Sabor pocketed the band, then glared at the others as if he was reminded of something. “You all knew the company that went after him and the girl,” Sabor said, kicking Jack’s foot. He pulled out the red dart he had found on Rowen. “Idiots! They used a shar-dart on the girl. A shar-dart! You all knew they were equipped with these. Why didn’t you do anything about that?! Did you really think a shar-dart would put her down? Do you not know what she is? Well, the shar-dart did not put her down, as I would have known it would not, and all but one of those that tried to attack were killed. Are you that weak? For your sake, I hope not.”

As in the way of the Seerganash none of them showed any emotion. One of them stepped forward. “Well, Sabor, how did you lose the girl then?”

Sabor scowled. “I had no control over that. It was Jack’s horse that was too scared to go back when she fell off. Besides, its all taken care of, Castamir got her.”

“Castamir?” The other elf said suddenly, a small amount of shock in his eyes. “Castamir is involved in this?” Then he regained his composure. “Well, at least we know she has no chance of getting away from him.” Sabor’s scowl deepened at this remark, which was blatantly directed at him.

“So what do we do with Jack here?”

“Well, we must make sure he’s not going to be around to follow us, or interfere with the plan. He truly is Cathrandar’s son… if he wanted to stop us he could.” Sabor said, eying the unconscious form of Jack,

“Then what do we do?”

Another one of the cruel elves grinned. “Do any of you hear a waterfall nearby?”

The elves hauled Jack toward the sound of the rushing water. The sound generated from a crashing 200-foot high wall of surging water, heaving itself onto a rocky stretch of rapids below. The company of elves were wet with mist, yelling to each other over the deafen roar of plummeting water.

With one last search of his pockets, they dumped Jack over the edge of the rock and into the rapids, watching that last vision of his black cloak slide over the falls.

“I’m sorry, Jack,” Sabor muttered inaudibly, and turned from the falls to follow the rest of the elves as they trekked back into the forest.

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