Rogue Stranger – The Mist – Chapter 14

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Jack froze. “Oh, Roe…what have you gotten yourself into?” He muttered to himself.

“JACK!” Austel yelled, snapping him out of his thoughts. “Listen, I don’t care if you do this for her or not, but if she somehow gets a dragon to talk to them, you know what will happen. I don’t know why they think she can do such a thing, but if they do there must be some reason. Please go after her! If anyone can stop Castamir, its you.” When Jack didn’t respond, Austel smacked him upside the head.

“OW! Hey alright I’ll go I’ll go!”

“Then go now or else you’ll lose them! And Jack – he’s done something to Rowen. Drugged her or something… he’ll have her wrapped around his finger. Rowen won’t hurt Castamir, even she could, nor will she willingly part from him. Be careful Jack, remember well the strength of Castamir, and don’t do anything stupid.”

Jack kicked Dragon’s sides and sent the horse into full gallop in the direction he had seen Castamir take Rowen.

A little ways down the road, Sabor burst out onto the trail, causing Dragon to whinny and rear up.

“Jack, where the heck are you going at that speed?”

“Sabor! Something terrible has happened! Castamir got Rowen, he’s taking her to the Iron Hills! We’ve got to follow!”

Something flitted across Sabor’s green eyes. He hesitated as if processing a lot of thought. He suddenly grabbed Dragon’s reins, holding Jack back. “No, Jack, we can’t go flying around everywhere here. We have a job to do!”

“This IS our job! We have to stop the Seerganash! Besides, you’re the one who wanted Rowen here in the first place!”

“Yeah, but we shouldn’t be following that girl. We don’t need her.” Sabor slapped a map in front of Jack, and pointed out a trail. “This is our road. We are not going on a wild goose chase for some savage girl!”

“Sabor, calm down! What’s the matter with you? You’re acting strange.”

“What’s it to you? Besides, do you really think you could beat Castamir? You don’t have a chance!”

“I have to try!”

“You won’t make it out of a battle with him alive.”

“I don’t have time for this,” Jack turned back to his original direction to follow Castamir. Sabor rode back in front of Jack, barring his way. “Get out of my way, Sabor!”

“I don’t think so Jack.”

Jack looked at his long-time friend incredulously.

“What are you doing?!” Jack yelled at him.

“Jack, you’re not going to challenge Castamir. You’re not going after Rowen. “We. Are. Going. To. Take. My. Road. Got it?”

“Sabor, stop it. Get out of the way, I don’t want to hurt you.”

“Hurt me? On the contrary, I didn’t want to hurt you.”

Suddenly a searing pain exploded on the side of Jack’s head, and everything went black. Right before he passed out, Jack heard Sabor talking to someone.

“Search him. Give what you find to me, then make sure he keeps out of the way for a while. Watch out for him, his father was Cathrandar.

Wish you could have joined us on this, Jack, but you never took kindly to the Seerganash.”

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