Rogue Stranger – Chapter 8

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The hours passed slowly riding with Sabor. Rowen remained in a mental battle, guilty to have left the wounded Jack but afraid of what he was or what he had planned to do with her.

Abruptly Dragon whinnied and bolted. As they looked back, Sabor and Rowen saw why: a band of orcs was following them. Rowen was still looking back as Sabor yelled, “look out!” But it was too late. A low-hanging tree branch caught Rowen on the side of the head and sent her sailing off of the horse. Sabor tried to turn the horse around, but Dragon kept running. Rowen didn’t blame her, the orcs were running behind brandishing knives and flaming torches. The rest of the orcs quickly descended upon Rowen and knocked her out.


When Rowen awoke, she found herself tied to a tree. She wriggled, but the ropes were tight. Suddenly her hand hit another hand. Rowen gasped, but realized Jack was tied next to her. He was out cold. The wound on his shoulder was covered with some blackish paste that looked very painful, but none the else working to heal his arm. Rowen rubbed her hand into his rough and dirtied one, trying to find some consolation even though in the heart of an orc camp. Suddenly Jack groaned and stirred. He felt the hand in his, and quickly turned to look.

“Rowen!” He cried, then winced in pain. Rowen bit her lip and squeezed his hand. “I’m glad to see you for once!”

“Come on, Jack, let’s ditch this place,” Rowen said, a small grin returning to her face.

“I got an idea,” Jack said, a grin beginning to light his own face. After a few minutes of whispering to each other, they were all set.

“Okay, you ready Roe? Lets do this.”

They both jumped up so their feet gripped the tree trunk. By wiggling their shoulders, the two were able to scrunch the rope up, then use it for support and they pushed their feet up as well. No one really noticed as the two slowly made their way up the tree trunk and into the leaves. They hit the first branch – a small but sturdy beam.

“Ready Jack?”

“All set.”

Jack squeezed his stomach in the give the rope a tiny bit of slack, and Rowen threw her weight over the branch. The ropes stretched and tore as the rough bark sawed into them, Rowen’s weight hanging over the branch straining the chords.

“Hold on Roe!” Jack cried in a low tone. He grabbed the rope as it unraveled off him and swung around just in time to catch Rowen before the rope completely broke. He pulled her up onto the branch. She suddenly hugged him.

“We did it! Ha hah! We beat the -“


“…Roe, please tell me that was your stomach?”

“..Uh oh…”

The branch cracked and broke off, sending Jack and Rowen falling. They hit the ground, right in the middle of a group of orcs.

“Uh… Jack?”


“You got a plan?”

“Um… yeah, sure… get out your bow quick.”

“Okay now what?” Rowen said. Jack took out his sword and pressed his back against Rowen’s.

“Good luck!”

The orcs charged in at that moment, and Rowen and Jack began to hack at them with swords, knives and arrows, back to back as they fought.

“THIS is your escape plan?!” Rowen shouted over her shoulder.

“Hey, I’m a Raen elf; I improvise these things!” Jack shot back.

“Well – what the hell are you anyway? What’s up with your left-handed sword action? And – your- red eyes!” Rowen shouted through hits.

“Leave me the heck alone!! I didn’t question you when you didn’t tell me what you were! Oh yeah, and how is it you can produce red hot coals from a cloth bag and hold them without burning yourself?!”

“That’s none of your business! I saved you and Sabor with that!”

“And I saved you and you ran away!”

“Well I wouldn’t if you hadn’t been so evil!”

“EVIL? I saved your life! Oh yeah, and how- is- it- you can wake- up- when that dart you were shot with should have had you down for a couple of days at least? And why are so many people looking for you?” Jack shot back through sword blows.

“Hey I don’t even know why they wanted me! How were you with Lorien elves and why did you save me from them? Oh yeah and what was that they thought I was? Huh? Tell me that Jack!”

“They thought you were…. ” Jack shoved his blade through the last orc. “They..they thought you were one of the Singor.”

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