Rogue Stranger – Chapter 7

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As Rowen was running, a hand flashed out of the shadows and seized her wrist. It was Jack – somehow he had gotten ahead of her. “Rowen wait -” She ripped her hand out of his grasp, causing one of the gold bands on her wrist to slip off, then jumped into the trees. She flipped and ran her way through the treetops with amazing agility, then dropped back to the ground and continued running.

She ran straight into Sabor.

“Oh thank goodness it’s you – Where did you come from? Where is Richard?”

“Richard went- went back home. He felt his work was done. Rowen what’s the matter? You look terrible! Why are you running?”

“Jack, he- he-…” She could not get the look of those glowing eyes and dark face out of her head.

“Shhh, shhh its okay, you’re safe with me.”

Sabor hoisted Rowen up on Dragon, and mounted behind her, keeping his arms around her protectively. Rowen was too shaken to notice or care. She just could not shake that image of him. She did not even take notice that even though she had just come wildly running into Sabor, he did not even ask her what happened.

“Rowen, what’s that in your neck?” Sabor asked suddenly. He reached up and pulled out the tiny red dart that was still lodged in her neck.

“That must be the thing they shot at me to knock me out,” Rowen replied. Again she failed to notice Sabor did not ask her any questions about whom had shot her or what had happened. Although, he did do something peculiar. He gazed along time at he dart, and an angry, annoyed look flashed in his eyes. He pocketed the dart and stayed silent.

After a few hours of riding, Rowen began to feel guilty about running away from Jack. He had saved her after all… but why was he like that? How could she trust someone like that? What was he? Then again, Rowen did not exactly tell him what she was….

And, if his left arm was so powerful with a sword, why did he not use it all the time instead of his right?


Back in the woods, Jack still tracked Rowen. He hit the point were her footprints stopped and hoof prints began, and sat down with an exasperated, exhausted sigh. “You blew it this time, Jack,” He muttered to himself. How had she woken up? He saw what kind of dart it was, and surely she should have been like death for two days! Jack would not have done what he had if he knew she was watching. Usually the only people who saw that were the ones about to be killed, except for Sabor. Jack sighed. He had not had reason for such rage in a long time.

Jack, his hand in his pocket, suddenly gave a blink of surprise. He pulled out from his pocket a gold band. When Rowen had wrenched her wrist from his grasp, the gold band had come off into his. He realized it was very warm, warmer than it should be from just him fingering it. It looked to be pure gold, and was thick and heavy… though the weight seemed more than it should even for the purity of gold and size of it. He pondered it a moment longer then returned it to his pocket. Then Jack looked down at his right arm, and immediately wished he hadn’t. The wound was grotesque, and bleeding freely. With whatever strength he had left, Jack bound his arm with scraps of fabric from his cloak, and put his head down to rest.

It was not long before the sound of harsh feet of a small band of iniquitous orcs trampled to this spot, found him, and carried him off. They seemed to have purpose, and did not harm or loot him.

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