Rogue Stranger – Chapter 5

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Chapter 5

Rowen just sat there a moment and Jack just grinned, laughed, and disentangled himself to stand up. He extended his hand to help her up, and she took it. After a minute Rowen laughed as well, it was all she could do around Jack’s light, easy nature.
“It is impossible to take you seriously at all, isn’t it?” Rowen exclaimed. Jack just grinned in response, and turned to gather his things.
“Come on Roe, we’d better getting moving.” Jack said as he turned to the road, his disarming smile still plastered on his face.
“But where are we going to?!”
“North,” Jack replied simply. Rowen rolled her eyes
“Oh you are hopeless!” Rowen stated, shaking her head. Jack just grinned.

Jack and Rowen traveled many hours on foot, now off the road. Eventually they left the path of forest, coming to a hilly, more open land. Mostly they were quiet, still tired from the earlier events in their travels. But sparse conversation came here and there, though mostly short.
“You know, you still owe me an explanation.” Rowen mentioned as they walked.
“Yep.” Jack replied noncommitingly. And that was the end of that conversation.


Two cloaked, hooded figures met atop of a cliff, and gave a brief exchange of some language, as well as the passing of some old document and a small black rock wrapped in leather strips. “Where is that fool mortal?”
“All taken care of. Lets just say, he finally realized that orcs are not so good for talking to.” Cruel laughter followed. Five more figures appeared behind the first two.
“There, is that them?” The first figure said, pointing to two small figures walking below. One had long black hair and red leather clothes; the other was slightly taller with short black hair and an easy attitude in his walk. Both carried bows and a quiver full of arrows.
“Yes. Don’t hurt the elf. I’ll deal with him later. Soto, bring me that girl – and she’d better be alive.”
With that the figures dispersed meaningfully in different directions, each heavily armed.

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