Riwen-daughter of Saruman – -chap 2

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Riwen trudge through the snow exhaling chilled air. ‘Oh what a cold winters day it is’, she mumbled beneath her breath. She was heading to the stables a mere distance away although the snow created a nuisance making her stop to dig herself out a ditch or check if her fingers were still living. She did not ask her leave from her father as he was busy, somewhere-. Occasionally she would take her horse out for a run, it would make her cheeks flushed but oh! It was wonderful, she didn’t look dead as she did every sunrise when she would stir from deep sleep.

As soon as she opened the door her limbs tingled with the excitement of lukewarm air. The fireplace was lit up with fire whilst harassing the winters cold. The stables were similar to a small cottage even though it contained separate rooms that held the horses of Isengard. ‘Where are my beautiful horses?, she cried aloud despite the fact that she knew they couldn’t understand her, they neighed at the sound of her voice. Pulling her gloves off she walked towards the horses. ‘Ebonyshadow’, she nodded, ‘where is LaurieLinhir? she joked, ‘ah Celebmirie’, she stroked the horses muzzle, ‘last but not least Gorlonperch. ‘Which of you shall bear such a striking young maiden?
She scanned across the four steeds.

‘All of them look delicious’,came an unknown voice, ‘Who’s there?, she spun around, her voice seeming so faint.
She noticed on the corner of the room lay a shadow. She gazed over to where her sword was placed hanging on the hook of the door. She carefully snached it out of it’s sheath and the sword shined with the radiance of the sunlight that streamed out of the nearby window. ‘I say again who is there?’. She uncloaked the creature hidden in shadow by the light. There came a screeching sound, but it had fled before she could see what it was. ‘Vile creature. What brings such wicked presence here’, she hesitated.

Riwen lead the horses out of the stables fearing for them. ‘You must not enter your home for the time being, run free while the sun is up and i will seek a dwelling for you. Come to me when nightfall returns’. The horses obeyed and raced with each other out of Riwens sight. She pondered for a while. ‘What was it, perhaps an orc?’, she whispered. Beneath her feat lay a chain of black.


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