Rising: Chapter Four

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Celebrond and Ariendella peeked through the leaves of the bushes, being careful not to snap any branches. What they saw surprised them. A whole horde of orcs were crashing down through the trees. With them was a white mare that looked an awful lot like Arwen’s. The leader of the pack flopped aragged bundle down onto the forest floor.

A faint trace of recognition passed over the girl’s faces. “Do you see what I see,” Ariendell asked in a breathless whisper.

“Yes, now keep quiet,” Celebrond snapped at her friend.

“Darzg, are you done getting firewood? Start the fire!” One orc rasped.

“Are we gonna eat her, boss?”

“Of course we’re not going to eat her, you bag of bones! The master has need of her.” The leader of the troop smiled evily.

Celebrond inched away from the bush. Pulling her bow from her back, she nocked an arrow. “What do you think you’re doing?” Ariendella whispered fiercely.

“I am going to kill an orc, what does it look like I am doing? You should do the same.” The girls nocked their gilt bows and waited until the pack had settled down to eat what meager portions they were given. A light rain began to fall. It soaked the ground and doused the fire.

“On the count of three.” Ariendella nodded at her friend, pulling the string of her bow taut.

“One…two…three!” Two arrows zinged through the rain and found their mark. Two orcs fell over dead, pools of blood forming dark splotches on the wet grass. “Keep firing!”, Celebrond told Ariendella.

Soon the clearing was dotted with the bodies of dead orcs. Cautiously stepping from the brush, Celebrond brought a finger to her lips to signal the other girl to be quiet. Ariendella nodded and waded through the bodies.

Celebrond stepped up to the tattered bundle that the lead orc had dropped. Poking it with her finger she said urgently, Arwen? Arwen, if you can hear me get up! Please get up!” Areindella paced nervously a few feet away. Her bow was drawn tight and she looked a little bit uneasy.

Celebrond rifled through her bag and pulled a small flask of water from it. “Ari, help me sit her up. I want her to drink some of this.” The girl nodded and dropped to her knees. She pushed Arwen’s tattered body up and into a sitting position. Pouring a tiny bit of water out at a time, Celebrond slowly brought Arwen back to reality. She spluttered and looked around wildly.

“Where am I?” she gasped through water and rain running into her mouth.

“In the forest on the borders of Rivendell. You will be fine.” Ariendella soothed Arwen.

Celebrond smiled down at the her friends and walked towards the horse that was tethered to a tall pine tree. “What are we going to do with her? She can’t come with us.” Ariendella trotted up behind Celedbrond.

“The horse knows its way back.” She smiled and walked farther into the woods. She needed peace and quiet for a moment.

Celebrond fingered the amulet around her neck. It was a silver disk with a crescent moon and the words “Together Forever” in Quenya engraved into it. She nit her lip and let a tear slide down her cheek. It mingled with the rain and fell to the muddy forest floor below.

“Why do you weep? Do not cry for me. Things will turn out all right.” A voice spoke into the night. It sent shivers down Celebrond’s spine.

“Yes of course. That’s what you said the last time, Rivan. Look at what happened last time.” A choked sob escaped Celebrond’s lips.

“You have to trust me, love. Please trust me.” The voice faded away and Celebrond turned to go back to the clearing.

“I will find a way, Rivan. I swear it I will. So long as I have breath in my body, I will find a way back to you.” Celebrond pulled her rain-soaked cloak tighter around herself and started towards the clearing.


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