Rising chapter 3

by Jul 8, 2004Stories

“Um…..I have to tell you something.” Ariendella piped up as the two girls treaded through sticks and leaves.
“Oh really? What could that be?”
“Well it is about a certain someone.”
“Oh no! Please do NOT go on! It is about that elf you like right?!” Celebrond asked.
She dodged a puddle of water. She notched an arrow and motioned for Ariendella to be quiet.
A skinny doe stepped silently in front of them. Celebrond pulled the string taut and let go in one fluid motion! The doe staggered a few steps and fell over. “Nice shot!” Ariendella squealed!
“Thank you! Please go on about that elf.”
“Oh yes. I believe you know him.”
“I do?” She asked in surprise.
“Yes. He is your cousin.”
“Who? You mean that-snotty-stuck-up-thing-from-Mirkwood? You can’t be serious.”
“Oh but I am! I think I am in love!” She danced around and spun in circles.
“No! Not you too! Get over here and help me!”
“With what?”
“The deer stinker!” Celebrond laughed as Ariendella sulked up to her.
“Do I have to help gut it?” She asked.
“I am afraid so.”
“Because. We can camp in that clearing.”
“Oh fine! I am getting hungry.”
“You are always hungry. At Elrond’s feast you ate a whole chicken, three potatoes, two apples and a blueberry pie! You also had three glasses of ale.”
“Well I had to wash all that food down with something!”
They laughed and dragged the doe to the clearing almost keeling over with laughter.
“Well where do you propose we are going?” Ariendella inquired picking up a piece of roasted venison.
“We shall go to Lorien and see my aunt Galadriel. She will help us get to…..” her voice dwindled.
“To where?” Ariendella prompted.
“Rohan. The realm of the horsemasters.”
“Really!?! Oh joy! I can’t wait. I heard there are some very handsome boys around!”She squeaked excitedly.
“Ariendella, is that all you can think about? Boys?”
“No! I think plenty about food. And if I am not busy with that I might be able to fit you in too!”
“HA HA. Very funny.”Celebrond playfully punched her friend’s shoulder.
A while later the two layed down to sleep, looking up through the leaves at the sky.
“Hey Celebrond? Are you awake?”
“Yes. What do you want?”
“Do you hear that?”
“Hear what?”
“That soft-faraway-snapping?”
“Oh that! Yeah it is probably just a herd of deer or something.”
“Oh really? Why is it getting louder?”
“I don’t know! Put out the fire and hide in those bushes. We’ll find out soon enough.”
The girls doused the fire and ran toward the brush.
“I saw their scrawny footprints back there but they disappeared.” a small, nasty voice said as the girls watched.
“Look! An abandoned campfire. Looks like it has been out for awhile. Set up camp NOW you stupid maggots!” said a second voice, which was deep and throaty.
The two girls in the bushes watched as a huge group of orcs trampled into the clearing. With them was a girl garbed in a dark blue dress.


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