Rising-Chapter 2

by May 19, 2004Stories

“Ariendella, shut up!” Celebrond shouted at her friend, her voice echoing through the hall.
“I can’t stand hearing all that junk about this elf you have a major crush on! I don’t care for that kind of stuff anymore!”
“Alright already! I guess you still miss Rivan?”
“Oh so much. I miss him like the sun misses the flower in the dead of winter!”
“No! Do not get all poetice on me! I hate that kind of thing!”
“Let’s go see what Elrond is up to. I think I hear him from the dining hall.” Ariendella said as she got up and linked her arm through Celebrond’s as they made their way to the dining hall.
“No! That is not supposed to go there! The banner goes on the right wall! Right wall!” The girls heard Elrond bark as they approached.
“Ahhh. My two favorite girls. Go get ready now. The prince and some other guests will be arriving shortly.”
“You mean that snotty, stuck up thing from Mirkwood?” Celebrond gasped as the words came out of Ariendella’s mouth.
“Sorry Elrond. We will be going now.”
Celebrond grabbed Ariendella by the wrist and led her to her room. “Don’t say that! He is my cousin!”
“Okay! I get the picture! Let’s get ready!” Ariendella squealed as she opened her wardrobe. “Does this go with my eyes?”
Later that night, Celebrond heard Elrond and Ariendella talking. ” I fear for her. With Sauron rebuilding his fortress in Mordor I don’t know what will happen.” She heard Elrond say.
“I know how you feel. I don’t know why she didn’t succumb to grief after they died.”
“I know, Ariendella. It was you. She enjoys your company so much. You are the perfect friend.”
“Thank you master Elrond.”
Celebrond was shocked by this talking. She picked up her skirt, ran down the hall and into the courtyard. She sat by a fountain and stared into the water. “What is troubling you my dear?” a voice came as if through the wind.
“Rivan is that you?”
” Yes. Tis I.”
“Go to the place where the Battle of Dagorlad was fought. You will find me there.”
“How can I talk to you if you are dead?”
“You have a gift. A very special one.”
“What is it?”
“You can raise the dead.”
“Yes. Come and I will be waiting for you.”
The voice died away and Celebrond sat stunned for a while. She then knew what she had to do. She climbed the stairs to her’s and Ariendella’s room and found her sitting on her bed.
“Ariendella, have you ever wanted to go on a quest?”
“Of course. Why do ask?”
“Because I think we are going on one now.”
Celebrond told Ariendella all about the voice by the fountain.
“Allright! I am in.”
They started to pack their things. “How are we going to get out of Rivendell without someone noticing?” Ariendella inquired.
“Simple. Climb a rope.” Celebrond had tied sheets from the bed together. She swung it out the window and backed down the rope. The two girls hit the ground and started running into the forest as the night dwindled and light dhone over the tops of the trees.


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