Rising – chapter 1

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The sky darkened as the mountain loomed taller still as they neared. Celebrond marched beside her father Gil-Galad, and her good friend Elrond. Everything was still except for the breating of the elves and men surrounding her. Then a line moved across the horizon, at the foot of the mountain.
A horde of orcs came surging toward the elves. Everyone drew their swords as Gil-Galad shouted “Stand firm and get ready!!” Celebrond planted her feet apart and pulled her sword from it’s sheath. The silver glinted in the light from the erupting volcano. As she turned to her father and said ” Get ready” an arrow flew through the air and whizzed past her head. It hit an elf behind her. Her heart beating wildly in her chest.
Gil-Galad laid a hand on her shoulder and took out his mighty spear Aiglos. Then he ran forward shouting in a war cry like manner “Gil-Galad ech raegannen matha, aith helegen j orch gostatha nim ctinel na nguthros , hon essn tnistatha:Aiglos!”
Celebrond, startled by her father’s sudden movement, surged forward and began slashing at the orcs rudhing towards her like waves rolling into shore. The sulfuric air stung her throat and blurred her eyes. But she pressed on. The smell of flesh and blood, the bite of sword to skin filled her mind.
The battle went on like this for at least an hour. Celebrond had only suffered a slight wound to her left arm. She fought on. She was very close to the base of the mount when a cry went up from the Alliance on the field. Even the dead seemed to be wailing in agony. Celebrond felt a sudden nagging at her heart and she knew something was wrong, terribly wrong.
She rushed forward slahing at the orcs as if it was the beginning of the battle. Celebrond fell to her knees at the sight in front of her. She knelt before her father and took his hands in hers.
“Papa, don’t leave me. I need you. I love you. Don’t leave!” She gasped between the sobs that heaved her shoulders.
“Celebrond, my dear, hush. I will always be with you. I love you.” He slipped the crown off his head into her right hand, and the ring Vilya into her left hand. At last a few ragged breaths left his body forever.
Suddenly she felt aware of someone behind her. She turned her head only to look into the eyes of Elrond. He helped her up and into the crowd of men and elves. Celebrond shoved the crown and ring into a leather bag around her waist. She began to pick up her sword but dropped it just as quickly as she was engulfed in the arms of an elf.
“Rivan!!” she exclaimed. A huge gust of wind picked up and the two held eachother more firmly than ever. A flash of light and something black exploded by the base of ther volcano. Sauron was dead.
Rivan let go of Celebrond. “Where have you been?” she inquired.
“I thought …….. you were dead.” he faltered.
“And I you.”she replied.
As they were talking a shower of arrows fell over them. Celebrond assumed that Rivan was allright. He wasn’t. He had fallen to his knees clutching his neck. A black feathered arrow jutted out, covered in blood.
“No! Don’t do this to me. I beg of you, Illuvatar, please. He is all I have left!” She sobbed as she held Rivan in her arms. Rivan slipped a silver disk attached to a lond chord.
“Take it, my sweet.” He whispered.
They kissed on the lips and the world seemed to fade around celebrond as Rivan’s life faded before her.


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