Rings: The Truths is Revealed – Chapter 17

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The group stopped soon afterwards to rest because most of them had fallen victim to the torturers. That was when Legolas decided to talk to Davia. She was sitting by herself behind a tree. The prince watched her for a minute. Davia had her back to the tree; her breathing was steady and her eyes were closed. Legolas could tell she was asleep. “Oh well, I will wait.” He smiled as he sat down beside the sleeping princess; he carefully put his arm around the girl. Davia’s head slipped silently to his chest. “Oh my love.” He whispered in her ear.

Hours passed and it grew dark but the group decided not to move until morning. Legolas heard some of the conversations of the others. The one he was the most interested in was between Boromir and Faramir: “Boromir, my dear brother.” “It’s alright Faramir, I am alive. Please, do not weep.” “Do not weep. My brother, you were thought dead and yet you are alive.” Faramir embraced his brother. “That girl that was with you is strange.” Boromir’s smile faded. “How so?” “She just doesn’t act like a princess should.” “Does that really matter?” Asked Boromir hotly. “Nay, I was just commenting. Oh, before I forget I think it is time for you to meet my wife.” “Oh yes.” They walked off silently conversing.

Legolas smiled. “They just might have a point. Oh well I guess I will not tell Davia. She might strangle Faramir.” Davia had now unconsciously laid her hand on his arm. The touch of her slim hands made him feel strange. They were so small yet so full of power. He looked down at the scars on her right hand and knew they were from many battles.

Davia awoke with a start and stared up at Legolas. “Good morning!” he laughed when he saw her surprise. “Sorry.” She apologized. “Don’t be. I am the one how should be sorry. I am truly sorry about getting mad. If the Valar told you not to tell anyone then you must obey them.” “I forgive you. But I can see how it would have hurt you.” She sighed as she sat up. “How long have I been sleeping?” “A few hours.” “I never heard you come up.” “Well, I didn’t want to wake you. Do you feel better after your little nap?” “Much!” Davia laughed. “Good.”

Aragorn walked around the tree, “Come on! We’re heading home.” “Great!” Legolas smiled and pulled Davia to her feet. Before she could walk away he wrapped his arm around her waist and pulled her to him. “Hey!” Davia laughed right before he kissed her forehead. “You are hopeless.” She laughed and started to walk away. “So?” “Get away from me!” she giggled and ran to where her brothers were. Davia jumped behind them; barricading herself from Legolas. “Davia get away from us!” “Yeah sis! Legolas would kill to get near you!” Elrohir felt Davia’s fist jab into his back. Before any one could do anything the three were on the ground in a heap. The onlookers heard grunts and cries of pain but decided against trying to stop it. “Legolas don’t!” Boromir cried and grabbed the elf’s arm as he ran to stop the fight. “Trust me! They have fought harder than that before. There will be a few cuts and bruises but nothing major.” Elladen screamed in pain surprising every one. “I don’t think.” Boromir continued with a smile. “Are you sure?” “Yes. They won’t kill each other but I am sure there will be at least a little bleeding.” “Comforting.” Legolas whispered sarcastically. “Stop!” Celeborn commanded. Davia and the twins stopped immediately and stared up, from their heap, at him. “Good. Get up so we can leave.” Celeborn shook his head in sad mockery and walked off.

They stood up slowly. Elrohir’s wrist was broken. Elladen had Elrohir’s knife in his arm. And Davia’s lip was bleeding along with her right arm being black and blue. “Are you alright?” “Yeah, Legolas, I’m fine.” “You’re sure?” “Yes I’m fine.” Davia smiled. Elrond came up and handed Davia a piece of cloth. “Your lip looks terrible.” “Thanks, Father.” “Sorry just stating the truth.” Elrond walked off to talk to Celeborn and Galadriel. “Davia?” “Yes Legolas?” “I can’t believe you three can fight like that!” “Why is it surprising?” “Well…I don’t know it just is!” “Ok what ever you say!” Davia laughed.

The group started off again; none of the new people knew where they were going but Elrond seemed confident on the destination. “Davia! Come here, please!” “Sure, Father!” Davia ran from Legolas’s side to talk with her father. “What do you want, Father?” “If we are to remove these…people from the Gray Havens we must discover who is really behind all of it.” “Delerion might know.” Davia suggested. Elrond nodded and called Delerion over to him. “Do you know who is behind all of this?” “I am not sure, my Lord. But I did hear Saruman talk about Morgoth coming back into power. I definitely know that is not good.” “You’re right about that.” They walked in silence for a few minutes before Davia stopped and laid a hand on her father’s shoulder. “Father, if we destroyed the Ring do you think it would weaken this army. Because of Saruman was bringing Morgoth back he had to have a Palantir. He also had a Silmaril. So, he had the power of Morgoth through the Palantir and a Silmaril. If we destroy the Ring it will destroy the power of the Palantir. And we will give the Silmarils we have to the Valar so that will be taken care of.” Elrond smiled at his daughter’s idea. “That is very true. We would end up missing ten of you. The rest of us could not survive with out the rest of you.” “No, Father, there would be only nine gone. Gandalf will not be going. He will stay here and help all of you.” “Is that what he said?” “Yes. We will leave as soon as we get back to the caves.” “That is your decision, my daughter. Just promise me you will take care of yourself.” “I promise, Father. Don’t worry about me.” “I’m your father, it is my job to worry about you.” Elrond lied. “Yes Sir!” Davia laughed and hugged her father though she knew he didn’t mean any of what he said.


This is the end of this story I need a new name for the next one. If any of you could give me some names it would be really appreciated. It is about them going on the fellowship to destroy the Ring, again. It will be called Rings: Something or Other. Please help!!!!!!!!


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