Rings: The Truth is Revealed – What is going to happen now?

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Boromir looked up from a slain orc to see Davia supporting Legolas off the field. “Hasn’t he had enough done to him already?” he asked Gimli who was growling at an oncoming orc. “What can we do to help him?” asked the nervous Dwarf; He was very worried about Legolas. “Nothing right now, my friend. But don’t worry he’s in good hands. Davia will take care of him.” “What ever you say Boromir.” Gimli paused for a minute. A loud screeching sound rang through the air. “Nazgul!” Cried Gimli as the hobbits came running up. Frodo had the ring in his hand. “Get me out of here!” he cried in distress. “Don’t worry. All the orcs are retreating any way. We’ll go back in the caves.”

Davia awoke to darkness. She was laying on the ground but where was she? She turned her head and saw Legolas near by. He was wrapped in a blanket. His face and hair were drenched in sweat. Davia sat up quickly only to fall back again in a dizzy spell. She grabbed her head. There was a bandage that wound around her skull.

Legolas screamed out in terror and sat up. He sat there breathing hard. The wounded elf could not see any thing for the nightmare still clouded his vision. Then he felt a strong hand on his shoulder. He collapsed against that hand with hope that it would catch him. It did just that. Legolas felt himself being laid on the cold ground.

A wave of grief hit him as all the loses he had suffered finally surfaced in his mind. He needed comfort. He started to cry like he had never before. Stopping was impossible. Then he felt strong but gentle arms around him. The dream started to fade. “Legolas, can you hear me?” “Yes.” Legolas looked up at Davia. “What happened to your head?” “Oh that, an orc gave a lump.” Davia smiled. “Our luck isn’t too good right now is it?” “That is certainly an understatement.” Mumbled Davia. “Where are we?” the bewildered prince sat up and leaned against a wall. “I guess a jail cell. Which doesn’t help us any.” Davia stood and, though she could barely see a thing, took an inventory of where they were. She saw a heavy metal door on the other side of the room. The minute she put her hand on the metal an orc opened the door. Davia was bowled backwards. “Ash nash telin aki frano!” he screamed in an indiscernible language. “If you want to stay alive you will do what the boss says.” “And that would be who?” asked Legolas as he stood up slowly, too frightened to worry about his wound. As he straightened a sharp pain slashed through his side. Legolas bent over in agony. Davia ran to his side and held him up. “You are wounded. That is good. Easy way to torture you.” The orc closed and bolted the door. Davia was afraid of what that torture would be. Little did she know that she would find out all to soon.

Davia knelt down in front of the wounded prince. “Legolas. I need you to tell me if it is just your side.” Davia paused and hoped for an answer. None came, much to the grief of Davia. She laid him down in a corner. The elf princess pulled away the blanket that was still wrapped around him. She gasped at what she saw. Legolas had a gash in his side, which Davia estimated, was about four inches long and two or three inches deep. “Oh Legolas.” Davia cried as she saw the wound.

Slowly Davia was able do stop flow of blood. What she didn’t realize was a deadly poison had been on the blade that had stabbed him. “Davia.” Legolas called weekly in the restless sleep that had set in since she had started healing the wound. Davia laid a hand on his fevered brow, attempting to calm him. “It is alright Legolas I am here.” Slowly his eyes opened. He reached up his hand and brushed her face with his blood stained fingers. “The pain.” Was all Legolas could muster the strength to say. “I know but you will be fine.” Davia reached her hand up and laid it on his, which had come to rest on her shoulder. Legolas smiled up at the princess sadly. Slowly he shook his head to the side. “I’m dying.” “No! You’re going to live.” Legolas’s hand dropped from her shoulder. He had fallen into the darkness of Saruman’s poison.

Davia sat up with Legolas for two days. She made sure the bandages were clean and that infection didn’t start. The princess watched as the poison took over his mind. Then she had an idea. Davia reached down to her right hand and pulled the ring off of her middle finger. Removing the bandage she placed the ring on the wound. Legolas screamed in agony. Davia watched as the wound healed and all the poison gushed onto the floor. As soon as Davia made sure that the poison had been wiped to the other side of the room she collapsed next to Legolas on the ground. She was asleep immediately.

A movement beside her awoke Davia from her deep slumber. Davia looked over at Legolas who was stirring. His eyes flickered open and stared at the girl lying beside him. Legolas felt her hand on his arm. “I’m glad to see you awake again.” Davia commented as she sat up and smiled. “How long was I delirious?” “I’d say about two days.” Legolas reached up his hand and laid it on her cheek. “You healed me didn’t you.” “Yes.” Replied Davia. Legolas smiled as she blushed. “Thank you.” Legolas pushed himself up onto his elbow. “Legolas lay down you should be resting.” “I feel fine.” He laughed as he pulled himself into a sitting position. “I’m glad of that.” Davia smiled as she took his hand. Davia didn’t know that was the last time she would see Legolas for a long time.

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