Rings: The Truth is Revealed – Part two

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“Arien!!” Galadriel cried. “You are alive!” “I was not dead, Milady.” “Enough of the Milady come here.” “Hello Grandma” “Davia!” “That settles it.” “What is that, Sweetheart?” asked Celeborn. “You said my human name and that makes you my favorite grandparent!” “Ha. Henduil.” Celeborn, called to one of the servants that was standing by the thrown. “Yes, Sire” “Take these travelers to freshen up. Davia will you come with me please?” “Sure” “Sire” “Yes Henduil?” “The dwarf too?” Celeborn looked at Davia “You handle it, dear.” “Yes sir” Davia looked at Chris, which was the name Henduiel went by most of the time, and he started rise off the ground. “Davia if you don’t put me down this instant I will kill you!” with that Chris threw a knife. To the surprise of every one there she caught it in her hand with out even looking at it. “Get moving!” she said when she set him down. “Now!” He ran off as fast as he could to take care of the travelers. Legolas realized that Chris was his brother and did not like how Davia had treated him.

What went on between Celeborn and Davia the Fellowship did not hear but here is what they said. “Davia, I am so happy you came back. We were surprised and happy to see you come in with the Fellowship.” “I know you were, Grandpa, but I wish Legolas would let the feud go!” “I know, Davia, it is hard isn’t it.” “Yes it is. I just think it would be easier if I was a boy.” “How is that, Davia?” “In Legolas’s case it was our ancestors that killed them and I had no control over that. I mean for crying out loud I was not even born when that happened. And I do not think he likes the idea of girl fighter.” ” That is true Davia but still…” “But nothing Grandpa I have to travel with Legolas.” With that Celeborn called one of Galadriel’s lady’s-in-waiting and told her to take care of Davia.

Now, Davia is the type of girl that won’t wear dresses unless it is absolutely crucial. It was needed this time and Davia reluctantly put on a dress. The dress was a light blue silk that shimmered when she walked. It went down to her ankles and it made her look very much like a girl instead of a boy, which she would have preferred. She had her hair pulled her hair back into one braid that hung down her back to her waist.

About the time Davia was done getting dressed Chris, the servant that had taken care of the rest of the Fellowship, came with a message for her that Aragorn wanted her to come to their room as soon a possible. When Boromir opened the door he did not recognize her at first. He shut the door in her face before she could say any thing. “Boromir?” “Yes Legolas” “Um, I think that was Davia.” “What!” Boromir cried a surprised look on his face. Aragorn got up and opened the door. Davia was standing there leaning against the doorpost with an angry look on her face. “Sorry, Davia, we did not recognize you in a dress.” “And clean.” Came a snigger behind Legolas. “Gimli, I may be in a dress right now but I can still kill you when we leave here.” “Great me and my big mouth!”

Davia saw that Legolas was starring at her. “Legolas, didn’t your parents teach you not to stare?” “What? Who? Me? Never!” “Oh yes how stupid of me I forgot you cannot do anything wrong. Now you wanted to see me Aragorn?” “Yes, I wanted to see all of you actually. We need to plan the way to get to Mordor before we leave here.” So they planed where they were going next. Davia realized that Aragorn was asking her opinion a lot. When the meeting was over she went over to Aragorn and started to talk to him quietly. “I saw you were interested in my opinion.” “Well you said you traveled a lot so I just supposed that you knew the way.” “I do even though I haven’t headed toward Mordor in a long time.” “You have been here before then haven’t you?” “Yes I have and I remember the way.” “Why were you there?” “It is a long story that I have never told anyone before. But I will tell you if you want to know who it is you are traveling with.” “Of course.” “My real name is Arien as you know from what the Lady Galadriel said. Elrond is my father, Arwen, Elladen, Elrohir are my siblings. They will be greatly surprised when news reaches Rivendel.” “If I marry Arwen you will be my sister-in-law then” “That bothers you?” “No not at all. Well, Arien, I think you had better get some sleep we are leaving in the morning. You can tell me some other time.” “Alright.” With that Davia stood up, gave Aragorn a kiss on the cheek and went off to her room down the hall.

Boromir sat up in his bed sniggering “Hey Aragorn.” “Yes Boromir?” “I thought you were betrothed to Arwen?” “Boromir!” yelled Aragorn and he threw his pillow at him but Boromir ducked and it hit Legolas, who was already asleep, instead. “Ouch! Alright, who is throwing their pillow?” “Sorry, Legolas I meant to hit Boromir.” “But you didn’t. You hit me.” With that Legolas was on top of Aragorn and Boromir was trying to pull him off. “Legolas get off of him” “Sure. As soon as I am done killing him.” What Legolas failed to see was that Davia had come back into the room. “Legolas get off of me!” cried Aragorn. Davia came up behind Legolas, grabbed him by the hair, and pulled him onto the next bed. Grabbing an elf by the hair is a bad thing to do. Elves love their hair as much as a dog loves bones. “Ouch! Davia!” Legolas jumped up from the bed and onto Davia. She was ready for that and when he jumped on her she kicked him in the stomach. “That is it,” gasped Legolas “I am never doing hand-to-hand combat with her ever again! Ouch! I think I have a broken rib!” Legolas then quickly shut his mouth and chided himself because for a minute he forgot that he hated Davia. “I am in the room next to yours and if I am supposed to sleep I think I had better shut you gentlemen up first” with that she walked out of the room. They exchanged glances and smiled. She was not one to mess with.

In the morning they were given three boats. Davia, Boromir, and Pippin in one. Gimli, Legolas, and Merry in another. Aragorn, Frodo, and Sam in the last. After nine or ten miles they came to two towers that were carved into the shapes of men. “The Argonath.” Said Aragorn. “Long have I desired to look upon the kings of old, my kin.” They landed the boats on the east side of the river and made camp. After an hour or so they realized that Frodo was gone. The Fellowship split up and went to find him. Boromir was the one who found him sitting on a rock near some ruins. “It is dangerous for any one to got off by themselves. Especially you.” Suddenly Boromir was yelling at Frodo. Then he did something that was totally unexpected. He tried to take the Ring. Boromir had tackled Frodo to the ground when Frodo put It on and disappeared.

Frodo ran back to the deserted camp grabbed his pack and jumped into one of the boats. Sam had come back to the camp and saw Frodo leave. “Frodo wait!” “Go back Sam.” Sam, who could not swim, went plunging into the river trying to get to Frodo. “Saaam!” Frodo screamed as Sam began to sink. Frodo paddled the boat toward Sam, caught his wrist, and pulled him into the boat. “Gandalf said to me before we left. `Don’t you leave him Samwise Gamgee.’ I am going to stay with you until the very end no matter what happens.” “Thank you Sam. It is good to have a friend like you!”

Boromir went back to the camp, after Frodo and Sam had left, and was all upset when Merry and Pippin returned. They sat talking while they waited for Legolas, Aragorn, Davia, and Gimli to get back. Davia came back to the camp an hour later. Pippin had just gotten an apple out of his pack when a whole army of Urik-hia attacked. Davia and Boromir drew their swords and prepared for battle. They fought for whiles but were completely out numbered. Boromir went down with four arrows sticking out of his chest and Davia was thrown against a tree. Merry and Pippin were pinned to the ground and were soon being carried off by the orcs.

The hobbits regained consciousness a little later and found that they were tied to a tree. “Merry, we have to get out of here!” Pippin whispered hoarsely. “No good. I have been at it for about three hours now.” Came a reply from beside him. ” Merry did you just joke me and talk like a girl?” “No, Pip, I did not. Why?” “Listen you two if you want to get out of here…” With that the voice went silent as torchlight appeared. That was when the hobbits recognized the person that was speaking was Davia. A large orc was standing there holding the torch. “You, girl, come with me.” He said in a sharp commanding tone. Davia was untied and allowed them to lead her away before she did something that was so crazy that the hobbits would not have believed it if they had not seen it with their own eyes. She jumped to the side of the orc, grabbed his sword, ran him through, and slashed the rope that was binding the hobbits within a couple of seconds. The orc had cried out when it was stabbed so the rest of the army came running real fast. Now, Davia and Boromir had killed almost three fourths of the army so there were about twenty left. Davia felled two so the hobbits could use the swords. After they killed, what they thought were all of them the hobbits and Davia ran away. The thing is there were two left. Those orcs ran at them full force. “Merry, Pippin!” Davia screamed, ” Get out of here, find Argorn, and get help.” “But we can’t leave you!” replied Merry. “Go I can’t hold them off much longer. Don’t worry about me I’ll see you guys again. I promise! Now go!” With that the hobbits ran off.

“Wait!” Merry yelled after a few yards. “What? Why?” “Pip listen we need to stay here until Davia kills them all.” “Why?” “Because if Davia is wounded she will need help.” “Good point. We will wait.” Right after he said that they herd a scream and they turned around in time to see all the orcs dead except one. That orc had Davia pinned on the ground and had his sword above her head. “Merry what are we going to do?” “I don’t know!” There was another scream as Davia was stabbed through her left rib. “Noooooooo!!!!!” Merry cried as Davia went down. They ran toward her. “Go back!!” She screamed, “Go back and find Aragorn.” “But…” “Go!” she said in a strong but raspy voice.

Aragorn showed up in time to see Boromir pass out on the ground. “Boromir!” Aragorn cried and he ran at the orc that had shot the arrows. He sliced the orc’s arm off followed by chopping off his head. Aragorn ran over to where Boromir lay. “Boromir” “I did a foolish thing Aragorn, I tried to take the Ring from Frodo. I am so sorry. The orcs carried off the hobbits and Davia.” “We will find them. I promise. And I will go to Gondor and try and be a good leader to our people.” “It sounds good to hear you say our people.” With that Boromir died. “Be at peace son of Gondor.” Said Aragorn.

Now you have probably read the books and know what happens, or so you think. Everything is the same except for one or two parts. When Merry and Pippin meet up with Aragorn, Legolas, Gimli, and Gandalf they did not just sit there like the book says they actually jumped up yelling. “There you are we have been looking for you!” “What do you mean, Merry? Where is Davia? Maybe she can explain it better.” “That is just the thing, Aragorn. When we escaped from the orcs she was stabbed.” “What!” cried Gandalf? “Is she all right?” “We do not know we sent some of the soldiers back to find her but all they found was a letter from Haldir addressed to you, Argorn.” Argorn took the letter and read it out loud. ” Aragorn, I was sent by Queen Galadriel to follow you and make sure everything went smoothly with her granddaughter. I heard what happened and I went to follow the two hobbits and Davia. When I caught up with them all I found was her body. So I left you this note to tell you that I am taking the body to the Gray Havens to be buried. Haldir” Everyone except Legolas looked like they had been kicked in the mouth. “I can’t believe it! She can’t be dead!” cried Gandalf “Well I guess she is.” is all Legolas said.

Aragorn walked over to the door. “I knew she should not have left Lothlorien with us.” “Why?” asked a voice from the shadows. Haldir walked toward them. “She wanted to help you.” “Haldir, what are you doing here?” “Elrond sent me to help you. I have four hundred elves. Will that be of service to you?” “Will it?” asked Aragorn as he strode over to where Haldir stood. “We need all the help we can get!” cried Aragorn as he embraced the somewhat hesitant Haldir.

Helms Deep was a terrible battle. According to the movie Haldir is killed. But he survives the injuries and takes part in the rest of the battles as well. Aragorn was surprised to find that Haldir was Davia’s cousin.

Another difference is after the Ring has been destroyed, Aragorn is king, and everything has settled down. Aragorn called a meeting with the fellowship. Gandalf was unable to be present having to deal with a few minor details involving Saruman. “I’ve summoned you all here because we went through the same fears and trials. But in different ways. We have made it through the battles and the wounds and the horrors of this time. But some of us did not make it. Boromir and Davia are gone. Boromir died in battle and Davia died saving Merry and Pippin. I asked Haldir the condition of the body when he found her. He told me she was lying beside an orc. She was covered in blood and her arm and chest had been mutilated by an orc. Davia’s sword was sticking out of an orcs skull. He was huge so presumably the leader of the horde.” Aragorn’s words caught in his throat, he could say no more. Legolas put his hand on Aragorn’s shoulder. “They died admirably.” Gimli walked over to where Merry and Pippin sat and put his arm around their shoulders. “She died `cause of us. It’s our fault.” Mumbled Pippin. “No Pippin,” remarked Haldir walking in. “It was her time. Do not weep for Lady Galadriel has read her life through her mind.” “Is that possible?” interrupted Frodo. “Yes. I do not know exactly what she had gone through but I do know she had a hard life. Let me tell you what I know. When she was nineteen years old Davia left Rivendel. No one knew where she went. Her father and grandfather had scouts looking everywhere for her. Fifty years later a messenger arrived at Rivendel with a note from Davia. She said she was still alive but would never return home. Davia also said that she was sorry if she caused any worry. We never heard from her since. But by reading her mind Milady found many things. Like one time Davia was severely wounded by an army of orcs. She literally dragged herself to Gondor for help. We also found that she lived in Mordor ninety-nine percent of the time she was gone from home.” “How long was she gone?” asked Legolas. “She was away from home for two thousand, seven hundred thirty-nine years.” Pippin jumped up in surprise. “You have to be kidding! That long in Mordor and then just coming out having to deal with us!” he cried. Everyone around the room snickered at this idea. Haldir bade them good-bye and walked out. Aragorn said the meeting was over and everyone went their separate ways.


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