Rings: The truth is revealed – Meetings and losses

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Eleanor was cleaning her father’s study when she discovered a dark green book. When she opened it she noticed that it had the names of members of the Fellowship in it. “Papa!” she yelled and ran to give him the book. “What is it Eleanor?” “This book is about the Fellowship too.” Sam looked down at his twenty-two year old daughter. She always loved hearing stories about The War of the Ring. “Are you sure?” he looked through the book slowly. He turned one final page and saw a name written at the top of the page. “Papa what is wrong?” Asked Eleanor when she saw her father choke up with tears. Sam sat there in silence trying to compose himself. “Eleanor you remember the Red book I always read out of?” “Yes the one that Mr. Frodo wrote.” “Well it’s a lie. This is the true story.” “Why did Mr. Frodo lie?” “Because it was too painful to write about.” “Can you tell me?” she asked her father gently. “Yes.”

Sam opened the book in the middle and went backwards a little. “Now, the beginning is the same until Caradhras. I shall begin…

Boromir was teaching Merry and Pippin how to use their swords when a cloaked figure walked up behind them and stood on a rock unnoticed until Legolas turned and saw her. “Who are you?” asked Aragorn. The rest of the Fellowship stopped what they were doing and looked at the figure. Under the hood the figure’s eyes were looking each of them over. After a few minutes Aragorn walked up to the figure with his sword drawn. Before any one could blink an eye the cloaked figure brought out its sword and knocked Aragorn’s sword out of his hand. “I do not answer to questions I do not want too.” Sneered the figure. Boromir, who was standing behind Aragon, said, “Tough one isn’t he.” Then to everyone’s surprise the hooded figure flung the hood off its head and exposed a she-elf with long light brown hair. That was the only thing that was beautiful about her. She had a long brown scar running down her cheek. Her clothes were even worse. They were ripped in several places. Also, they were covered with dried blood, hers and orcs, which indicated to the Fellowship that she was a killer. Pippin walked up beside Boromir, “It isn’t a he, I don’t think.” Gandalf strode up to the girl and said, ” Well, it isn’t often that we see anyone that can best Aragorn, let alone a girl. Who are you if I may ask?” The girl looked at Gandalf and replied ” For you, Mithrandir, I will answer. My name is Davia from the line of the Noldor. Now, may I ask you a question? What is a commendable wizard like you doing traveling in such a forsaken land and with such folk?” The whole Fellowship stared at Gandalf to see how he would react. What they saw and heard surprised them all. Gandalf smiled and replied to the question with dignity but with a hint of laughter. “We are out here hunting for people who ask questions that we do not want to answer. I do not remember any one by that name. But, if you are an elf you would not us a mortal name. So what is your elvish name?” “My name is no concern of yours but you do know me. I am the girl that you saved the life of when she was thirteen years old.” “I do not remember that.” “I had been kicked in the back of the head by my pigheaded brother’s pigheaded horse.” “Oh yes I remember you. Elrond’s youngest daughter aren’t you?” “Yes sir I am.” “You have not been heard from for over two thousand years.” Everyone there was surprised at the conversation and Pippin, being the mischievous hobbit that he is, said “Wow! I did not think girls could be so pretty and still be so old!” Davia walked up to him, grabbed him by the collar of his shirt, lifted him up so they were face to face, and replied with a sort of air that made him cower. “Do you not have any manors? Because if you do not I can give you some if you like.” At that moment Gandalf intervened “Davia is that how a lady should act? Did your parents teach you nothing? Besides as I now recall you never had any manors either. When you were at home. When did you leave anyway?” “I was…” She thought for a few minutes and then answered. “Nineteen, I think. I was heading to Lorien and I was hoping I could accompany you because it seems you need a better fighter than you have here.” “You may travel with us but no stopping we are going over Caradhras.”

The Fellowship had there own views of Davia traveling with them: Legolas didn’t like her because several thousand years before she was born, her kin had killed his. He blamed her for what her ancestors had done to his family. He did not understand that she was not trying to carry on the feud; she wanted a truce between their families. Legolas did not like how Gandalf and Boromir were all right with her being with them. The hobbits were grateful to have another fighter with them and they were curious to get to know her better. Gimli, on the other hand, could care less if she was with them or not. Aragorn did not the like the idea of a girl fighter but, he thought, if she traveled with them she better not get in his way

With that they were off and instead of nine there were ten members of the Fellowship. After a mile or so it started to snow hard and they could not go on and they decided to go through the Mines of Moria. “Davia, you need not go this way.” No, Gandalf, I will not abandon the company. You know the powers that I posses and I have read your thoughts and I know what you all are doing and I intend to help you to the very end.” So with that they turned to go through Moria.

When they arrived at the gate Gandalf could not remember the password to open the door and they had to wait until he figured it out. Frodo realized that it was a riddle and asked Gandalf what the word for friend was in elvish. “Melon, I believe.” They had just stepped inside when a giant squid creature came up from the lake outside, grabbed Frodo’s ankle and tried to drag him outside. Legolas pulled out his bow and stared shooting it’s arms, Boromir and Aragorn stared slashing it with their swords, Gandalf tried to control the other three hobbits, and Davia ran up one of its arms, jumped on the creature’s head and stabbed it in the skull. The creature dropped Frodo, reared up, and sent Davia flying toward the shore. Frodo dropped to the ground safely but Davia hit it with a sickening thud. Aragorn picked Frodo up and Boromir grabbed her by the arm and they dashed inside just as the creature crashed its arms down and collapsed the door. They traveled on until they could not go any farther. The company made camp there and all sat down with their backs against rocks.

Legolas was sitting there unable to sleep when he heard a groan come from where Davia was sitting. She was doing something to her arm. “Are you alright?” Legolas asked not because he cared but he did not want any one slowing them down in getting out of there. “I’m fine I just bruised my arm when I fell and I just bumped it against a rock.” Legolas looked closer and saw that her shirt was red but it had been a light brown when he had first seen her. “You’re bleeding!” “It has stopped but it still hurts. I will be all right.” “Let me look at that.” He went over to inspect it. When he touched her arm she cringed almost to the point of dropping unconscious. “Hey, no passing out alright.” He said in a tone that was full of annoyance not concern. “I wont.” She said quietly. After looking at it for a while he went over to his pack and got a piece of cloth and wrapped it around the wound. “That is not just hitting it on a rock when you fell it looks like you were stabbed or sh… Oh no! My arrow hit you not The Watcher.” “Its alright it doesn’t hurt. Thank you” Legolas walked off quite confused why she was not mad and why he had even bothered to help her. Besides she was a Noldor.

After traveling for about three days they came to three tunnels and they had to wait while Gandalf tried to think about which one to take. A little later Frodo went to talk to Gandalf and after a few minutes Gandalf remembered which one to take. They went down the corridor and came to a flight of stairs that were quite steep and the hobbits had trouble climbing them. When they got to the top of the stairs Gimli saw something in a room and he ran of with the others chasing him. In that room they found Gimli’s cousin’s tomb and surrounding the tomb there were hundreds of skeletons mostly of dwarfs with a few orcs. Then Pippin backed up and knocked a skeleton down a well and drums started to pound from some where along with the screams of an army of orcs. “They are coming!” Gandalf yelled and Boromir ran to close the door to the room. “You fool of a Took!” Gandalf said to Pippin. Frodo pulled his sword that Bilbo had given him and it glowed a silver blue color. The sword glows blue when orcs are near.

With that an orc came crashing through the door and the fight began. After an hour or so a ten-foot cave troll came crashing into the room and the orcs went running out. Legolas and Davia shot it in the throat and head and it did not even slow it down. Aragorn stabbed the troll in the stomach the troll, who had a huge club, swung it around and knocked Aragon against the wall, which knocked him unconscious. Frodo ran over to Aragorn but failed to see the troll come up behind him. The troll threw a spear right when Frodo turned and it hit him in the side. Legolas was so enraged that he ran up a chain, jumped on the creature’s head, and shot him through the brain. With that last wound the cave troll dropped dead in the floor. Everyone ran over to where Frodo lay. Aragorn, who had regained consciousness by now, had crawled over to him and rolled him over. Then the drums started to beat again, Aragorn picked Frodo up and ran out of the room with the rest. Sam had to be helped by Boromir because he had been smashed against the wall and his head was bleeding.

Gandalf pushed Merry and Pippin out and Gimli had to be pulled away by Legolas. Boromir hauled the eastern door to, grinding on its hinges: it had great iron rings on either side, but could not be fastened. “I am alright,” gasped Frodo. “I can walk. Put me down!” Aragorn almost dropped him in his amazement. “I thought you were dead!” he cried. “Well, I guess you under estimated hobbits didn’t you Aragorn.” Came the answer from Davia. “Now let us leave this accursed place!” With that they ran down another corridor and came to a long bridge. Behind them they heard a loud noise, turning slowly they saw a giant fire creature called a Balrog behind them. They ran across the bridge except Gandalf who stopped in the middle of the bridge and challenged the Balrog. When the Balrog stepped onto the bridge it collapsed but Gandalf grabbed on to the side of the ledge and Davia being the only one with a free hand, because Aragorn had grabbed Frodo, Boromir had Merry and Pippin, and Legolas had Gimli, ran and grabbed his wrist. The Balrog had a long whip like tail and he swung it up and grabbed Gandalf around the middle and pulled him down. Davia could hold on no longer and Gandalf was pulled from her grasp. The last thing they herd Gandalf say was: “Fly you fools!” That is just what they did too. They ran, found a door and kept on running until they were a few miles from the Mines of Moria.

The Fellowship finally had to stop because Frodo was having trouble breathing and Sam was feeling quite dizzy. Legolas had to grab Aragorn by the arm and tell him to stop or Sam and Frodo would collapse. “Frodo, Sam I am so sorry I forgot you were injured!” Aragorn’s voice was full of concern. They stopped and Legolas took care of Sam while Aragorn boiled some water to make some salve. Then Aragon came to Frodo. Aragorn told Frodo to take his shirt of and he was very reluctant, their argument brought the rest of the group to them. “What is wrong with taking your shirt off?” Aragorn asked Frodo. “Umm. Aragorn?” “Yes Davia?” “I’m a girl.” “So what has that got to do with anything?” Davia gave him this look that said, “What do you think?” Aragorn looked at her curiously for a minute before realizing what she meant. “Oh, now I understand.” Frodo rolled his eyes and looked straight at him. “That is not what I mean I just don’t want to take my shirt off is that a crime?” Davia is the type of girl that when something needs to be done she makes it get done. “Alright then, if you are so scared to take your shirt you don’t have to!” Frodo looked very indignant “I’m not scared!” and with that he unbuttoned his shirt only to show Mithrill, a coat of everlasting mail made by the dwarves. Legolas, upon seeing it, grabbed Davia, who was standing next to him, by the arm. In her turn she gasped, “Even the Lady of Lorien has seen nothing but a chain of Mithrill, and here the hobbit traveling with us has full shirt of mail!” “You know this?” Boromir asked in surprise. “Yes, I know. Why?” “It is just amazing that you would know that. Unless you have been to Lothlorien.” Boromir said with sarcasm in his voice. “And that would be impossible.” Aragorn looked at Boromir and asked, “Why do you say that? Even I have been to Lothlorien and I am not an elf.” “Well, she is such a waif they probably could not tell her apart from the orcs that roam around here.” Legolas smiled at that statement and Davia jabbed him in the ribs with her elbow. “You do know that is an insult to all elves, right?” With that Legolas’s smile faded and he grabbed Boromir by the throat. “I hate Davia but she is right that is insulting all elves not just her.” Luckily, Aragon intervened at just the right time because Legolas had his hands so tight around Boromir’s throat that he could not breath. “Legolas let go of his throat he can’t breathe!” “Sorry, Bormir I got a little carried away.” Boromir rubbed his throat awhile before answering. “I guess elves do get protective of each other.” Davia and Legolas looked at each other and screwed up their faces. “Him protective of me? No way! If he cares one whit about me I am a plucked chicken!” “Where is the stew pot!” yelled Gimli behind Davia’s back. “Why you little…” “Davia, Legolas, Boromir, Gimli, enough!” Yelled Aragorn as Davia was grabbing Gimli’s beard. He and the hobbits were standing by one of the trees. “Thank you. Now, let us move on.” “Where to.” Asked Merry. “To Lothlorien, of course.” Replied Aragorn. “No, I mean how do we get there.” “Legolas?” “What you think that I know? Aragon, the farthest I have been away from Mirkwood is Rivendel. I thought you had been there before.” “I have been but that was when I was fifteen years old.” “I have been there and I know the way by heart.” Remarked Davia. “You have been there that often?” “Yes, Sam, I have been.” “Why?” “Because a few of my relatives live there and I have been there to visit them. That was a long time ago though.” “What are your relative’s names?” asked Aragorn. “You will meet them when you get there.” “Fine with me but why won’t you give us their names?” “That is for me to know for the present.” After that conversation, they went on their way.

They came to some woods at dusk and Davia pulled her hood over her head so no one could tell whom she was. “What are you doing?” asked Frodo. “You will see in time, my friend.” Then out of nowhere five elves appeared with their bows pointed at the Fellowship. “A dwarf breathes so loud we could shot him in the dark.” “I think that was uncalled for, Haldir.” Davia stepped from behind Boromir and pulled her hood off her face. What the Fellowship saw surprised them greatly. Davia’s hair flowed down to almost her waist and she looked like a like the sun shown about her. “Milady!” Cried Haldir his face full of surprise. “Sorry I did not show.” “We thought you were dead” “Does it look like I am dead, Haldir?” “No but your Grandmother thought you were.” “Well I am not so unless you want to get punished personally by me get moving!” “Yes Milady” “Enough! I am sick of you calling me that. We’ve known each other our whole lives so just call me by my name.” “Yes, A…” “What?” “Yes, Davia”

Haldir took them to the royal house and there left them. “You know your way from here, right Davia?” “Yes, thanks Haldir.” The Fellowship walked down a long narrow corridor and then came to the door that led to the throne room. That was when Davia made her statement that changed Aragorn’s mind about her. “Listen all of you. Do not be surprised if some of the elves in this room scream because if my reasoning is correct, everyone in Lothlorien believes I am dead.” “Why” “Aragorn, it is a long story but when I was nineteen my stepmother drove me out of Rivendel and I haven’t been back since.” With that the door opened and the Fellowship walked into the room. There were startled cries all around the room as they saw Davia.


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