Rings: The Truth is Revealed – Chapter four

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“Davia can I have some help here?” he asked and showed her his arm. It was covered in blood. “Your arm!” “A shard of wood stabbed it.” “Let me see.” Davia took his arm and looked at it. “I am going to have to pull a piece of wood out. Brace your self.” Aragorn cried out as she pulled out a two-inch piece of wood. Then she tore off a piece of her cloak and wrapped it around his arm. “There you go.” “Thanks. Now, Legolas, if you think you are getting up you are completely mistaken.” “I am not I am fine.” “You may say so but Gimli, Davia and I beg to differ.” “Fine.” Legolas replied hotly and turned his head. Aragorn sighed and crawled back through the hole.
“I found some one!” Came the cry from the hole a few minutes later. “Davia did I here right?” Davia nodded ” I wonder who they found?” “Yes and if they are alive.” Legolas replied. They did not have to wait long for a few minutes later a very dirty Frodo, Sam, Merry, and Pippin crawled through. “Hey Davia!” “Frodo! Good to see you alive!” “Same here. Any thing happen?” “Yes.” “What?” asked Frodo with deep concern “Chris is dead.” “Oh no! Legolas I am so sorry.” “Thank you, Frodo.” They sat there in silence for a few minutes before two more people crawled through. “Elrohir! Elladen!” “Davia!” they cried scrambling toward her, shoving each other to get to her first. “We thought you would have been injured with the kind of luck you always seem to have.” “Ha! Ha! Very funny! I’m surprised to see you not screaming in terror.” “Not funny!” “It was to me.”
A few minutes later everybody was digging except Davia, Legolas, and Gimli, who had to be kept in there to keep Legolas from getting up. “Some one is digging from the outside!” called Pippin sometime during the night. A few minutes after that a hobbit stuck his head through a hole that at been made. “Hullo, Frodo!’ “Bilbo! Bless you, you got us out!” “Like I was going to let my nephew suffocate in here.” “Ha! Is any body out there with you?” “Yes Elrond, Galadriel, Celeborn, Boromir, Arwen, and Haldir.” “Emily?” “Nope! Sorry. Why?” “She ain’t in here.” “Great! Just great! Come on out!” They all crawled out glad of the fresh air. Aragorn handed Legolas out to Elrohir and Elladen, and then crawled out himself. Just as he did the section they were in collapsed. “Whew! That was close!” remarked Davia. “Well, what are we going to do now?” asked Pippin. He went totally unnoticed while everyone crowded around Legolas making sure he was all right. “Quit crowding around me! I’m not dead yet!” “Sorry, Legolas, that we care about you!” stated Arwen sarcastically from beside Aragorn. “Yes. Well, if you care about me so much, could you give me some room to breath?” “Sorry Legolas.” Replied Aragorn as he and everyone else stepped back.
Just then they heard a loud yell. They turned around to find a huge army of orcs and Men rushing towards them. Swords and spears raised. “Oh this is just what we need.” Cried Davia as she pulled out her sword. When Merry and Pippin looked at it hard they noticed a small notch at the tip. “Davia?” “Yes?” “What happened to your sword?” “Oh that! I left it in an orc’s skull.” “Now is not time for this discussion!” yelled Gandalf as he dodged a spear. “We need to fight!” All of a sudden the fighters at the head of the charge started dropping like flies. “What’s going on?” “It’s Emily for sure!” cried Davia as she grabbed one of the arrows headed her way. It had red, yellow and black feathers. She looked up and saw Emily standing on a hill behind what was left of the house shooting at any thing that moved. “Well don’t just stand there! Help!” she yelled down at the group standing. “Let me up!” stated Legolas as he stood up. Aragorn tried to keep him down but Davia stopped him. “Let him fight, Aragorn! We need all that we can get!” “Alright.”
So the fighting began. It was easy at first but then it got harder and harder. Soon they were not fighting for the liberation of the Gray Havens but for their lives. Davia, Aragorn, Boromir, Gandalf, Elrond, Elladen, Elrohir and Celeborn were slicing right and left. Legolas, Haldir, Emily, Galadriel, and Arwen were shooting at every target they could hit. Merry, Pippin, and Sam noticed a fire in Frodo’s eyes that had never been there before. “Your enjoying this aren’t you?” asked Pippin as Frodo drew his sword. “I hate fighting but it is either that or death.” They continued fighting until there was barely any orc or man left on the field.
The fight was over. What was left of the Men and orcs retreated into the woods near the house. Or so they thought. The Men and orcs regrouped in the woods making them selves two hundred strong. They planned to attack immediately to tire them. That way they could defeat them with ease. What they did not plan for was that everyone there, except Merry, Pippin, and Sam, were experienced fighters. The general thought that most of them were amateurs.
“Whew! I am glad that is over!” gasped Davia as she leaned against a tree. “Yes.” Replied Frodo. “Davia?” “Yes Aragorn?” “Can we finish that conversation about Arwen, and you?” “Sure. It was quite easy actually. She was scared she was going to loose you to me.” “What! Arwen didn’t you believe I loved you?” “Yes but that is also what others said, took one look at Davia, and were asking her to marry them. I hadn’t seen her for thousands of years and I was scared she was still as charming as she was then.” “Well you are wrong, dear sister! Yes I like Aragorn. But only because I he is a nice guy. And he and Boromir were the first Men I had seen for years that were not trying to kill me.” With that Davia walked to another tree and sat down to clean her blade on the grass.
A few minutes went by before Davia sat up straight and looked deeper into the woods. “Aragorn come here.” “What?” he asked as he stepped up beside her. “Look in there. Isn’t that a man?” “I think so. Yes! Yes your right. We had better get ready for another fight.” “Oh! Not another one!” groaned Sam as the rest of the group was told of the spy Davia had seen. “It will be alright, Sam. Don’t worry if you can’t fight you don’t have to.” Davia teased. “Can’t fight! Of course I can fight! Just watch me!” he cried as the second attack started.
Then it happened. Hundreds of men and orcs came from the forest. “What now?” Aragorn asked Davia as he cleaved an orcs head in two. “Well, I think we should try to run off into the woods.” “Are you sure that is advisable?” “Yes. There are passageways in some caves in the woods. They all meet in one huge room where we could hold up for ages.” “Ok you make the announcement.” “Alright. Hey listen up every body!” Yelled Davia, “We are going to split up. If you just got here stay with someone who has been here before. Make sure you stay together! If you do get separated find a cave. Just go in and keep walking. It will eventually lead you to one of us. Lets go!” she screamed. Every one scattered. Frodo, Aragorn and Arwen ran in one direction. Boromir and the hobbits ran off in another. Haldir and the Twins, which was what Elladen and Elrohir were called, ran south. Gimli, Elrond, Celeborn, Galadriel, and Gandalf ran north. Davia followed Legolas and Emily because Emily was not very familiar to tunnels.
Davia had fought for a few minutes before following Legolas and Emily. As she ran into the cover of trees she felt and arrow pierce her right leg. “Darn” Davia muttered as she ripped it out and kept on going. Davia had to grit her teeth pretty hard to keep from screaming in pain. She heard a blood-curdling scream from the direction Legolas and Emily ran. “Oh great what happened now?” she asked as she limped into a clearing just to see Legolas pull his dagger out of an orc’s skull. “Legolas what happened?” “He tried to kill Emily.” He replied as he ran over to where his sister lay. She had a huge gash on her side. “Emily! Emily!” he called but she did not answer. She soon regained consciousness “Legolas. What are you doing here?” she asked weakly. “I’m here to fight for the Gray Havens. How do you feel?” “I am alright but I feel so weak.” “I’ll bet.” Said Davia from beside her. Emily looked up at her and then at her brother. “You hate her don’t you, Legolas?” he hesitantly looked at Davia before he answered. “Yes I do.” “Why?” asked Emily? “Because she is a Noldar.” “Why does that matter?” “Because she killed our ancestors.” Emily looked at him and probably would have laughed if she had had the strength. “Where is Chris?” Legolas looked over at Davia worriedly. “He is dead.” He stated slowly. “Is he?” Emily asked as she looked over at Davia. “It is what he says.” Davia replied desolately.
Emily then turned her head to look at her brother. “You are my only brother.” “Davia?” “Yes?” “Take care of him would you?” “I don’t think he would like that.” “He may not like it but do it for me. Please?” “Yes. I will do what ever I can.” “Thank you.” She said as her eyes closed for the last time. “Emily? No! No! She’s not dead!” he screamed as he held her head in his arms. Davia knelt there in silence for a few minutes before reaching over and pulling Emily from her brother’s grasp. He looked at her as she easily picked up his little sister and carried her over to a tree where she laid her. Legolas walked over to where Emily lay. “She loved you, you know?” Davia commented from beside him. “I do now. She did not hate you did she?” “No. I don’t know why.” “She was always strange. “She was the only real friend I had that is still alive. But, not any more.” All of a sudden he got up and sat down by a tree not far from where Davia had laid Emily. Davia walked over to him to make sure he was all right. “Legolas?” she asked as she knelt down beside him. When she said his name he turned to look at her and then turned back around. Davia sat down next to him. He turned to her tears streaming down his face. “Davia, she can’t be dead! I lost Chris I can’t loose her too!” he screamed. Legolas broke down sobbing until his whole body shook. Davia reached out and turned his head to face her. Unexpectedly he collapsed on her crying his heart out. Davia cringed as his fingernails dug into her back as he clung to her. “It’s all right. It’s all right.” “I can’t live with out her! I can’t!” “I know. It is hard to live with out someone you love.” Legolas lifted his head from her shoulder and looked at her. “But you have everyone you loved. Don’t you?” Davia sighed. “No. Belilmathiel is my stepmother. Celebrian, my real mother, died when I was three years old. I didn’t know her very well but I still loved her. That is if a three year old can love.” “I bet they can. So then how is your Father married to that other lady?” “Father was worried that the four of us would have a hard time not having a mother so he remarried.” “But I saw how she acted how could you father marry a jerk like that?” “She faked. She always acted perfectly. Grandma and I saw right through that cover. But Father would not listen. I couldn’t talk well so I couldn’t tell him I didn’t like her and he wouldn’t listen to Grandma. So, he married her. And it wasn’t until they were married that she acted horrible. Dad had already lost one wife he couldn’t loose another. Arwen didn’t want another mother but she accepted it, as she said, for the children. Elladen and Elrohir were six so it didn’t matter to them. They actually liked the idea.” Legolas looked down totally surprised when he saw the blood on her leg and knew it wasn’t from his head. “Davia, your leg.” “Oh that. I got shot but I’m fine.” Legolas saw that the arrow had hit near the ankle so it must have hit the bone. “Are you sure you are alright?” “Yes I’m fine.”
Legolas stood up and sighed. This had not been a very good day. Davia started to push herself up but Legolas held his hand out and pulled her up. The minute she put any weight on her leg it gave way. Legolas grabbed her shoulders to keep her from falling. “I guess you leg isn’t as good as you said.” Remarked Legolas as he sat her down. When he dropped his hand on her left arm he touched her elbow. It did not feel right. Legolas did not want to say anything but wandered why it was like that. He bent down to see how badly wounded she was. “Ouch!” “Sorry Davia.” Remarked Legolas when touched her ankle. He looked down at her ankle and summed it up easily. The fact that the arrow had hit the bone was easy to tell. By harder examination any one could tell that the bone was in a strange position. “Well, looks like you wont be walking for a while.” “What’s wrong?” “It’s dislocated.” “Great! What are we going to do?” “Well, like you said we have to get to the caves but I don’t know how we are going to get there.” “Walk how else.” “Not with your leg like that we won’t be.” “If you help me I can make it.” “You sure?” “Positive.” “Alright then lets go.” Legolas helped her up and waited as she balanced on one leg. Then they started off with Legolas supporting Davia.


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