Rings: The Truth is Revealed – Chapter five

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“Legolas if we don’t stop I am going to collapse.”
“Alright my head is starting to spin.”
They sat down by a large bolder to rest.
“Do you think any one knows where we are?”
“I doubt it.” Replied Legolas. “Ugh! My head is killing me!” Davia looked over at him and could tell easily that he was in a lot of pain. “You should get some sleep.” Remarked Davia. “I know I should but I can’t with you not being able to fight.” “I don’t think any one will attack us here. But if they do all I have to do is hit you in the shoulder and you will wake up.” “True but are you sure you are going to be alright? “Yes I am going to be fine.” “Alright.”
Legolas had been asleep for about twenty minutes when an orc went crashing through the underbrush about twenty feet away from where they lay. “Legolas. Legolas wake up.” Davia whispered. “Huh? What’s wrong?” “An orc just came running by.” “Thanks.” He got up slowly and looking around drew his dirk. “I hope there aren’t any more of them. This dirk won’t do much damage.” “Here.” Replied Davia drawing her sword. Legolas looked at it in wonderment. It looked almost like Aragorn’s sword. “How does yours look so much like Aragorn’s” “Oh that when I lived at home my… Look out!” she screamed as an orc almost crashed into him. The fight began. Legolas slashed and stabbed at any thing that moved. Since he wasn’t accustomed to the sword he was not very good. Several times Davia saw an arrow fly at him but was never sure if it hit him or not. Davia was glad she still had her bow and arrows. She stood up carefully on one leg and shot at some of the orcs running toward the fight. They were soon over whelmed.
Legolas did not remember how long he had been fighting or how many times he had been hit by arrows or stabbed. He knew one thing. The orcs were slacking off in the fight. Soon after there were only a few left. When the orcs noticed that the Elf they were fighting was a killer they turned and ran. Legolas stumbled to where Davia was standing. He smiled weakly when she limped over to him. “Are you alright?” Davia asked her voice full of concern and pain. “I’m…” he collapsed in a heap at her feet. The fight was too much for him. “Oh Legolas!” she sighed as she saw he was covered in blood. Davia knelt down next to him, forgetting her ankle, and tore off his horribly tattered shirt. She saw whip marks all over his body. “Well, I guess one of them had a whip. Pity that I could not walk, I’d have torn him to shreds!” she mumbled.
Legolas felt Davia administering to his wounds and knew what was going around him but could not move. His body felt like lead. He felt pain sear through his body as Davia peeled his shirt away from his arm. Say something. That was what he needed to do. Tell her he was all right. “Why can’t I say any thing?” he thought as he tried to speak. Legolas tried several times but could not make a sound. “I guess I am to weak.” Then everything went dark.
“Where was he? What had happened?” Legolas was trying to figure out what was going on. He couldn’t remember anything except one name. Davia. Should he say it? No better not. What… the “What’s” went on forever. “Davia.” The name came out of his mouth unexpectedly. He had not meant to say it. “Yes, Legolas, I’m here.” His eyes opened. A rush of memories came over him. Grey Havens. Earthquake. Emily and Chris. Dead. Fight. Wounded. “What happened?” He asked slowly. “You passed out.” “Oh yeah. Emily died and…we…we? I can’t remember.” “That’s alright. You just rest.” “I do not need to rest. I need to get us to the caves.” “You? You couldn’t even walk one foot in the condition you are in.” she retorted hotly. “Oh really? Just watch me.” He said defiantly pushing him self up onto his elbows. “Don’t, Legolas.” She pleaded as he stood up. “See? “I’m fine.” “Alright.” Davia looked up at him. “Why does he hate me so much?” she wondered. “What are you looking at?” “Nothing.” “Good. Then lets go.”
Davia pushed herself up to a standing position only to scream in pain as she stood on her ankle. Legolas turned toward her and saw the pain on her face. He did not care. He was too dizzy to care. Davia saw him take one-step and collapse into a heap on the ground. Legolas rolled onto his back. “You were right.” He mumbled before he drifted into unconsciousness. Davia crawled over to where he lay by an old stump and knew for a fact that they would need help.
When Legolas awoke it was dawn and Davia was bending over him tending a wound on his right shoulder. He reached over with his left hand and touched her arm. “Legolas you’re awake!” She exclaimed. “Yes. Was I difficult last night?” “A little.” “Oh sorry.” ” That’s fine. Now hold still while I pull this arrow out of your arm. Try not to scream.” “Sure how’s your ankle?” “Fine. Lay still.” She commanded as she pulled an arrowhead out of his shoulder. “Ouch!” “Sorry.” Just then they heard a rustle in the bushes near them. Legolas lifted his head a little to see what was in the bushes. “Ugh.” He mumbled as his head started to spin. “Here.” Davia put her hand behind his head. “Thanks. I’ll be fine in a minute.” Soon his head started to clear. “Let go of my head.” “All right.” Davia let go and he was fine. Legolas pushed himself up onto one elbow. “I wonder what is back there.” He commented. Unexpectedly a rabbit jumped out from behind the bush and bounded away. “Whew! That was close!” Legolas sighed as he lay back. “We need to get to the others.” “I know but my ankle can barely support my own weight let alone yours too.” “I think I can make it myself.” “Are you sure?” “Yes.” He replied assertively.
Legolas stood up slowly and swayed a little. “I’m fine!” he yelled as Davia put a hand on his arm. She pulled her hand back slowly. “Where do we go now?” “Um? That way.” She replied as she pointed north. They started off only to stop a few minutes later because Legolas’s vision was starting to blur. “We will rest here.” Stated Davia as she led Legolas to a tree where he could sit up easier. “Listen, I know what my sister said about you taking care of me but I do not want any thing to do with you is that understood?” “Yes.” Replied Davia, hurt.

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