Rings: The Truth is Revealed – Chapter 8

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An orc burst through the door and threw Davia away from Legolas. “I’m glad you’re awake. We need some laborers.” He hissed through yellow teeth and green slime. He dragged Legolas out the door. Davia heard him yell back at her. “Stay alive!” The princess collapsed on the floor in tears.
Davia didn’t see anyone for the next six weeks. At first she had thrown insults at orcs as they came in her cell but after a while even then she was quiet. Soon all Davia did was sit in a corner and stare at the door. She hadn’t seen light, except torches, for seven weeks. Thoughts of death formed in her mind. Davia got weaker and weaker as she refused to eat.

“What do you think happened to them?” Aragorn paced the floor of the cave. Everyone was present except Davia and Legolas. “I do not know but I know they are alive.” Gandalf replied from his seat at the table. Aragorn went back in his mind to when Davia had first had disappeared. He had thought she was dead only to meet her in the Shire twenty-one years later. Sadness engulfed him as he thought what tortures she could be going through.
The sound of running feet brought him back reality. “Aragorn!” Called Boromir from down one of the passages, “They are attacking the East side!” Everyone grabbed their weapons and headed out to battle.

Davia had finally collapsed from weariness. Her mind floated in mists of darkness. Running feet and a door opening pierced her sleep. Then she heard a cry from beside her. She felt her head being lifted off the ground. A cup was lifted to her lips. Davia was too weak to resist the cool liquid. The mists began to clear. She saw Legolas bending over her. “Are you real?” she whispered as she reached her hand up to touch his face. “Yes. How do you feel?” “Weak.” Davia felt her head swim and the mist began to overcome her again. “No Davia fight it!” Legolas whispered urgently at her. “I can’t.” “Yes you can! Please Davia fight it!” His pleas convinced her that she really did want to live. Davia reached down and grabbed his hand. She knew as long as she held his hand she would stay awake.
The footfalls of an orc could be heard headed towards them. The door opened, creaking on its hinges. “The boss wants you.” He spoke to Legolas. “Davia hold on!! I will be back soon!” he whispered in her ear. Then he kissed her. Before Davia could say or do anything she felt herself being laid down and Legolas walked off.

Hours passed and yet Legolas did not come back. Davia wept for she was sure Saruman had surely killed him. Mists seeped back into her mind. Darkness grew around her. She had to stay awake. Davia decided sitting up would help her stay awake. Slowly she pushed herself up on one elbow. Davia had had no idea she was so weak. Eyes closed and teeth clenched she attempted to push herself into a sitting position. Just as she thought she was going to make it her arms collapsed. Strong hands grabbed her shoulders to keep her from falling backwards. Davia opened her eyes and smiled. Legolas was back. She wrapped her arms around his neck and held him tight. He caressed her hair and talked to her soothingly. “It’s alright I’m right here.” “I’m glad.” Legolas pulled away and looked into her face. Davia’s eyes were still red from crying. He leaned forward and kissed her forehead. A smile tugged at his lips. “What are you smiling at?” Davia joked as she pushed back a strand of stray hair from his face. “You.” “Why?” “It’s just that I can’t understand why we hated each other.” “Correction. You hated me. I never hated you.” Legolas wrapped his arms around her again. “I’m never going to leave you alone again.” Davia didn’t respond. She just clung to him and smiled.
Legolas felt Davia relax in his arms. Fearing the worst he laid her on the ground. He let out a sigh of relief when he saw she was only asleep. Legolas lay down and rested her head on his shoulder. Sleep took him immediately.
Halfway through the night he felt Davia stir but did not pay much heed to it. He figured that she was moving in her sleep. Orc’s screams threatened to wake him but he did not move until morning. “Legolas, wake up.” Davia’s soft voice awoke him from his deep sleep. The prince smiled at Davia bending over him. “Hey.” He whispered. “It’s about time, sleepy head.” Legolas smiled as his lips met hers. “How long have you been awake?” “Oh I’d say about three hours.” “Three hours!” cried Legolas. “You should have been asleep.” Davia smiled. “I’m fine, Legolas. You…” her voice trailed off.
The screams of orcs alerted them. “Its sounds like there’s a fight.” Davia cried and ran to the door. Legolas stood up stiffly. Davia turned in time to see him fall against the wall. “Legolas?” she looked at him worriedly. “Oh no. Legolas can you hear me?” Davia ran to him. “I’m fine. They just worked me hard that is all. I will be fine in a minute!” The sound of running feet sounded through the halls.
Davia and Legolas ran to the door and listened. “Davia! Legolas! Can you hear me?” “Were right here!” Legolas screamed. A key turned in the door and Aragorn ran in. He embraced Legolas and Davia. The king of Gondor smiled at Legolas. “Where’d you loose your shirt?” “Out in the woods. I was seriously wounded.” The prince took Davia’s hand. “It’s about time.” Stated Aragorn. “Lets get out of here.” “What ever you say!” cried Davia as she followed Aragorn out the door.

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