Rings: The Truth is Revealed – Chapter 7

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Davia lay there on the muddy ground blood gushing from a wound on her arm. “Delerion, why do you want to kill me?” she asked weakly. He stood there not looking at her. “You disappeared and never told me where you were going.” He muttered bitterly after a few minutes. “I never told you where I was going? You are the one who disappeared.” She retorted. He turned to her slowly. “I left to protect you from Saruman.” Remarked Delerion “But you never left any sign where you went.” He continued. “I could not. No one knew where I was. Not even my family.” “Well, that doesn’t matter now does it? All I know is that I am going to kill you horribly.” He retorted. Davia sat up weakly as he pointed his sword at her throat. For the first time in her life Davia was actually terrified of fighting. Suddenly Legolas jumped out of nowhere. He was on top of Delerion. After a few minutes of struggling Legolas pounded Delerion’s head against a rock. Standing up stiffly Legolas walked over to where Davia was laying on the ground. Davia pushed herself up with one arm. Legolas reached behind her as she started to fall back. He laid her down then sat down beside her. “Who is he?” he asked as he attempted to stop the flow of blood from her arm. Davia looked at him. “I am not sure any more.” She murmured. “I’m her husband.” Delerion called as he stood up. “Husband?” Yelled the surprised Legolas. “You’re married?” “No.” replied Davia. “Yes you are! To me!” he growled. “Well what if I don’t want to be any more?” “Well then tough! But you don’t have to worry about that because you will be dead in a few minutes.” He sneered. Legolas stood up and smiled. “You will have to fight me first.” “Legolas don’t, please.” Cried Davia. “Why?” “He will kill you.” “Don’t worry I won’t let that happen.” He laughed.
Unexpectedly Delerion lunged at Legolas. Legolas jumped out of the way only to trip and fall. Delerion jumped on him. It was a long struggle before both of them fell over the ledge. Legolas grabbed the edge but Delerion fell all the way to the bottom. Davia tried to push herself over to where they had fallen off. She collapsed half way there.
Legolas pulled himself up to find Davia lying on the ground. “Davia!” he cried. “I’m alright.” She mumbled. Bending down he picked her up. “She is so light.” He thought as he carried her. Davia turned her head to look up at him. “Why did you help me?” Legolas laughed. “That’s a silly question. I did it because you needed help.” “Thank you.” Davia mumbled as she slipped into unconsciousness. “Poor girl.” He thought sadly. “She has been through so much.”
When Davia awoke she saw Legolas sitting beside her. “Davia your awake!” “Barely. Can you find any one else?” “I haven’t looked.” “Oh.” “Get some sleep. I’ll be right here.” Davia looked up the stars. Then she felt pain sear through her arm. Turning her head she saw Legolas bending over her arm. “Sorry. Part of his blade stuck in your arm.” “Oh.” “I guess I get the award for the biggest idiot in the world for actually thinking fighting him would be easy.” “No. For the bravest idiot.” Legolas turned his head away. “That is definitely not the case.” “You sure about that?” he turned back. “Yes.” Davia smiled. “How are you so sure?” “You just asked that.” “No first, I asked if you were sure. The second question is: How are you sure?” “What? You are confusing me.” “Everyone says I do that.” Davia laughed and then winced as she moved her arm. “Can you walk with your arm the way it is?” “I think I can.” “Good. We need to find the others.” “There are no promises.” “I know but you need to try.” He smiled at her confidently.
Legolas stood up then pulled Davia to her feet. She collapsed against him. “I’m fine.” She mumbled as she slipped unconscious. “Great. Davia wake up.” He whispered as he laid her on the ground. “Davia you have to wake up.” Turning her head to look at him Davia opened her eyes. “Behind you.” She mumbled as she dropped out again. Looking up he saw a tall man standing behind him. “Who are you?” asked Legolas as the man walked up. “You know exactly who I am, Legolas son of Thranduil.” “How did you know my name?” Stooping down the man knelt beside Davia. “I could save her life you know.” “Wait a minute!! Saruman.” “Yes and you killed my servant.” “Delerion?” “Yes.” Legolas stared in horror as the man stood up to his full height and drew a knife. He knew he was no match for the wizard. “What do you mean you could save her? She is going to be fine as soon as she rests for a while.” Saruman chuckled. “I am afraid not. Delerion always poisons his sword. She will be dead by tomorrow.” “No.” Legolas whispered as he laid his hand next to the wound.
Suddenly an arrow shot through the air and hit Saruman in the arm. “Leave wizard!” a commanding voice spoke out from behind some rocks. Saruman dashed off. “Legolas are you all right?” “Fearoh?” “Yes.” “I’m alright but it is Davia!” he said as Fearoh came running up with Boromir and Gimli trailing behind. Fearoh knelt beside Davia. “Did Saruman do this?” she asked Legolas. “No.” Davia answered for him. “Fearoh. Listen to me. Go find my father and Gandalf. Tell them Delerion came back.” “What?” Fearoh cried. “Yes, but also tell them that Legolas killed him.” “Fine I am going now.” Fearoh took off at a run to find them.
When she had gone Gimli and Boromir were standing there in awe. “Who is Delerion?” asked Gimli finally. “Her husband.” Replied Legolas as he helped Davia sit up. “Here, lean on me.” “Thanks.” “She mumbled as she laid her head on his shoulder. Gimli smiled. “Well, it is about time.” “What is?” asked Legolas. “That you stopped hating her.” “I have? I am just making sure she stays alive. Aragorn would kill me if anything happened to her.” Boromir and Gimli started laughing. A loud clap of thunder reminded them of the oncoming storm. “We had better find shelter.” “There was a cave over there.” Commented Davia as she sat up only to fall against Legolas. She was so dizzy. “I’ll carry her you go on up ahead.” Remarked Legolas as he drew her into his arms. “Good.” Boromir ran off in the direction Davia had indicated.
Upon arriving there they realized that the cave was another entrance to the maze of tunnels they were supposed to find an entrance to. “This is great! We will be able to find everyone else soon if we just follow this.” “Boromir you’re the leader.” “Why me, Legolas?” “Because Davia just fainted. And you know where you are going.” “All right.” Legolas stepped inside the cave. “I can barely see a thing.” “You’re an elf.” “I know but it is pitch black.” Replied Legolas. “Well, I guess we will have to go with out any light.” “We shall try.” Boromir was in front with Gimli in the rear. Legolas stayed in the middle because he could not fight while carrying Davia.
After what seemed like hours of walking Boromir cried out in pain. “Boromir are you okay?” “I’m fine. I just walked into a wall. Oh my nose!” Gimli stopped behind Legolas and laughed. “I thought you knew where you were going.” “I have never been to this tunnel before.” “Boromir if we don’t stop I am going to drop her.” Boromir turned and even in the darkness could see Legolas was very weary. “Sure.” He replied as he sat down with his back to the wall. After a few minutes Boromir and Legolas began to talk. “Saruman said that she has been poisoned.” “How?” asked Boromir sitting up straight and scooting toward Legolas. “By his sword.” Answered Davia as she sat up. “Davia lay still.” Ordered Legolas as he and Boromir rushed to her side. “I’m fine! I am immune to that poison.” Davia retorted. Silently she raised her hand to the wound. Cringing she touched it. When she drew her hand away her arm looked like she had never been wounded. “How did you do that?” screamed Legolas as he grabbed her arm. “I think I know how.” Smiled Boromir. “Correct.” Stated Davia. Legolas stared in amazement as Davia stood up and was fine. “Boromir, remember the lake that was inside the caves?” “Yes what about it?” “Watch.” Davia held her hand out and a ball fire sprang from her palm shooting up it flew around the room. Looking up all of them saw a watermark at the very top of the wall. “Oh great! We are in the cave.” “Yes, which means if it keeps raining this tunnel is going to flood.” Stated Davia worriedly.
Hurriedly they ran, with the ball of fire leading them, to where the lake came through into a small section. “Well here we are.” Remarked Davia as she pulled herself out of the dry pit. “Wow.” Gimli looked up and thousands of little crystals covered the ceiling. The fire made color dance allover everything. “This place is amazing.” Whispered Legolas. “You think this is good? Wait until you see the biggest room.” Davia laughed. Walking over to a low doorway, Davia stooped and walked through. As she disappeared they heard a scuffling sound. When they dashed through the door they saw a very amusing sight. Merry, Pippin, Sam, and Frodo were on top of Davia. “Get off of her!” yelled Boromir as he pulled the Hobbits off of the Elf. “I think we made a mistake.” Mumbled Frodo as he climbed off Davia. “No kidding!” spat Davia as she pulled herself up. “Something wrong?” asked Elrohir as he walked in from one of the other small rooms. “Oh just a little problem.” “What kind of problem?” Elladen asked from behind Elrohir. “Oh, just an elf we haven’t seen since I was nineteen.” Muttered Davia. “Who?” “Think. Think real hard.” “No. Not Delerion!” “Yep” “Dad is going to be mad when he finds out your almost husband is still alive.” “Don’t worry about that, Elrohir. Legolas took care of him.” “How?” asked the bemused Frodo. “He knocked him off the waterfall cliff.” Replied Davia. “Ouch.” Muttered Frodo.” That must of hurt.” “Oh probably.” Remarked Elrohir.
Davia smiled and looked at Frodo. “I met a good friend of yours today. If I am not mistaken you have a crush on her.” Frodo stared at the ground and blushed. Legolas turned his head and whispered in Davia’s ear. “Fearoh?” “Correct.” Davia replied. “He has had a crush on her since he met her two years ago.” Davia continued. Everyone smiled, as Frodo turned red with embarrassment. “Oh come on! It was a joke!” laughed Davia as she tapped him on the head. “Ok. Fine. I’ll get you back some day.” “Oh? And how will you do that?” teased Elrohir. “Considering that she is twice as strong as you?” “Like this!” He yelled as he dove on her. Before he could get her pinned to the ground he felt her knee driven into his stomach. He rolled off of her with a grunt. “That’s what you get when you fight me!” snarled Davia as she stood up. Davia held out her hand for Frodo to grab. Being careful of his bruised stomach she pulled him up. “Sorry. But I am not going to take the chance of you breaking my jaw again.” “That’s ok! Just so you don’t do it again.” “Sure what ever you say!” giggled Davia.
They all turned when they heard a voice from the door. “What is going on in here?” “Sorry, Frodo and I were just having a slight disagreement on a girl he has a crush on.” “Shut up!” Yelled Frodo as he slapped her arm. “I can say whatever I want.” retorted Davia. “Enough!” Shouted Gandalf as he walked in the room. “There are about five hundred orcs heading toward the main entrance. They know where it is.” “Gandalf, we just got done fighting.” Complained Sam. “Well, around here we don’t stop for more than a few hours.” Gandalf paused and looked at Legolas. “What happened to you? And where is your shirt?” “Legolas smiled and replied. “I lost it to an orc.” “What? Please explain.” Gandalf remarked with curiosity.
At that moment Fearoh walked in the room. “Oh! What happened here?” Fearoh turned and looked at Davia. She knew what Fearoh meant. Davia smiled in return. “We will explain later. Right now we have an army of orcs outside our front door.” “Oh them. There are only five hundred but I think I saw another five hundred headed this way.” “Well then lets get out there.” Cried Elrohir as he dashed towards the door. Everybody followed, swords and bows drawn.
The fight began the minute they stepped outside. At first the onslaught was slow but the longer they fought the more life threatening it became. Davia found herself singled off and being pushed away from the cave. She was tiring fast. Then she looked over to where Legolas was fighting and saw him go down under a hail of arrows. “Oh great.” She mumbled and fought her way towards where he had fallen.
It became apparent that Legolas was on the ground because the orcs avoided the area. “This is not going to be easy.” Davia thought to herself as she fought on. She felt something hit her arm but she fought on ignoring the pain that tore through her arm. As she was nearing the spot where Legolas had fallen she saw an orc fall from an arrow in its skull. That was when Davia decided to call out to Legolas to see if he could hear her. She hoped that if he could answer he would be able to fight his way towards her. “Legolas!” she screamed above the noise of the battle. She saw another orc fall. “Davia where are you?” his answer was barely audible. “I’m fighting my way toward you. Are you wounded?” “Yes but it is no big deal.” “I think I’ll decide that when I get to you.” “Whatever you say.” To Davia he sounded weak.
Davia finally made it to where Legolas lay on the ground clutching his side. His hand was covered in blood and it had flowed into a small puddle on the ground too. “Can you walk?” “Easily.” Replied Legolas as he stood. Immediately Legolas fell against her. “I can support you some but not totally. If we have to fight you are going to have to stand by yourself.” “I’ll do my best.” Remarked the wounded elf. “Is it just your side?” “Yeah. The wound is pretty deep though.” Davia swung his arm across her shoulders and put her arm around his waist. Carefully Davia snuck him out of the fight. By the time Davia sat him down behind a bush he was in a disturbed sleep.
As Davia was bending over Legolas, inspecting his wound, something came up behind her. She turned around to see an orc standing over her with his sword pointed at her throat. Stars exploded in her head when a crashing blow from another orc hit her in the back of the head. Darkness engulfed her as she hit the ground.

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