Rings: The Truth is Revealed – Chapter 6

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“Oh where are they?” Davia asked herself as she walked. “Boromir!” she cried as she saw the Man stumbling toward her. “I’m fine, Davia. But it is Fearoh, she is dead.” “What?” asked Davia. “I am so sorry. Have you found any one else?” “Yes come I need your help.” Replied Davia numbly. “She can’t be dead!! She can’t!” Davia cried inside herself. When they got back to where Legolas lay Gimli jumped up. “Davia he isn’t breathing right.” Davia rushed over to where Legolas lay. “Both of you get Fearoh’s body. I will take care of Legolas.” “Alright.” Replied Boromir. “Legolas?” she whispered in his ear. Looking at his face she saw is eyes flicker and open. “I guess I’m going to get to see Chris and Emily after all.” “No Legolas. We need you here. Gimli especially. He was crying a minute ago.” Davia lied hoping to keep him alive. “I don’t want to live anymore.” “And why not?” asked Davia. Legolas looked up at her. Unexpectedly his body jerked as pain racked his body. Legolas closed his eyes before asking another question. “Did you find Fearoh?” Davia looked down at the ground before answering. “Boromir found her body.” Looking into her eyes Legolas could tell she wanted to cry. Reaching up his hand he touched her cheek and ran his hand down the scar. “It’s alright to cry you know.” “I haven’t cried since I was a teenager.” Remarked Davia wretchedly. “Legolas please. Your brother and sister would not be too happy if they could see the way you are acting. I know what they would say. Emily would say. `Legolas you are so silly. You act like a baby over me. I hate it now stop!’ And Chris would say. `You are fool! Pull yourself together! Shape up! Now grow up!” “Really Davia? Would they really say that?” “Yes of course.” With a sudden burst of energy Legolas was sitting up. “Good.” Remarked Davia. “Now stand up.” “I can’t do that myself.” “We will all help you.” Turning around Davia and Legolas saw Gimli and Boromir walking toward them. Boromir was carrying Fearoh’s body.
Davia looked at the limp body of the girl who had always been her best friend. Legolas looked over at the girl who had kept him from dying. “She was alive when I found her. She died less than a minute later. I could do nothing.” Boromir remarked. Davia did not answer. She just looked over to where Boromir had laid Fearoh. Legolas sat there. “She could have gone to look for Fearoh and possibly saved her life. But instead she helped me look for Gimli.” He thought. Suddenly Davia went rigid. Standing up she walked over to where Fearoh lay. Reaching down she put her hands on Fearoh’s temples. Closing her eyes she remembered an elvish chant she had been taught when she was a little girl. Using her mind to put those words into Fearoh’s she recited those words. “Lasto beth daer tologon gollad.” Much to the surprise of everyone there Fearoh turned her head to look at Davia. “Well, you still haven’t forgotten.” “You think I would?” “No but still.” “Very funny lets go.”
Standing up Davia put her hand out to help up Fearoh. Instead, an aftershock hit and the earth shook all around them. Davia let out a scream and fell on top of Fearoh. Legolas, Gimli, and Boromir fell to the ground in a tangled heap. When the dust had settled Davia looked over at where the boys, meaning Legolas, Gimli, and Boromir, had fallen. What she saw quite amused her. Gimli was draped across Legolas’s chest and Boromir was on top of Gimli. “Are you guys alright?” “I’d be better if Boromir was not on top of me.” Muttered Gimli. “You?” asked Legolas sarcastically “I am underneath both of you.” “Oh yeah! Sorry!” replied Boromir as he climbed off of Gimli.
When everyone was standing up they were surprised to find out that none of them had been seriously hurt. Minor scratches were the biggest injury. The group looked at each other and started laughing. They were all covered in dirt and scratches. Their hair was all messed up. The laughter ended when a bolt of lightning slashed through the sky. None of them had noticed the oncoming storm. “We had better find shelter quick!” Fearoh called over the thunder. Since they could not climb out of the ravine they decided to follow it to find shelter. The sky got dark very quick. Davia had a little trouble because her ankle was still sore. Legolas’s head started to pound after a few minutes. “Fearoh! We had better stop.” Davia called when she saw that Legolas was falling behind. “No I’m alright.” He rasped before he sunk to the ground. Fearoh and Davia looked at each other and smiled. They had done the same thing many times. “I’ll go up ahead and look for shelter. You all stay back with Legolas.” Davia commanded and sprinted away surprisingly fast considering her ankle and the rough terrain.
Davia sighted a small cave among the rocks. “This will do perfectly.” She said aloud failing to see the figure walking up behind her. “Young girls should not be alone during a storm like this. Who knows what sort of person is wandering around.” Davia turned slowly to see a man in pure white with white hair and a white beard. “Saruman.” Was the only word she could utter. “Yes it is I. No thanks to those mangy Hobbits.” He motioned to some one behind the rocks and to Davia’s amazement a tall lean elf stepped out. “Hello Davia. That is the name you are going by, right?” Davia stood rooted in place. “Delerion!” Davia gasped. “Yes I am alive.” “How?” Davia asked, “That I will not tell you.” “Why?” “Because you will be dead in a few minutes.” Davia stepped back slowly. Tripping she landed on her back. Delerion drew his sword and advanced toward her. She screamed as he dove on her.

“Where is Davia?” Fearoh asked worriedly. Just then they heard a blood-curdling scream. “That was Davia!” yelled Boromir jumping up from the rock he was sitting on. “Oh great! What has she gotten herself into now?” Muttered Legolas. Fearoh turned toward him scowling. “She is my best friend so either help or I swear I will kill you!” she yelled and dashed off. Legolas decided to go look for her. After walking for a few minutes he saw footprints in the mud. “She came this way I guess.” He thought. Hearing a scuffling sound he ran to where a great waterfall had once been. It had dried up that summer and was now just a forty-foot drop off a ledge.

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