Rings: The Truth is Revealed – Chapter 5

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Please, even if you absolutly hate this story I wish you would tell me that you read it, I don’t care if you say it sucks. This is my first story and so far no one is interested.

It was night before they started out again. Legolas was barely walking by himself but refusing the help of Davia. “Legolas if we don’t stop soon my ankle is going to give way.” “If you are just trying to get me to stop it isn’t going to work.” “I’m not I cant go on.” She retorted as she took another step. Her leg gave way immediately when she put any weight on it. Falling to the ground was met with a faint cracking sound along with Davia crying out in pain. “What happened?” asked Legolas as he lounged against a tree not caring that she was in any pain. Davia looked up at him standing there not caring about any thing that happened to her. She had seen orcs with better manners.
Suddenly there was a loud crashing sound and a man and dwarf fell through the underbrush. It was Boromir and Gimli. When they untangled them selves Boromir saw Davia laying on the ground in agony. “Davia are you alright?” he asked rushing over to her side. “I’ll be alright in a minute.” Boromir knelt down beside Davia. Reaching down her felt her ankle. “You damaged it pretty bad.” “I guessed as much.” Gimli walked over to Legolas. “Why aren’t you helping her?” “Because she is a Noldar.” “I don’t believe this!” cried Gimli. “And they say dwarves are stubborn!” “Leave him alone Gimli!” commanded Davia. “Why?” asked the dwarf completely confused. “Emily died yesterday.” “Who?” “His sister.” “Oh, Legolas I am so sorry!” “It’s fine.” Replied Legolas weakly as he put his head and his hands and moaned. He was getting very dizzy.
Davia felt her head swim. She knew she was going to pass out from the pain. Boromir looked at her and could tell that she was in agony. “Legolas can you walk by yourself?” “Not very far.” “Alright. Gimli you support him.” “What about you?” asked Legolas totally disgusted. Even though Gimli was his best friend he still thought it was a little rude that Boromir was not helping him. “I’m carrying Davia what else.” “Oh no you’re not!” spat Davia. Gimli looked at her. “Don’t you trust him?” “Yes and no.” “What?” asked Legolas who, by that time, was sitting with his back to a tree. “Last year I broke my leg when my horse threw me. I couldn’t walk on it at all. And since no one was with me I dragged myself to a tree to wait until Gandalf would send someone out. Boromir was the one who found me.” “Oh, Davia, shut up!” cried Boromir cringing beside her. “He had been on foot so he carried me back to the house. Halfway there he dropped me and I landed on my arm. And broke my wrist.” “Good one Boromir.” Remarked Gimli. “Good. She probably deserved it.” Boromir walked over to Legolas and regardless of his wounds Boromir slapped Legolas’s face. “You say any thing like that again it won’t be just a slap on the face you will receive.” “Do that again and I will kill you.” Remarked Legolas
“Well, well, what do we have here?” a cloaked figure silently walked toward them. Boromir jumped up and drew his sword. Grabbing the cloaked figure he swung it around and put his sword to their throat. The figure’s hood flew off to reveal a young girl of tall stature and radiant beauty. “Boromir let her go!” Davia commanded quickly. “But…” “No buts let her go.” Boromir shoved her away from him. “Thank you, Davia.” “You are welcome, Fearoh.” Fearoh was a beautiful girl a year older than Davia. She had rich auburn hair that hung a little past her shoulders. Legolas was quite amazed at the girl that stood before him. “Sorry, Fearoh, I didn’t recognize you.” Boromir apologized “That’s alright. Davia has even done it before.” “Really?” asked Boromir thoughtfully. “Yep!” “Well,” remarked Boromir, “we had better get going before it gets too dark.” Every one agreed to that. It turned out that Boromir was carrying Davia but Fearoh was the one supporting Legolas. For which he was quite pleased. Legolas was smiling most of the time.
Half way there the small group had to cross a bridge that looked very unstable. “I don’t know about this.” Muttered Gimli who was terrified of heights. “It will be fine. I’ve crossed this bridge many times.” Replied Fearoh assertively. “What ever you say.” Stated Gimli hesitantly. Fearoh took a step onto the bridge. It creaked but everything seemed to be fine. Steadily they walked until they were half way across. Suddenly the rope snapped and they and the bridge were plunged into the ravine below.
Hitting the bottom Davia felt her ankle snap. “Oh!” she grumbled as she reached down to feel it. It felt normal. Her ankle had snapped back into place. “Whew! I can’t believe that fall helped me.” She remarked stunned. Davia turned when she heard a mumble behind her. “Legolas!” she cried as she saw him drag himself out from behind a boulder. “I’m fine,” he mumbled as he sat down beside her. “What about you?” “My ankle had just been dislocated so in the fall it snapped back into place.” “That’s good.” He replied sullenly. “Legolas, what’s wrong?” she asked alarmed. “Nothing. But I thought that Fearoh would have landed some where near me and I can’t find her.” Davia sighed heavily. Legolas saw she was worried “Hey. We will find her. She is alright.” Davia looked over at him. “I hope you are right!”
Davia looked up swiftly “Davia what is it?” Legolas asked quickly. “I hear foot steps.” She whispered. “Davia! Legolas! Thank heaven you are all right!” Boromir called as he scrambled over some rocks to get to them. “We’re fine.” Replied Legolas as Boromir came up. Boromir bent to sit down but instead collapsed. Legolas bounded over Davia and knelt beside Boromir. “He’s fine. Just unconscious.” Legolas turned to Davia. “Will you help me look for Gimli?” “Yes.” She replied pushing herself to her feet. “It feels good to walk.” she thought as she walked among the boulders hoping to catch a sign of the dwarf or of her best friend.
A grunt alerted her senses. It came from behind some of the large boards of the bridge. “Legolas!” she screamed “Over here.” The elf came running when she called. “What is it?” he gasped as he stopped beside her. “I think I heard a grunt from behind those boards. Help me move them.” “Are you sure? We don’t want to do all that work to end up having you wrong.” He sneered. “I’m sure!” she replied hatefully.
They had been moving boards for about half an hour when Legolas commented. “The whole bridge must have fallen here!” Davia looked over at him. He was covered in sweat and was breathing very hard. “Legolas, go rest. I will continue here.” Before he could reply there was a faint mumble from inside the boards. “No.” he yelled and plunged into his work twice as hard. After a few minutes Davia looked over at him. “Legolas don’t move.” Catching the urgency in her voice he froze. “What is it?” he whispered. “There is a rattle snake by your left ankle.” Legolas slowly tuned his head and looked down. Sure enough there was one slithering around his ankle. “Legolas, hold still. When I tell you, jump away.” Carefully she pulled her dagger and in one swift move she threw it at the snake. “Move!” she screamed. Legolas dogged away in time to keep from getting bit. “Whew!” he moaned as he leaned against a rock. “That was close.” “Yes it was.” Davia looked at Legolas thoughtfully. “What?” he asked when he noticed she was looking at him. “Nothing.” She replied.
Turning back to the pile of boards she noticed a gloved hand sticking out of the side of the pile. “Legolas I found him.” She called. Not getting a response she turned around Legolas was lying on the ground his bare chest heaving. “Legolas!” she screamed as she ran over to him. “Legolas! Legolas! Answer me!” “Davia, help me.” He mumbled. Uttering a groan he reached up and grabbed hold of her shoulder. “Legolas, what happened?” she asked. No answer. Legolas had slipped deep into the depths of unconsciousness.
Davia raced over to the pile of boards and closing her eyes she lifted half the boards in the pile with her mind. Opening her eyes she saw Gimli lying on his back. “Gimli?” she asked as she wiped the bloody face. “I am alright just cut my cheek that is all.” “Good come on its Legolas.” “What?” cried the dwarf completely alarmed. Both of them raced over to where Legolas lay. “Gimli. You take care of him. I need to find Boromir and Fearoh.” “Sure but be careful. I’m no nursemaid.” Laughing in spite of the circumstances Davia walked off to find her friends.

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