Rings: The Truth is Revealed – Chapter 3

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When Frodo got to the Gray Havens he was quite surprised when a human walked out to meet them and even more surprised that he knew his name. “Hello Frodo” “Do I know you?” “I am afraid you do. It’s me, Boromir.” “What?” cried Frodo jumping down from his horse and running to him “Yes it is me. Elrond used some of his elf magic, if you want to call it that, to save my life.” “Great! Did you hear about Davia?” “What about her?” “Yes what about me” said Davia as she stepped from around a bush. “What!! That is it I am going mad!” “No you are not. It is really me. I do not know how I survived but I did.” She knelt down on one knee and embraced him like a long lost brother “Great the rest of the Fellowship would be so happy.” “They will find out soon enough.” “What does that mean?” “That means that when Aragorn’s son turns eighteen he will take over the thrown and Argorn and Arwen will come here. And when Sam’s wife dies he, Merry, and Pippin will come here. Oh, and of course Legolas and Gimli will come with Aragorn.” Frodo was utterly amazed.

Frodo, Davia, and Boromir spent the next ten years together every waking minute, because in the Gray Havens no one can die unless they are killed or kill them selves. Boromir still had the slight pain of the arrows, Frodo had the pain of being stabbed by a Ringwraith, and Davia, when she had been stabbed in the chest, lost half of her ribs. She wheezed a little some of the time but survived anyway. The sword pierced her arm then her chest she now carries long scar on both sides of her elbow.

Of course this would be a very boring ending to the story if they just came to the Gray Havens and were all happy. That is not what happened at all. An army of sixty thousand Men came to the Gray Havens and completely took over. Now everything would have been all right but the General wanted to make the elves suffer for some odd reason. He only fed them enough to keep them alive but that was it. The General never controlled his men; they ran around the place beating the girls and raiding every house, except one. The house they did not raid was the one that Frodo, Davia, Boromir, Elrond, Galadriel, Celeborn, Gandalf, and the rest of the Fellowship, when they came, lived.

Well anyway the general of the Men hated that Elrond and Celeborn, who were now leaders of the elves of the Gray Havens, opposed them. So, much to the horror of Galadriel and Davia, Elrond and Celeborn were thrown out of the Havens. For three years everyone wondered if they were alive or dead.

Aragorn was in the middle of talking to Faramir about a military alliance with a neighboring city when there was a commotion from out side of the throne room. “Let us go!” “You can’t go in there.” Then two people burst into the throne room. “Father, I am so sorry I could not stop them.” “Father?” cried one of the intruders. “Yes, my son is the only one I trust enough to be the door guard.” “Why? I trusted you and you are a mortal.” with that the speaker pulled of his cloak to reveal Elrond standing there in rags. “Father!” cried Arwen from her thrown. “Arwen” she ran to her father at full speed, for an old woman, and embraced him. “Elrond what are you doing here I thought that you were in the Gray Havens?” “Well we would be if…. Well Celeborn can explain.” The other intruder took off his cloak to reveal Celeborn in rags also. “This is too much of a surprise for one day!” joked Aragorn. “You will be more than surprised when we are done. Almost four years ago an army of sixty thousand men came to the Havens. They took over instantly.” “But why didn’t you just fight back” interrupted Aragorn. “We tried but we lost a lot of elves doing that. We now have forty people that can fight but most of them are amateurs. I have ten accomplished fighters including Elrond and myself. We are starving, Aragorn, we need Gondor’s help. Will you help us?” “I will do better than that. Eldarian come here.” “Yes father?” “How old are you?” I will be eighteen in a two months sir. Why?” Before Aragorn could answer a messenger from the Gray Havens came bursting into the room. “Sire, I knew you would be here.” “Chris what are you doing here?” “It is getting worse! We only have the ones in your house. That would make…” Chris paused for a minute counting how many there were. “Eight, Sir.” “What!” Celborn roared. “Son.” “Yes Father” You are now the king of Gondor.” “Yes sir! Will you be coming back?” “No.” “What about Mother?” “She is coming with me.”

Aragorn called Legolas and Gimli to him, told them what happened, and they decided to go along. They would have to travel through the Shire to get there and decided to pick up the rest of the hobbits in Hobbiton.

Sam had just finished the story. Eleanor looked at her father. “Davia was awesome.” “Yes. That was seven years ago. Frodo left six years ago. I do miss him.” “I wonder why Davia had to die.” “So do I, daughter.” Eleanor stood up and walked toward the kitchen. “I am going to go fetch some water.” “Alright but do hurry.” Sam picked up another book and began going over it.

Legolas decided to go to the hobbits house and get them. So he walked through the town and every single hobbit looked at him. He got to the gate of Bagend when a young hobbit lass stepped out. “Aaaahhhhh! Papa there is a giant out here!” “Eleanor, there are no such things a giants” replied her father. “Um. I am afraid you are wrong, Papa, `Cause there is one standing here watching me right now.” “Alright Eleanor I believe you. Why don’t you come in here with the water and your giant.” “Yes, Sir.” As Eleanor stepped inside Sam looked up from the book he was reading. “Legolas!” “Hello Sam!” “What are you doing here?” “Tell you later where are Merry and Pippin?” “I will show you. Come with me.” “Alright”

They went to Merry and Pippin’s house but no one was home. “What are we going to do now?” asked Legolas. “I have a key to the house.” “Sam, that’s great!” They went inside and soon Merry and Pippin came home to Sam and Legolas sitting at the kitchen table waiting for them. “Legolas!” “Hello you two.”

While they were waiting for Merry and Pippin, back at Sam’s house another figure came to the door. “Yes?” said Eleanor when she answered the door. “Did an elf come by here a few minutes ago?” “Yes. Why?” “Because I am looking for him.” “They went down the road about ten houses to see some of my fathers friends.” “Your father went with him?” “Yes he did. Is any thing wrong?” “No I just need to see them. Thank you for you help.” With that the figure walked off.

Back at Merry and Pippin’s house Legolas was explaining what was happening in the Gray Havens. He was not doing a very good job because he knew very little. “Mind if I help?” asked the figure at the door. “How dare you come in here with out permission!” remarked Merry Then the character stepped into the light to reveal a she elf with short light brown hair. “Davia!” cried Merry who recognized her immediately. “Yes it’s me.” Legolas walked up to her with a frown. “You are supposed to be dead.” “Well I survived. When Elrond and Celeborn didn’t come back after three years I decided to go to Gondor myself and get help. Then I saw you walking towards this house and I asked Sam’s daughter who you were and I came here.” Pippin had gone out to fetch some water and was gone when Davia came. “Here you go I brought the wa… Davia!” he ran and she knelt down and hugged him. “What? How? When?” Pippin stuttered, “It’s a long story but we have no time to explain now but soon.” “You said we would see each other again but when we got that letter from Haldir we gave up all hope.” “What letter?” “The one Haldir sent to us saying that he had found your body and was taking it to the Gray Havens.” Answered Legolas for Pippin. “Hm. I will have to ask him about that.” “When were you last in the Gray Havens?” “Two days ago. Why?” “How bad is it there?” “I still have my cloak on. Do you remember what I looked like when you first saw me?” “Yes” with that Davia pulled off her cloak to reveal a girl in rags. Davia’s ribs showed through her shirt and she was quite pale. “When did you last eat?” asked Legolas as he put his hand on her shoulder. “About six weeks ago.” Davia replied. “Davia, Elrond and Celeborn made it to Gondor. They, Aragorn, Arwen, and Gimli are waiting for the Hobbits and me outside the Shire. Will you come with us?” “Of course! You think I wouldn’t?”

By the time the Hobbits were ready it was nearly dawn. So in the early morning light they walked to the boundaries of the Shire. When they were but half a mile away from the camp Elrond looked up and saw Legolas and the hobbits but saw another person with them. It did not take him long to figure out it was his daughter. “Celeborn look here they come and look who is with them!!” he shouted “Arien!!” she completely ignored him “Arien I am talking to you.” She still didn’t appear to hear him. “Davia!” “Hello!” She replied like it was the first time he had talked to her. Every one except Celeborn, Elrond, and Arwen were completely dumbfounded. “I’m still confused.” Pippin said finally voicing all there thoughts. “Well,” replied Elrond. “This is my daughter. Celeborn’s granddaughter and Arwen’s sister.” Then Gimli spoke up. “We know that. But she is dead! “Well, I’m not!” “That can’t be!” cried the astonished Aragorn. “Yes, Aragorn it’s me.” “But you were killed!” “I was not killed I was stabbed but that was no big deal.” “Oh sure big deal you just lost practically all use of your arm that’s all.” Said Elrond sarcastically. “That was nothing. I can still use it and I am not dead so that injury did nothing to me except slow me down for a while.” Argued Davia. “For a while! I am not going to allow you to fight again!” “What!” cried Davia in total disbelief. “That is even a worse injury to me than that orc was!” “What you think I am going to risk loosing a good back up fighter?” “Elrond you are not going to loose me.” “You are right since you won’t be fighting unless it is desperately needed.” “You want me to stop fighting you will have to either kill me or tie me up with chains an inch thick and post fifty guards with their weapons pointed at my throat.” Replied Davia obstinately. “Elrond,” said Celeborn, ” I will take full responsibility of what happens to her.” “Please?” Davia put on a face of pleading innocence “Alright.” Replied Elrond. “Thanks!” “No problem.” “Davia, could you head back ahead of us and tell them we were coming?” “Sure Elrond.” “How is Galadriel?” “She is fine. Except for being a pain in the neck.” “Davia!! Is that any way to talk about your grandmother?” “Sorry but she is! Right now she is locked in her room because we can’t stop her from trying to get in the thick of a battle.” “Well alright.” “Could Legolas and Aragorn come with me? Because we need fighters now! Plus I know they can keep up with me. And when I left the Men were planning a big siege.” “That is up to them.” “Guys?” Aragorn smiled and nodded his head. “What about you, Legolas?” asked Aragorn “I guess I have to.” Replied Legolas sounding defeated. “Legolas, if you don’t want to come with a Noldar you don’t have to. I just thought you might want to see your sister.” “She’s here?” cried Legolas. “Why didn’t you tell me? Of course I will go!”

With that Davia, Aragorn, and Legolas ran off at great speed. “Slow down a little you two!” called Aragorn after about five miles “I am not as young as I was when I was in the Fellowship.” With that Davia and Legolas turned around and saw a very sweaty Aragorn, and breathing very hard, leaning against a tree. He sank to the ground gasping for breath. Davia went over to him and put her hand on his shoulder. “Come on Aragorn you can make it another mile can’t you?” remarked Davia with a gentleness she had never used when she was with the Fellowship and it quite surprised Legolas. “Davia, if I do not stop here you will have to carry me in.” gasped Aragorn. With that he collapsed at her feet “Aragorn?” she knelt down and turn him over on his back. His face was bright red and he was breathing very hard. “Legolas we had better stop here for a while. He is out cold.” “Alright, my ankle was hurting any way.” They sat there for about an hour before Aragorn regained consciousness. “Sorry.” “That’s alright we needed a break any way. Now let’s go you will feel much better when we get there.” They stood up and Aragorn swayed for a minute. Legolas had walked ahead of them. “Legolas!” Davia yelled when Aragorn collapsed against her. He turned around and saw that Aragorn was unconscious again. “What happened?” “I don’t know he just passed out again.” “Here, you show me the way and I will carry him. I cannot go very fast but at least we will get there.” “Sure.” With that Legolas bent and swung Aragorn over his shoulder. They finally got to the river where a boat was waiting on the other side. “Hey Chris we need a ride!” Davia yelled at the elf standing on the dock. “Davia! What took so long?” “Sorry! But we got them.” “Great here I come.” “Hurry!” It took about fifteen minutes for a Chris to get across the river. “I said hurry.” “I came as fast as I…Is that Aragorn?” “Yeah get us across the river now!” Davia said with much exasperation. When they got about halfway Aragorn started to wake up a little. He tried to speak but Legolas would not let him “Quiet you need your strength.” Aragorn laid back down and was soon asleep. “Davia, I’m worried about Aragorn! He is getting old. I don’t think I could bear to loose him.” “You won’t loose him if I have anything to do with it.” They got to the other shore and Legolas bent to pick him up but Aragorn stood up and walked off the boat by himself. He no longer looked eighty-four. “Aragorn!” cried Legolas. “Look at your self.” “What?” Aragorn looked in the water and saw what he had looked like when he was in his early forties. “Davia, how?” “When any mortal comes here they feel, and look, like they did in their prime. And when Arwen comes she will look like she did when you two got married.” “Wonderful!” cried Aragorn joyfully. “Chris, there are more coming along with my father and grandfather.” “Alright then and when that is over do you want me to come on home?” “Sure Chris you earned a break.” Replied Davia smiling.

Finally Davia, Legolas, and Aragorn came to the house. Davia’s description of how terrible the house was did it not service it at all. The house was fairly large but it was partly burned, no lights, and you could tell that the walls were not even an inch thick. All the windows were broken, there were holes in the walls, and no smoke was coming out of the chimney. “Davia, you live here?” “Yes, Legolas we do.” “How?” “What do you mean?” “How do you survive?” “Well, we stay alive by fighting and not thinking about ourselves. We do freeze at night. And we have not eaten for a long time. We live off revenge.” “That is not enough!” stated Aragorn. “I know but that is all we have. We brought you here to help us but all that is going to happen is you are going to starve to death. I am sorry we got you into this.” Davia said mournfully. “Davia listen. You needed help and it is our job as your friends to help everyone out. Besides we are going to live here someday.” “Thank you, Aragorn.” “Aragorn!” came a cry from the barn next to the house. They looked up in time to see Frodo running toward them. “Frodo! It is great to see you!” said Aragorn when he embraced him. “Davia where have you been? Your grandmother is worried sick!” “Sorry, where is she?” “Inside. She is not very happy …” Frodo didn’t get to finish his sentence when a blood-curtailing scream came from the house. “That’s Galadriel!” cried Frodo as he and Davia raced toward the house. They burst through the door to see a man holding onto her arm and trying to slit her throat. “Hey! Leave her alone” Yelled Davia and threw a knife that was in her belt. It hit him in the stomach instead of the hand she was aiming at. “Galadriel are you alright?” asked Davia as she pulled the knife out of the body. “Yes I’m fine. Who is that with you.” She asked as Legolas and Aragorn came toward the house. “You do not recognize your own son-in-law?” “What?” “Yep!” “Hello Galadriel!” said Aragorn when he came in the door. “Aragorn! Finally reinforcements.” Cried Galadriel. “Yes your husband, son-in-law, and granddaughter are on their way.” Stated Aragorn. “Hello Legolas.” “Hello Lady…” “Ah!! No do not call me Lady. It is just Galadriel.” “Alright. Hello Galadriel.” “Are the rest coming?” “Yes, Galadriel but we came ahead.” “Great! Wonderful!! But you are going to wish you had not come back.” Said Galadriel with a frown. “Why?” “Your stepmother is back.” “What! You mean Belilmathiel?” “Yes.” “Davia! What are you doing here?” asked Belilmathiel coming into the room. “I am here because I live here.” Replied Davia stoutly. “We shall see about that.” “You try and kick me out, again, and Elrond will kill you.” “Well he isn’t here is he? And he is not allowed to any way.” “You are right but I will any way.” Said Elrond walking in the door with Elrohir and Elladen in tow. “Oh your back.” Said Belilmathiel sounding very disappointed. “Yes. Is there a problem ladies?” “Dad. I only see one lady here and you can’t call her a lady.” Said Elrohir pointing to his stepmother. “But I see two” said Elladen, who was some times slow at things like that. “Elladen?” “Yes Sis?” “Call me a lady again and I will personally rip every single strand of hair out of your head one at a time.” With that Elladen put his arms around his black haired head and yelled some excuse about having to do something in the barn as he ran out the door. “Chicken!” yelled Davia after him. “Frodo.” “Yes Aragorn?” “I just noticed you are my height!” “Yes. I love being this height!” The other three hobbits came in the door and saw Frodo standing next to Davia, being only four inches shorter than her. “Frodo? Did you go live with the Ents for a while?” “No, Pippin, I did not. But living in the Gray Havens for thirteen years makes you average height.” “That is wonderful! I can’t wait `til I have been here for thirteen years!”

“You might want to rephrase that in a minute.” Gasped Haldir running in. “Why?” asked Davia. “Look!” Haldir opened a small leather bag. Inside was a small gold ring. “No!” “Sorry Frodo your cursed.” Frodo sat down hard on the stairs he had been standing beside. “I cannot believe this!” he cried putting his head in his hands. “What are we going to do, Gandalf?” asked Davia looking at Legolas who was so surprised he could just stand there.” “That is easy the whole Fellowship must go and destroy it again. But how it survived I do not know.” “Well it did.” Replied Aragorn. “But the whole Fellowship can not go. Remember Boromir is dead.” “Is that a threat, Aragorn?” asked a figure that came walking in the back door. “What are you doing in here I thought I locked the door.” Said Galadriel. Bowing he replied. “You did, Milady, but with your granddaughter as an excellent teacher I have learned to pick any lock you need.” Boromir turned his head and smiled at Davia. “Boromir quit flirting with Davia.” “Who me?” “Boromir!” shouted Aragorn. “How are you alive?” “That is an easy question to answer. I was never dead.” “But.. But…” “Your confused aren’t you? Let me sum up. After you put me in the boat, Faramir found me; I tried to talk but could not. He started to bury me but was attacked but orcs and had to run. Haldir found me and brought me to Lorien and that is all I know because Haldir went alone to find her and has said nothing of what happened. I do not know why he said she was dead. When Haldir brought her here she was fine except for being very weak.” They all turned to look at Haldir. “What? So I lied I was just following Arwen’s orders.” “What?” asked Davia quite confused? “What do you mean following Arwen’s orders?” “Just what I said. She told me to keep you away from the Fellowship and that is what I did?” Davia looked at her older sister with much surprise. “Oh! I aught to…” “You know why?” asked Aragorn. “Yes,” answered Arwen “when we were teenagers I was the one who was seen the most because I am the oldest. But when ever any one would come court me they would see her.” “So? What does that matter?” Interrupted Sam. The first time he had talked since had gotten there. He had just sat beside Frodo listening to every thing they said. “Well, Sam, before she went to Mordor she had no scars on her face she was fairly gentle and she wore dresses. I have to admit she was gorgeous.’ “Thank you Arwen. Maybe I should write an autobiography while we are on the subject.” “Sorry.” “I still don’t understand.” “All the boys would look at her and totally forget about me.” “Oh so she stole all your beaus.” “That is correct.” “Arwen did you have…” Davia did not get to finish her sentence because an earthquake hit. The roof and walls caved in on them.

When the dust settled Davia found her self trapped under a large beam. She was trying to push it off when she felt something bump into her arm. It was Legolas. “Legolas.” “Davia, what happened?” “Earthquake. We have a lot of them here.” “Why didn’t you mention that earlier?” “Sorry. Help me get this thing off of me.” There was very little light but from what he could tell it was going to be hard to get her out. He reached his hand around to try and lift it but when he did he felt some kind of liquid on his hand. At first he thought it was water but when he pulled his hand back it was red. “Davia you’re bleeding!” When she didn’t answer he turned to look at her. All he saw was an unconscious ashen-faced girl. He ripped off his cloak and put it under her head. As he laid her head back down she looked up at him. “Th…” “Sh! Lie still!” He could not lift the beam off of her so he tried to clear all the rubble around them away so he could find someone else to help. “Gimli!” He yelled when he found the dwarf lying on his back. “Huh? What? Oh Legolas. What happened?” “From what Davia said it was an earthquake. Are you alright?” “Alright? I’m fine.” “Good get over here and help me!” Gimli went over to where Legolas was kneeling and saw Davia lying there under the beam. They bent over and together they lifted the beam. A loud crashing sound met the lifting of the beam and half the ceiling caved in. They had pulled Davia out just in time. When they looked at the beam and saw that it could have crushed her any second.

Legolas pulled her over to the safest place they could find in the area they had. Her left arm had been severed and when Legolas looked at it he could see the bone. “Legolas?” asked Davia weakly. “How do you feel?” “I’m alright I guess.” “Good.” “Can you find any one else?” “No, not yet. I’m bandaging your arm and Gimli is digging.” “I would help if I could.” “Well you can’t.” he moved away from her and started to help Gimli dig. Davia lay there and wondered if Legolas would ever let go of the hate he had towards her. Suddenly with out warning an aftershock hit and stuff came crashing down around them.

Davia looked around and saw that their space had totally collapsed. She felt something on her legs. Carefully she pushed herself up with her good arm and in the darkness saw Legolas lying draped over her legs. She figured he had jumped back when things began to fall and landed on her. “Legolas, are you alright?” no answer. She called again and again but no answer came. Slowly she pulled her legs out from under him. Crawling towards him she noticed there was a nasty gash on the side of his head. She gently pushed some of his hair away to see how bad it really was. He jerked when she touched him. “Hey. Hey. It’s all right. Just lie still.” “Davia?” “Yeah its me.” “Where’s Gimli?” he asked as he started to get up. Davia put her arm behind his head to keep him from falling backward and injuring him self more. “I will see if I can find him. You just lay still `till I come back.” The space wasn’t very big so it did not take long until she figured out where Gimli should me. Davia had been digging for fifteen to twenty minutes when she moved a rock to one side just to hear a loud voice yell at her. “Oh leave it be I was getting used to being under that thing.” “Sorry Gimli.” “Davia? I thought you were Legolas.” “Ha! No such luck. He’s over there, unconscious.” “What? Is he going to be alright?” “I don’t know yet.” Gimli crawled over to his friend and saw the huge gash on his head. “Whoa! No wonder he is out cold.” When Legolas heard Gimli’s voice he started to sit up. Davia was right beside Gimli so she held his head up. “Stay quiet Legolas.” “Why should I? You are only a Noldar. You are not in control of me.” He retorted hotly. “Legolas! Leave her alone! What did she ever do to you? She probably saved your life stopping the bleeding and all that.” “Gimli? Don’t tell me you are on her side!” “I am not on either side. We are trapped under who knows how may pounds of debris. We need to get along to get out of here.” “Gimli’s right.” Came a voice from the corner. “Aragorn!” cried Davia as she saw the bloody figure crawl from a hole in the debris. “Are you alright?” “I should me fine in a few minutes.” As he sat down next to Davia she look over at his face and saw he was crying. “Aragorn what’s wrong?” He looked over at Legolas and saw that he was unconscious but was not sure he could not here him. “Come over here.” He pulled Davia over to the wall. “The reason I am covered in blood is Chris and I were in the same section. If you can call it that. He was stabbed through the stomach by a shard of wood I tried to stop the blood but I could not. He died twenty minutes ago.” “Oh no!” “Do you know if he has any family?” “All who you saw here is all that are not either dead or on a dungeon some where. There is a girl here her name is Unadrieniel but that is too hard so we call her Emily. She is Chris’s sister. He also has a brother too. His name is Legolas.” “What?” “Yes.” “Oh Great!” “I know.” They sat there for a minute before Davia asked. “What are we going to do?” “What do you mean what are we going to do? Someone is going to have to tell him.” “Yes, but who?” “You.” “Me? I can’t do that! He already hates me. Besides I am no good at things like that.” “That may be the case but you are an elf and that might help.” “How?” “Well, you know how to talk to an elf better than any of us here.” “What about Gimli? He lives with Legolas why can’t he do it?” “Just do it. I will tell Gimli while you tell Legolas.” “Alright” Davia walked crawled over to Gimli and Legolas. “Gimli? Aragorn wants to talk to you for a minute.” “Sure.” Gimli replied and went over to Aragorn. “Legolas? Can I talk to you for a minute?” “Depends. What do you want?” “I need to tell you something.” Legolas noticed the catch in her voice. “Davia? What’s wrong? What happened?” he pushed himself up onto one elbow and Davia reached behind his shoulders and helped him push himself against a board. “Aragorn was in a section with your brother.” “My brother?” “Yes, Chris” “So?” “He’s” she started to stumble over her words. “He’s dead Legolas.” “What? No! No! He can’t be dead! He can’t.” “I’m so very sorry, Legolas.” Legolas laid his head in his hands but winced when he touched the wound on his head. “Oh Davia! The last thing I said to him was that I hated him. And now he’s dead.” Davia reached out her hand and laid it on his shoulder. “It’s going to be alright. He knew you didn’t mean it.” He shrugged her hand off. “Get away from me!” he yelled, “I don’t want any thing to do with you!” Davia pulled her hand back and moved over to where Aragorn and Gimli were sitting. “I guess you heard.” “Yes. Why does he have to be so stubborn?” “I don’t know.” They heard a loud thud and looked over to where Legolas lay on the ground. “Legolas!” cried Aragorn “Legolas are you alright?” Davia looked at him and knew what was wrong immediately. “I don’t think we should have told him. It was just to much for him to handle with that wound on his head.” “Davia could you work?” “Work?” “Yes. Dig.” “No not with my arm the way it is.” “Alright. You stay here and take care of him. Gimli and I will see if we can find someone.” He and Gimli crawled off through the hole that Aragorn had crawled through not even a half-hour before. Davia looked back at Legolas and saw that he was shaking. She turned his head so he was facing her, so when opening his eyes he would see her. She noticed that it was starting to get darker and figured that it was getting dark outside. “Oh great now we won’t have any light.” Legolas stirred and turned on his back looking up at her “Davia?” “Huh? Legolas your awake!” “Was that a dream?” “What?” “Chris dying.” “I wish I could say it was but it did happen.” “Oh” he sighed. “Where are Aragorn and Gimli?” “They are in there working.” She answered pointing to the hole in the debris. “Help me sit up.” “No. Your not strong enough.” “Yes I am. Now help me.” He started to get up and before he was even six inches from the floor he collapsed back down. “See you aren’t ready yet.” “I will be in a minute.” “Not if I have anything to do with it.” Replied Aragorn crawling on one arm through the hole.

“Davia can I have some help here?” he asked and showed her his arm. It was covered in blood. “Your arm!” “A shard of wood stabbed it.” “Let me see.” Davia took his arm and looked at it. “I am going to have to pull a piece of wood out. Brace your self.” Aragorn cried out as she pulled out a two-inch piece of wood. Then she tore off a piece of her cloak and wrapped it around his arm. “There you go.” “Thanks. Now, Legolas, if you think you are getting up you are completely mistaken.” “I am not I am fine.” “You may say so but Gimli, Davia and I beg to differ.” “Fine.” Legolas replied hotly and turned his head. Aragorn sighed and crawled back through the hole.


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