Rings: The Truth is Revealed – Chapter 16

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Aragorn wrapped his arms around his wife. “I thought I was going to lose you.” “Don’t worry I’m fine.” “I am glad!” Aragorn gently kissed his wife. “Aragorn, stop.” “Why, I love you. It killed me to think that I almost lost you.” “Well, I am here now.” “Yes.” Aragorn smiled and held Arwen’s head to his chest and just stood there.

Frodo dashed through the brush until he found a very large iron grating on the outside wall. He shoved as hard as he could but it would not budge. “Let me try.” Eldarion crawled up behind him and gave it one swift kick; it shattered with the force. A startled scream made Frodo jump in surprise. He lost his footing and hit the ground with a loud thud. His head stuck through the small opening. He looked down and laughed. The grating had hit Galadriel on the head. Everyone else in the cell started laughing. “That is not funny!” she cried barely holding back a smile. “Hullo Davia! Kill any orcs recently?” “No!” Davia wined. “Oh come on! You can’t really be serious! I don’t think you have ever gone this long with out doing someone some damage!” Frodo teased. “True. But this time I am the one getting the damage!!! And all I want to do is kill orcs!!!” Davia laughed. “Aragorn, there are three humans and one half breed here to see you. I think you know who I mean.” “Yes. Eldarion, what are you doing here?” “Sorry, Father. You think I am going to leave you to die?” “But what about Gondor?” “I abdicated to Veweth.” “Oh.” Aragorn smiled.

Before Eldarion could respond, Delerion came crashing through the door and skidded to a halt, almost colliding with Davia. “Glad to see you able to stand.” He smiled before continuing. “Davia, Saruman has a Silmaril. He is going to use it to break the void and bring back Morgoth.” Davia sighed. “Oh this is just great!” Delerion rolled his eyes. “Now!” he screamed. Arwen’s mouth dropped open, Elrohir leaned against a wall, and Elladen moaned and put his head in his hands, and Davia, who by that time was seething with rage, swore an oath that made the sky sink into darkness and the whole fortress rumble. “Oops. Sorry.” Davia cringed and turned to Gandalf and smiled thinly. Elrond grabbed his daughter’s throat and pretended to strangle her. “Are you crazy!” he screamed. Davia jerked away from his grasp, “Hey, back off! I said I was sorry.” Elrond rolled his eyes and turned his back on her. “Um, people. He is going to do it as we speak.” Delerion beckoned to the open door. Davia looked her brothers and sister in the eye and ran out the door; they were close on her trail.

Legolas looked at Elrond curiously. “Where are they going?” His voice was urgent. “Going to fulfill their duty.” A voice came from behind Frodo, and the rest outside. A woman stood before them. She had long black hair and golden eyes. Her dress was one not even the Elves could equal. “Who are you?” asked Elrond warily. “I am Varda. The Valar have sent me. Davia will explain when they return.” A loud scream echoed through the corridors. Aragorn would have rushed through the door had not a man been standing there with a sword. He looked like he had just gotten out of the water. “Not so fast my friend. I am Ulmo. You are not allowed to leave. True, that was your wife’s scream but it was not of pain but of anger. Do not worry they shall all return. Fearoh, dost thou still have yours?” “Yes Milord.” “Nildur, you shall posses this one.” As he said that Elladen, Elrohir, Arwen, and Davia walked down the corridor. Davia carried something wrapped carefully in a piece of cloth. “Hey Nildur! Catch!” Davia called as she threw it to him. “Would you please be careful with that!” Ulmo sighed and ruffled her hair, leaving her hair wet. “Sorry, sir.” Davia laughed and shoved his hand away. “Davia, you act as if you know them.” Aragorn asked puzzled as Varda embraced Arwen. “I do. I grew up as Ulmo being my best friend.” Davia smiled. “How?” Legolas stared at Davia; a look of fear passed over his face. Davia looked at her siblings, “Should we tell them?” she asked shyly. “Why not.” They answered in unison. “You remember all the rumors about the four Medji that would come before a great war and defend the world with their powers given to them in rings from Iluvatar? Well, my siblings and I are they.” Davia smiled as they held their right hands up for everyone to see. On their middle fingers rested a ring. Each ring was made of silver and had six diamonds on each side of the main stone. Arwen’s ring, which was the most powerful, had a red stone in the middle. Elrohir’s ring had a yellow stone in the middle. Elladen’s ring had a blue stone in the middle. Davia had a light green stone in the middle. Aragorn whistled in surprise. “So, how powerful are you?” “Altogether or alone?” “Alone.” “Well, one of us could handle an army of about a hundred. Though we are as powerful together one of the four Silmarils could destroy us. No, you heard right. There are actually four. The Dark Lords can’t take over the world until they have all four. Fearoh has one and so does Nildur. The Valar have one hidden away in The Halls of Manwe. And, we have the other.” Davia smiled. The four Medji knelt on the floor and put their rings together. A bright light shone in the viewer’s eyes before going out and a Silmaril sat on the ground. Lomilmand rushed forward and picked it up. It’s shine diminished as he laid it in a pouch at his hip.

Ulmo turned to Davia. “You all must leave now.” “Yes my lord.” Davia bowed. The Valar disappeared in a flash of light. “Follow me. I found a way out.” Davia smiled as they made their way out of the fortress. “Davia?” “Yes Legolas?” Davia beamed as he whispered in her ear. “Why didn’t you tell me who you were?” “I could not. We were not allowed to. At least until the time was necessary.” “Why not?” Legolas sighed. Davia could tell he was mad about something. “I almost told you.” “True, but not the whole truth.” Davia looked at him in shock. “If the Valar told me not to say anything I am going to obey them.” She quickened her pace to catch up with her brothers. Legolas watched Elladen put his arm around her while Elrohir fumed about what she had told them. “Oh Davia, I love you. But, I don’t want any secrets.” He sighed audibly. “Tell her what you feel.” A voice behind him made Legolas jump. He turned to see Galadriel staring at him. “I can’t.” “Why not?” “She lied to me.” Galadriel smiled at him, “Legolas, did she really lie to you or is it just that she didn’t tell you what she was commanded not to?” Legolas sighed and wiped a hand over his face. “I guess you are right. I can’t believe I was so stupid.” “Tell her that.” Galadriel smiled at him and walked up to her husband. “Oh, and Legolas, when we get back borrow a shirt from Haldir.” She laughed.

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