Rings: The Truth is Revealed – Chapter 15

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When Davia awoke Legolas was asleep beside her. The princess’s head throbbed. “I forgot he could hit so hard.” She laughed. Legolas stirred when he heard her voice. “Davia? How is your head?” He bent over her. “Throbbing.” Davia’s voice was barely audible over the screams of the tortured victims. “When did the torturing start?” Davia asked as a scream echoed through the corridors. “Yesterday. Merry was beat up pretty bad but he should be ok.” “That’s good. What about you?” Davia worriedly laid her hand on his shoulder. “I’m fine. They haven’t tortured me yet. But I am sure I am next.” He trembled slightly at the thought. “Where is Aragorn?” “He pleaded with an orc to see Arwen.” “Oh.” “Davia? They want to do you too.” “So?” “You are in no condition for that.” “You think they care?” Davia asked sarcastically. She heard Legolas sigh heavily. “Legolas?” “I’m worried about you, Davia.” Davia was silent. No one had ever cared about her like that before. She sat up a little to fast. Legolas couldn’t get out of the way quick enough and their lips touched. Davia’s head spun and Legolas held her up. She laid her head on his shoulder. Legolas felt her shaking and he held her closer. Then he realized she was laughing instead of crying. She pulled back and smiled. “This reminds me of something.” “Yes five weeks ago…” Legolas voice trailed off as the girl in his arms surrendered to a dreamless sleep.
Aragorn was shoved through the door; he hit the floor with a grunt. Legolas laid Davia on the ground and went to help his friend. Aragorn flung himself into Legolas’s arms and cried hysterically. “What is wrong my friend?” Legolas comforted Aragorn. “Arwen was cov-covered in… in b-blood.” “Was she…?” Legolas did not dare finish the question. “No, thank… thankfully. She could barely stay awake.” “I am sorry, Aragorn. Are you going to tell her sister?” “I believe I must.” Aragorn shook with emotion as he ran his hand down the scar on Davia’s cheek. “Aragorn!” Davia paused and looked into his face. “What is wrong?” she asked worriedly. “Arwen was pretty beat up. She…” Aragorn paused before continuing. “She might die.” He had said it. Davia and Aragorn held each other and cried.

Eight days later

Davia awoke with a start. Legolas sat up quickly and bent over her. “Davia?” She stared at where she guessed he was. “I saw you lying on the ground. There was a pool of blood around you. I couldn’t stand it. You weren’t dead but you were in much pain.” Davia whispered the contents of her dream into his ear. “I’m not dead am I? Don’t worry about it.” Legolas tried to sound nonchalant. Yet, he was as worried as she. He had had the same dream. “True but it could still happen.” “I won’t let it.”
The door opened and Delerion walked through the door. “They are putting all of you in one room. Follow me.” He ordered. Delerion watched as Legolas gently pulled Davia to her feet. “Can you walk?” Legolas whispered in her ear. “I’m afraid not.” Davia fell against him. The Elf prince bent and scooped the frail girl up in his arms. “Saruman will make her walk.” Commented Delerion as everyone walked out of the cell. “I will carry her while I can.” Legolas brushed past Delerion and waited to be told where to go.
They followed him down a dark corridor. Davia laid her hand on Legolas’s shoulder. “Don’t worry.” Legolas smiled reassuringly. “Do you think Frodo will be able to get us out of here?” Legolas asked the princess in his arms. “Maybe.” Davia responded skeptically. Legolas’s arms were tiring quickly. “I can walk.” Davia commanded when she noticed Legolas was struggling to carry her. “No. I can make it.” Legolas retorted with a small edge in his voice. Aragorn came up beside Legolas and took Davia into his arms. “I will carry her for a while.” He smiled, “You take care of the hobbits.” “All right.” Legolas consented. The Hobbits crowded around Legolas. The Elf looked down at the Hobbits and smiled. They were shaking with fear.
Shortly, they came to a large iron door. Delerion took out a ring of keys and unlocked the door. Everyone else was in there. Elrond jumped up as Delerion let the others in. Elrond made a dash for the door only to stop short as he saw Aragorn walk in with Davia in his arms; Legolas and the Hobbits followed. “What happened?” Elrond asked as he relieved Aragorn of his burden. “Delerion punched me in the head.” Davia answered as he sat her down in a corner. Elrond turned hatefully toward the Elf standing at the door. “Father, Saruman was there. He had to. Delerion is on our side.” “Are you sure?” Celeborn suspiciously looked him over. “Yes.” “Lord Elrond, I am sorry if I have caused harm to any of you.” He bowed humbly and walked out of the door.

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