Rings: The Truth is Revealed – Chapter 12

by Jun 19, 2003Stories

Davia awoke with a groan. “Davia?” “I’m ok. Just a stiff neck.” Davia laughed. Legolas kissed the top of her head and smiled down at her. “What?” Davia asked “Nothing.” Legolas replied as he pushed himself higher on the wall. He cringed when he used his arm. “Here, let me see it.” Davia whispered as she took his arm in her hands. She closed her eyes and slowly the pain subsided in his arm. When she opened her eyes she fell against him weakly. “Davia are you all right?” he cried as he took her head in his hands “I’m fine. I`m just a little weak.” Davia whispered and fell asleep across Legolas’s chest.
When she awoke Davia noticed a strong hand on her arm. It was too dark to tell who it was but she took the hand up in hers. “Davia, you scared me. I thought we’d lost you there for a minute.” “Don’t worry. I’m like a bad habit. I keep coming back.” Davia laughed and wrapped her arms around Legolas’s waist. “How long have we been here?” questioned Davia. “I’d say about four weeks.” Legolas sighed. Davia sat up and looked at him. Even in the gloom she could still see his eyes. After staring into them for a minute Legolas turned away from her penetrating gaze. “Sorry. I am always told no one can live through my stare.” “What were you doing?” “Reading your thoughts.” Legolas turned back to her and smiled. “Then you have me at a disadvantage.” Davia caressed his cheek with her hand. “Davia, this darkness is killing me. I can’t stand it! Moria was hard enough to get through let alone this. I’m dying.” Davia stared at him in surprise. “I know how you feel. This darkness is eating away at my soul. Mordor was dark, yes, but this is darker than Baradur it’s self.” Davia cried as she laid her hand on his muscular chest. That was when she realized that he still had no shirt. She drew her hand away slowly. Legolas reached over and stayed her hand with his own. He looked at her and sniffed to tell her he was smiling. “You are the one thing keeping me alive.” He whispered as he drew her to him. She laid her head on his chest and soon heard the slow, deep breaths of sleep. “Good, he needs to rest. I hope he is going to be ok.” Davia thought as she looked up at his head that was tilted backwards toward the wall.
Something walked toward her and laid a hand on her shoulder. “Hullo, Pippin.” “Davia, are we ever going to get out of here?” “Someday, I hope.” Davia replied. Pippin shuffled his feet on the ground before continuing. “I’m scared.” he whimpered. Davia laughed and sat him down beside her. “I know I am too.” “Really, I thought since you were a great fighter you didn’t get scared.” “Of course I get scared, silly. People who don’t get scared are either fools or orcs.” Davia smiled and laid his head on her lap. “Go to sleep Pippin.” “Awight.” He yawned. Soon she heard the gentle snores coming from the young hobbit.
Several hours later Pippin awoke, and not feeling so frightened anymore, went to lie down beside Merry. “Davia?” “Yes, Aragorn?” “How long have I been asleep?” “Oh I’d say about three hours.” “How’s Legolas.” “Weak. Aragorn, this darkness is killing us. I am stronger than him because I lived in the darkest places for many years. But before long my strength will give way and I will be as weak as he.” “What can we do?” “I can create a torch for a while but that will eat up my strength as well, but not as fast.” “Then do it.” Davia formed her hand into a fist and blew on it. When she opened her hand a red ball of fire was sitting on her palm.” Aragorn stared at her wide-eyed. Davia flung her hand toward the wall across from them. The ball of fire rested there like it was on a torch. “How long will it stay lighted?” “A week at the most.” Davia sighed. “But I’m not sure that I can even make it stay that long.” Aragorn laid his hand on her shoulder. “You can do it!” Davia smiled at her brother-in-law.

I hope you all enjoyed it!! I know this is kinda short but the next one will be long!! Thank you to all the people to comment. It is good to know that someone is reading my story.


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